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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Passing of Mindy McCready - WSM Radio's Bill Cody

Passing of Mindy McCready - WSM Radio's Bill Cody

Feb 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Country singer Mindy McCready is dead from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. She was found on the same ports were boyfriend killed himself earlier her death comes after kidnapping charges against her time in jail. Battles with drugs. Hall of -- country disc jockey bill Cody is with us now on the WB and live -- from Nashville on WS them the voice of the grand old opry. Bill honored to have you here thanks for joining us this morning. John and Dave thank you for the opportunity to be -- under difficult circumstances obviously. Talk a little bit about the arc of her career and how the music city is reacting to her death this morning. Well it is so much tragedy involved here and everybody's all the creature read. You know just people who came along about the same time she did in 94 out of 596. When she actually started having hit records and that was the time that I came to town. I think that you examined the spring of 1994. And she just had the it factor -- you know they -- for a very brief moment in time a bright shining moment I mean she had it going for Hershey had. All the same song writer and legendary producer Nora Wilson producing at first song produced George Jones and Tammy Wynette and Joe's been amply Reba McEntire on and on and if blood is still one thing we talked about this morning is that. There's no formula that I think truly. Prepares you for fame and what it means once you achieve it it's been your dream and her case she was a teenage girl to twenty. And if you haven't hit records and so and two million records out of the box this -- five years before iTunes keep the -- came to count karaoke tapes. -- You know but nothing quite. And I think even established artists who have who have dealt with -- say yeah oh yeah I had to get some help I had to find some people like could trust I had to. I had to kind of back up the moment and take a look at the business side of my career because if I didn't. It was gonna consume me and in her case I think for predisposition to a lot of other issues addiction issues that you talked about it stories. Kind of set her up for a for this downward spiral that ended so tragically yesterday afternoon. Well bill -- has been talking about you know what to causes the star of you know of this magnitude to become so sidetracked. But her life and the lives of the people around her virtually destroyed. Yeah I think -- may have said it best this morning that. You know if it's not a personality issue it is an addiction issue and sometimes people -- you know I don't want to update but they change well I mean it's it's truly an addiction. And we believe it was in her case with. With drugs and alcohol. And there's an addiction to the spotlight I think for people who choose to become entertainers that that is certainly something you'd you'd have to be cognizant of -- -- that's that's a strong drug in and of itself and hard to give up once you -- star starts to fade in the sun starts to say about your career. Even out of your twenties. -- -- 37 years old Carrie Underwood. So was. Seven or eight years younger and one of the tweets -- -- -- -- I grew up was human victory so -- look at that generate up to seven your generation of somebody says hey who's the you know arguably the biggest star we have in country music right now Carrie Underwood sang. I grew publishing her record. But realistically. There was 96 she had a couple big records and number one. Maybe a couple of more on the top twenty. And that was really it is forced chart success so as far as looking at the chart to find the star of the in the decree was it was a very very short period of time. All right bill thanks for joining us and sharing some of that insight this morning. Thank you so much. It's try to be on what you guys. Bill Cody with WS and the voice of the grand old opry in Nashville.

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