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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Big Candy and Flowers Day - Ted Marks and Frank Mischler

Big Candy and Flowers Day - Ted Marks and Frank Mischler

Feb 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Valentine ideas it's not too late you can't go wrong with flowers and chocolate. We've got to two interviews coming right appear frank Mitchell there is first owner of initial hours florist in Williams -- Happy Valentine's Day frank. -- military bases I'm happy Valentine's state Dave. It red roses that your biggest seller today. Request is the biggest seller although a lot of beautiful colors pinks yellows peach pastel colors like that. And really can choose what ever fully you want freer what do -- color your. Sweethearts favorite color -- How busy are you today frank. Very Betty I'm I have about 400 deliveries schedules so far will probably get about 200 more during the day. You know what worries this year and it's a good thing right. You know like sweat out the weather every year because you never know about it what the week before Valentine's -- just don't sleep well at night. Table while hubby have a great day today and thank you for joining us frank. Never welcome thank you frank Michelin is the owner of mission -- florist on south forest road in Williamstown. And Ted -- is also with us now he's the owner of -- chocolates Ted thanks for joining us happy Valentine's Day. My pleasure have development sitio. I've got to think this is Western New York sponge candy is the -- or is it other kinds of chocolate. Well the kind of chocolate or outskirts seasonally and holidays specific and those are always important but. If I had to keep one product and only one product you can bet it would be sponge -- it'll be the biggest seller today tomorrow. Mid next week can. Yesterday and every day of the year but it is a best seller and bill that is under. At ten YU sponge candy. Just a buffalo thing. Well I wish I knew the answer that all I know is that I'm really glad that it is. By a note that my presence in the industry and other cities so all know how to -- sponge candy but don't make. Yet to retrieve benches. A month. And we make fifteen -- day. Talk a little bit about trans what is different this year in terms about another size of the boxes the shape of the -- what have you. How is this year perhaps something that you've done that you haven't done in the past. Well you know there's. And -- some of the old reliable are out there too of course went into reduced. Djokovic -- for Valentine's Day those Libya in the stores. We finish making this morning but on the nude side. I think that that is a big give movement towards a cease salt in some ingredients and in some products especially sea salt troubles. We've taken -- horrible recipe and -- of the way we always do and just record -- Morsels of to assault on topic give that salty and sweet combination which is proven to be. Very popular a lot of different product but on the -- -- the sea salt goes to the that you -- -- for us and it's taken off. Wonderfully in the to -- product as big article bottom near term we can go to someone shared with and so it's it's -- it's a good trend that we're right on top -- polished. All right Ted thanks for joining us this morning on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the call and a hope we will see you and everybody in your audience in her purse sometime later on today. That's ten marks the owner of -- chocolates. And we also spoke with frank Michelin the owner of Michelin slurs in Williams --

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