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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>What women (and men!) really want.

What women (and men!) really want.

Feb 14, 2013|

On Valentine's Day, Sandy and the crew discuss a USA Today survey regarding what women and men are really looking for in a partner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tobacco Beijing company -- let's say it's Valentine's Day so we thought we go over a few of -- related -- the things that was your Valentine share your political views have not. Is that a deal breaker it could be simply because of the political views or W archer foundation and if you're diametrically yeah. Oppose it might be divert all around the dinner table Fox News poll finds 55%. Believe it's at least somewhat important. To find somebody who has the same ideology. 28% find it very important. And 45%. Say politics doesn't matter. A so I don't know where you are on that that's that's the first question the second is regarding this. What women are looking for for men but man -- you vote for women it's a USA today. Poll. I'll vote 5481. People done by a Dallas. Days. Dating web -- move for women here's what they're looking for -- go through the percentages but there in the descending order most import ones first. And guys are looking for their teeth their grammar their -- their hair their nails and hands. Having or not having a -- their shoes the car they drive their accent and electronic devices what men are looking for now. With experts on what women -- to -- but we are men so we do understand what men are looking for let's see if we agree with -- list. The most important thing metal looking for for women as their teeth. So it's the same thing on both men and women both it's if this is a 58%. Say they're looking for guys. We'll forward it would good today. And especially if they have like more than one and no one's on the top and ones on the bottom it works really well fatigue them last year. You're dating agencies are -- next their grammar NASA never understood grammar to be that important now maybe they and they maybe they -- set up within elect. I'm not really sure but they say grammar is the next important thing. A man are looking for the error I don't know about potential dates I think that that is true. And you know -- nice hair style of a woman -- long way yeah I think guys can be very picky as to what to your hair styles they're close you know it if you get it fixed up a blind date she shows up looking like Lady Gaga maybe you know long ago. You know talking about. So close of the next 45%. Having or not having a tad too old Nazi. That would be big for me it's 40%. It's that 40% of men. -- if it was especially if it was a ostentatious. Way out there tattoo right I don't -- be a deal breaker. Of -- maybe go for wedding gift givers and term abrasion. Give it to via their nails in their hand well I mean if they got filthy nails and and you know. And I don't know of rough ends. Man not have known. -- their accents. I've never dated a girl next view now now when when -- well. Especially of Wednesday's sexy French accident scene like English accent you like -- English accents Jordan -- kind of accident would you like. An accent an accident on a girl wouldn't matter I don't think it would matter. Their shoes as it passes predict who cares I -- guy cares about issue is. They wanna get you out of your -- barefoot pregnant -- understand. It's open but it. I don't care what you -- shoe is that's ridiculous. Next McCarthy drive well. It wouldn't be a bigger body if they got a cool cars I'm telling -- no matter what the car is if it's red. I'm all right well yeah I'm just telling it doesn't have the -- past that that the expensive doesn't have to be over the top. Just something that looks. Fun OK and red equals fun. You know somebody shows up with a brown sedan. For -- And last of all the electronics devices that they carry 9%. Don't care what they -- -- a matter of fact if you're really exciting date they'll throw their electronic devices away in arms are around. They'll abuse you take the batteries right out and and it's awesome into the river. Now we're gonna get in this -- crux of this and this is the second question. How about virginity. Or the lack of it is that a deal breaker this survey this is a shocker and it's one line. 42%. Of everybody in this survey say they would not even date a virgin. While I mean that all of that was an eye opener may. First of all be hard to find one but if you do that I mean it's like a limited edition at army and Maryland but to say you wouldn't -- one. I don't know if I'd say that but it I'll answer my own question about virginity or lack of it is that a dealer. It would be a deal breaker for me because. I don't know. I've you know it's like you're on stage already. And you're going to be acting -- another player OK would you want this to be her first role. Where she might forget the line is not the only hitter marks. You know all the lighting doesn't look -- -- -- somebody who has a little stage presence somebody who's been on stage before. Knows how to handle the interplay between two fine actors so probably wouldn't be my preference to find divergent how much a stage presence. -- At what happened to opt out. Pardon you know from the yeah from the you on the besides that filled latest don't know. If want to say a little experience being nice you know. You want romantic partners you know running a school in Olympic. The -- notes. And OK now -- -- now would that be important for you guys. No. I don't you can look at the other side is that you know you can mold and shape and teach in new well to be. This would you rather go back to the old fashioned way -- he had a choice between let's say. -- virginity or hope just. Expense shapes and orders and now. I would go what you -- at this. -- I Bryant being handled -- I think it was -- at least those things where women. Would collect these things so when they got married and had them and I think it mainly. Towels. Sheets pillow cases things like. A dollar re exactly. But it was that but I was shocked when it said that 42%. On the survey would not even date a virgin. That absolutely I would never have guessed that tournament in your OK now we got some other. Actual questions. Not good but unfortunately we -- all odds are you and I tell you hang in there will be back after this.

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