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The Movie Show.

Feb 15, 2013|

Sandy and Cinema Bob talk about the new movie, 'A Good Day to Die Hard' on The Movie Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alibaba movies in the big strain people talking about Bruce Willis and a good day to die hard also known as a bad day to go to the movies. This is. Such -- -- this is a horrible horrible. Awful -- The red means it'll do huge. Hiding it very probably very proud of state. That commercials for it and just the idea of another movie I was looking forward to the screening I saw this. Tuesday night and I was looking forward to Africa and -- because all the way to the movie theater. I the first one in 1987. -- are. Just redefined. Hollywood action movie so much soul that I would say 80% of the action movies made in the last 25 years. Have been just a reworking. Of -- -- -- Was that it's not just on my favorite to reach a favorite movies. And flat out. Bruce Willis one of the things that -- each house shall. Is that in an era that was so hopeful with people like Schwarzenegger Stallone these huge guys he was not a huge guy. He was liked. Bugs Bunny outsmarting. Them on our popular he was out trying to get on his -- he was mixed. Narrowly human. When Hans Gruber. Unwritten and ever better controversy. At one point that he isn't as bare feet. Later when he knows he's in certain area hiding he shoots out all the -- yeah that's cool and he knows that he's gonna cut -- this thing any. He -- the polling that Lance opt rapping the beat up at the very end of the movie when he's written -- with his wife. He is limping here's -- auctions slowly. However. Now -- 2013. For swim lessons. Nearing sixty. And in this film now. Age as it has done for so many of us has made him absolutely. Invincible. -- It is at it's just crazy. On car crashes. That he gets right out of here it's full blown through -- glass windows. He falls through several stories of a building and just gets up goes -- and he's. He's he's working side by side with his son in this one this it's all caught up in bloodied in hurt. That's John I don't understand it I don't understand it. Com. Part of the thing with -- -- to. John -- just themselves in these situations. But in this movie it opens with him in New York. -- -- cop says to him well we information on yours on. Arrested for murder in Russia and he's going to trial and we've got his bio here. So Bruce Willis plans on going over to Russia to go get a plan. Yes the follow he's sitting on the plane reading the final which -- all in Russian but he keeps reading I have no idea why. You rise with no plan justices on is -- out of the courtroom. They undated this. A huge car -- at least. Over 12100. Cars. Are destroyed. After being. At least 75 to 100 cases of manslaughter in this car chase absolutely incredible urgency nobody hurt. Schwartz and -- -- just awful. Why is correct. He keeps. Over and over again I'm supposed to be on vacation some -- decision. Life here and she came over to. -- keeps talking like he's Billy Crystal in city slickers his son and he were not very close. Every time they. Talk it's like will. The -- don't okay John we got bigger bill and John why don't call me dad your never. I was drawing out -- -- later they're getting something to eight. Hey you passed the catch up or ever there that's all they talk about that is all they say. There is forget -- work in this movie it's it's it's all done with CG it's like watching video game. Whereas the first movie this fantastic villain with a homer and -- -- over there. But this one and it. There's all sorts of clever twists and turns in the -- the -- keeps changing every twenty minutes but worst. All the villains in this is that there's one guy. With a machine gun who does this big intimidating speech to Bruce Willis and his son Bruce Wilson is under tied -- shares. And the bad guy passes machine gun and a huge care. And Wally talked to him he'd tap dances and -- the care. A tap dancing machine gun wielding parity there. Yes I'm not 10. That's has -- slowed -- and of course and for all the big climb that stuff in Chernobyl. Why agrees that the big -- and that's just it are the biggest -- -- -- is going for it's only ninety minutes. Whereas most movies are going soul long they seem to get to a it's expecting it to be over two hours and I'm checking my watch my -- -- -- other hour of this. And then it just went immediately to the sun and they blew up the word of Islam where it will be back would show -- Senator Obama may sandy beach.

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