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Christopher Dorner.

Feb 13, 2013|

Sandy talks about the end of the manhunt for ex-cop, Christopher Dorner, and the reaction on social media.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WB EN dot com. It was a violent showdown. Law enforcement officials confronted the suspect they believed to be Christopher adorn her. There were exchanges of gunfire the man thought to be -- then barricaded himself inside the cabin it's soon caught fire reporter Carter Evans was there. The entire building. Appear to be engulfed in flames. During the fire police heard a single gun shot go off inside the cabin. Authorities believe that may have been border killing himself Steve vitamin CBS news Los Angeles. And while that was going on on the Internet and social media there were people rooting door on. And rooting for him to kill more people before he got killed and to kill more policeman. I found it absolutely totally repugnant and obnoxious. And I got to thinking about what causes this kind of a situation where people would root for a stone faced killer. Our secure law enforcement. Agents and anybody else that gets in his way. It's so twisted I can't get my arms around a person also you know they history Obama Christopher door all right. Up in Irvine on February 3 and assistant women's college basketball coach and her fiance shot to death in their car. The woman was a dollar retired LA police captain who represented corner. In disciplinary hearings -- resulted in his dismissal from the force so there's 22 people that. In corona on Thursday LAPD officers. I'd chase a vehicle they believe his daughter's won officers graze in the forehead during a shoot out. And Riverside on Thursday a shooter. Believe that adorn our ambushed two police officers on routine patrol one officer is killed the other critically injured. And a big bear yesterday. A man believed to be donor barricaded in a cabin after a shootout with -- authorities that. Wounded two officers and killed one and while this is going on we have these halfway it's on social media rooting him and a despite the fact that the police were there. To try and protect the community of people that lived in the area were scared to death they were living in and locked home some sleeping with -- guns. And the police are trying to do a very dangerous job meanwhile several policeman never came home from confrontations with him and we've got idiots out there rooting him on and I got that thinking as to why this sort of stuff happens. One thing is we were living in fantasy land now. And and here's the deal. If people either. Are in movies. Movie violence is not the same as real violence a fist fight in the movies is not the same as the fist fight on the street. Violence is ugly it's stylized in movies impact -- helped about bring style position. To violence somebody shot in the movies is not like somebody shot in real life it's gruesome it's disgusting. It's loud it's violence. And you believe me if you ever see -- you wish you didn't it's not entertainment. It's it's something else. So I'm thinking how do we teach the lessons. That life is not like the movies or or their cousins the video games I think we teach him by giving a dose of real life. Now what I'm gonna say now. It was some people will be totally offended by it and I savior offended by -- too bad. Too bad if you're sensitivities are set at that level too bad. But I think we have to get back to reality. You see they the people who were posting on line that order should kill more cops. Probably think of this guy is a modern day Robin Hood you know getting back at the man maybe they got a traffic ticket. Or maybe -- maybe there were arrested for something. And so anybody that can get back at the man it's okay with them these are the idiots. That are in our society certainly not you it's not me but they surveyor much question about that. While light isn't that way so the people who thought like that okay -- -- and he's like he got one more before they got him. And in the cabin burned and wow. Did they really get him was he was the secret tunnel that he escaped was that really not his body you know all the usual garbage. And I think one way to educate the public and this is the reason I'm I've -- I'm suggesting is because I think it is a good form of education. You know our prom time. Often times. We lose teenagers because of drinking and driving or whatever and what what do they do they told the car the death car. Either to the local fire hall or to the school parking lot to show. The dangers of drinking and driving. I'm suggesting. That the pictures that you've seen of Christopher door okay the pitchers ever in your mind and the areas OK smiling -- cam all. Good looking guy big big smile. I think that pictures should be published. Again. Except that it shouldn't be published alone. It should be -- before and after picture. I would think a picture of him before the pictures you've seen the pictures are comfortable. And the pictures of him. Now. Are charred. Pile of matches. This is how it ends it doesn't end like it does in the movies. Wear them riding off into the sunset nobody knowing is he down on some beach in the Caribbean laughing at the authorities know. He's a pile of anxious. If they have to identify him by his teeth. Then put the teeth in the picture true. All right before and after pictures -- every one of these idiots every one of these are jerks everyone -- takes their own life. After killing children takes their own life after after killing innocent people showed the after pictures of that too. Believe me if you've ever seen somebody shot in the head and that's usually where people shoot themselves it's not pretty. Especially if they use a large caliber weapon you're lucky if there's any pictures left to take. But this -- publish it. And here's my suggestion. On the Internet. Where you have to put a password and -- you don't accidentally come across them. And show before and after pictures so this is how it ends up boys and girls it doesn't end up like the movies it doesn't end up like the video games you know they used to do that. You've seen the famous pictures of John Dillinger. Riddled with holes outside the -- -- -- in Chicago you've probably seen pictures of Bonnie and Clyde car. You may have even -- money -- car riddled with bullet holes. Baby. Many mafia. People lot of New York. Are I get assassinated and -- -- those pictures that's the real world. That is the real. End result of violence. And I think the reason I would like to see this made available and not only this. I'm a Texas if they're going to execute somebody I'd like those pictures online to. If it's a death penalty case and you found guilty and they execute you I'd like to see it hanging okay show that. Firing squad I think there's still one state that allows that I mean it's you to our could be wrong show that show the end result. Not just the before pictures. Where they were happy and and everything was lovely and they look great before they became monsters. And show what they look like now see if anybody is that interested in becoming them. So I mean it's it's a hard lesson to learn. But before we start rooting for people to kill the people that are defending us the police I think that they they should take a hard look and say you know what. Maybe that's not for me. The drug dealer oldies show him. Show him. Foam coming out of his mouth -- however he ended up showed those pictures. Put on mine so nobody accidentally comes across them and I think there are good there would be a great teaching tool. Because we're living a fantasy world now. Between movies and video games and at the James Dean. Fantasy of of the living fast and dying young showed Jennings James autopsy pictures. We've seen pictures of -- car the portion spider we've seen that sure was autopsy pictures. I think that anything like that. Could be very valuable as far as drinking and driving as far as the tangling with the police. As far as any kind of violent every parent abhorrent behavior and show how it really ends up. Doesn't end up like the movies it's not pretty it's violent it's disgusting it'll turn your stomach but maybe that's what we need. Maybe that's what we need however how would you like to be married or or are related to. Any cop but especially the cops that were killed by this guy. And online. People rooting for him to kill more people especially more cops how would like to beat them. You would think. What what has the world come to. I give you an example sandy. LAPD is getting exactly what they deserve and nobody is supervising a damn bit with them -- -- blanked the police. I hope he escapes. Another one he's already shot awarded to -- tonight I support Christopher Horner. You know so those are the idiots in our society. Now maybe even a picture. Outlook Christopher -- looks like today which should be equivalent probably what you clean out your fireplace at the end of of -- heating season. Aren't sure I'm that. How cool that is. See how -- you know how adventurous bad is it looks like Robin Hood do you you -- -- ends up looking like up -- I turned into a pile of matches and as far as people complaining about. Well did the police set the fire on that a set fire on the -- haven't even if they did. Good for them for them what are we got to run in there and tellem what their rights are given time -- I think they told them. Come on out or it's all over in the didn't and that's it all right I don't know if they did or not has been made clear -- -- even if they did what I care no. Guys -- multiple cop killer killed innocent people killed cops on duty that -- with him. So that's basically my attitude is that it's a great teaching opportunity we tend to wonder -- each other. From the be a more negative aspects of life. Believe me if you've got a kid -- attitude who was rooting for adorn her. I think those pictures would be very helpful today -- he doesn't -- the same anymore.

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