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Bauerle on Football ban

Feb 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A downstate Bronx assemblyman says we need -- law youth football. The ban on tackle football programs for those younger than eleventh only. Really. How about a ban on swimming pools in the back art. Drowning accidental drowning every year hundreds thousands of children drown accidentally. Backyard swimming pools. -- worst and a concussion right. How about soccer. Why does what all get the bad -- soccer you wanna talk about repetitive injuries. Soccer is up one. Be talking about banning soccer. -- Ice hockey. Ice hockey. My daughter -- kind of ice hockey girls get Whitfield all the time. You have boys playing youth hockey. Well it says note -- it has that big stops on the back of the Jersey for some reason kids can't read when we get -- hockey game. Volleyball. No 101. Needs despite. Our ball and that. Label. And that. Argument -- in global drama queen imports in major golf is another one. All one needs this weighing all -- all what club to drive up all down greed. So you could possibly hit somebody in the head baseball. White baseball that. No one needs a bit low lying Roddick. Basketball. I'm trying to think the proper thing tickets they would basketball let's -- -- -- something else. Badminton. No one. Aides are shuttle cock. Think about all the things that they could ban if they wanted to. -- backyard where would be the brake rotor blades. No one needs to -- on wheels what you got feet. No one needs to move at twelve miles an hour when you can walk can't fall or. All by the way -- childhood obesity is still problem in America I can't imagine why. The biggest complaint -- kids -- -- -- Inside. On the Internet and the busy texting on their cell phones they're not getting outside in the fresh air getting exercise so they are. Are outside giving exercised and grown up from the Bronx wanna say oh don't don't exercise don't play tackle football. The world has gone crazy. Absolutely that it's gone absolutely knots. I have an idea. At birth. Why not just in close or children in plastic bubbles. Put them in rooms filled with non flammable packing peanuts. And let them mature -- it's -- trial environment because. Nobody needs child. Chicken -- That's the problem. Like I think that's one of the problems we you know we are seeing all these that diseases ravaging everywhere. And I think it's -- only get worse because people are not treating your immune systems properly everybody -- this in fact this does in fact that at this at this at this depth that. And those of -- have a certain age we've been exposed to some pretty nasty diseases when we were kittens. Today's kids. End up giving the stuff we had as kids has grown -- -- is probably going to be arms. I'm sorry I just I guess it's second it's nanny state not cents.

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