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Bauerle with Kevin Hardwick

Feb 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay let's go to Erie county lawmaker Kevin Hardwick on news radio 9:30 AM 17 point seven FM WB EN. Kevin how did this resolution in the Republican caucus to overturn the and revise the New York State safe act soak hold which I think is that an abuse of language quite frankly it's a felony against common thinking and language how to become about. I'm over the course of the last several weeks we've had a number of calls the number of email number letters from constituents. Suggesting that we we take it's the end not this obviously we're an actor to be able to repeal it ourselves. But we feel strongly that. This was done in the wrong way that this overreached. And and so we we put -- a resolution yesterday that hopefully will be voted out next Thursday in our next regular meeting. Again I think many of those people calling us our listeners -- viewers. I don't care what their business publication says you're always -- Be immortalized barrel city beaches listeners he's on the things that you know I said. That I am -- I make mom with his. -- -- he's higher than 200 certainly. But I think you blog on that list having your runner up in the morning and that oftentimes you set the agenda for the day. We're on the radio station out of -- aware that I it is all me you know you Duaner confided. Cited Antonio several years ago it's it's a little conspiracy we've got going but I know I think I do this -- I I do appreciate idea washing of my sensitive partner -- and it's but seriously. The the -- what does this resolution go next. Well it it appears that the agenda of our meeting a week from Thursday on the 21. And there it can be either referred to committee or to be voted out immediately that we have all five members of the Republican caucus which includes three Republicans. A independence party member Lynn Dixon -- you mentioned earlier. And Joseph the -- a Conservative Party members and and so we have five of the eleven votes that would -- -- you be required to vote out immediately. Passes today and send copies to the state. We can pick up one Democrat we can pass on Thursday we'll see where arrest. Where people stand. But hold the -- Kevin aren't you guys up for reelection this year those who want to continue with the job. Yeah that's right to all eleven seats are opened her up for reelection this fall. So if on the Erie county legislator. And I realized that my constituency is not dealt with this New York State's safe act it might behoove me not to vote against its repeal and revision. Not to go to get a there's a double negative there Berkeley. I I I think would -- yeah. Supply that's actually it's the most -- just be brought if there's if there's an influential voice anywhere out there. In in the returning who wants to bring pressure to bear on the -- legislature I think this would be a be a good test of -- influence. Who would be who's in trouble when it when you look out at the other side of the IL is it Lofgren. Well certainly certainly he's in a district that's doable the way the districts have been redraw and some are very summer very democratic and there's no way. Probably that a Republican could never win there certainly -- -- is in one of the swing districts as are all the Republicans in all the Republicans are vulnerable. And certainly come -- and certainly is that he a swing district I don't think that's that's any secret. You need -- if this resolution to. To repeal and revise New York State's safe. If that is to be voted on. By Erie county and passed by the Erie county legislature as a message to Albany you're going to need one of the lawmakers who is a Democrat to come to your table. Yeah and and you know I don't think regardless of whether someone is in a vulnerable district -- that I'm not sure that that's that's gonna govern this. Mean we passed a resolution earlier this year introduced by Joseph -- a member of our Republican caucus he is the lone Conservative Party member on the legislature anyway. Joseph Murray -- introduced a resolution. The directing the county clerk are advising the county clerk not to release. The names of gun permit holders to the Buffalo News that it passed unanimously I mean everybody's. Got a board Democrats Republicans conservative independent parties and members alike. So it's it's possible that that we might have more than enough support from the Democrats on this. You know even knows that that might favor the provisions have to be upset by the way things were done. You know the setting aside of the -- aging requirement that in the constitution. Court the constitutional also provides for the messages necessity from the governor. Saying Leo this have to be voted right now that's normally use for things that are really necessary yeah crises that that are right. And then also at the end of the session win win the legislature won't be here tomorrow the vote on this. So we get the lay aside the three day waiting period there was no reason this has to be you know GM down legislatures. -- the way it was. Yes the -- Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin practical politics there was because it to a ball striker Andrew Cuomo wants to be president -- he wants to be able to say 26 needed. All. All rifle so articulate they're and we watched. A federal. Low. Course but he could've said that three days later but he wanted to be President Obama to the punch. You know and and edit that that's -- thing has to upset people regardless of where you are on this gun control issue. Kevin I think have a bone to pick -- but it's gonna have to wait until after the 930 break okay. Sure okay well because this Webster provision of of the law. Really I mean you talk about knee jerk. It's they were -- I got to ask you about that because to me it's just it's excerpt. Well intentioned but just Pittsburgh Steelers on news radio 9:30 AM 17 point seven FM WB. Now we're talking with Kevin Hardwick. Doctor Kevin hard work here he's a PH the political science and he's also a member of the Erie county legislature. And the Erie county Republican caucus yesterday. It is submitting a resolution to the legislature as a whole to overturn and revise these so called. And grossly missed label I mean this is a felony abuse of language the New York State safe. Act which again folks George Orwell politics and the English language. Read that essay because you can basically call Paul gold. And people will believe -- if they're suckers and stupid. And that's what almost doing. And I guess you can draw your own conclusions as to my assessment of the mentality a ball to the voters in New York State. They need one Democrat. On the Erie county legislature to say yes I'm going to vote for this so Erie county legislature can go on record. As being against New York State's so called safe act. Up Kevin one of the one of the provisions with which I haven't issue and you guys say this is one of the provisions -- light. Is these so called it Webster. Provision. Which increases penalties for people shooting. First responders to me that seems like an absolute knee jerk reaction to what happened in Webster. The guy who shot the firefighters. And and the police in Webster was a nut job he got his rifles allegedly threw a neighbor who bought them for him we already have laws on the books against murder why do we need -- Webster revision what if god forbid. It comes to the point where police are coming to confiscate powered guns I mean this kind of takes away our ability to defend ourselves against a tyrannical police or military force. Welcome I think the Webster provision. You're you're correct in the in pointing out that the incident in Webster was a politically relevant incident as it did influence policy in our thinking I mean it -- just. Disgusted everybody what happened and I think this is a reaction to it. But you know if it's it's not unlike. It's unlike. What we hit in the death penalty statute when we didn't have a death penalty. In New York State decade or so ago. Where we made special provisions for killing law enforcement. Personnel and we made debt you know one of the criteria for the death penalty. And it they get answers the call or if it begins to get to the calls. Four -- going after the guns but going after the people who do bad things with guns. This is saying if you do a bad thing with a -- on this this one bad thing with a gun. -- you know you're gonna get life in prison the possibility of parole -- -- that maybe it should go further in that we should extent everybody. But that's one of the things in the in this -- act rammed through by Cuomo. Which I think is a step in the right direction and it's probably something we should take further. But but Kevin who is gonna shoot at a first responders are two types of people who will shoot -- first responder number on the insane people number two. Violent criminals. In what way would this possibly deter either of those two groups from engaging in an act of violence against first responders. Well. I think I think the hope is that that laws with penalties will deter people from doing certain things. That was certainly the argument of -- for the death penalty -- years ago in there's always this debate over whether that was a deterrent. You know I think it's I think it's a step in the right direction I think what we try to do is look at things in the act. Rammed through by the governor without the three day waiting period. That we could at least say yeah we can we can agree with that this was one of them another thing was the F protection. Of people with the pistol permits. You know from the from the publication of their names of the paper I think that would be a good provision of this. So we're we're trying to say that looked that there are things that bit that maybe we could do -- we should do but but there's a lot in the -- that we disagree -- This is a complex. Issue and it needs to be dealt with not in -- simple manner that this that was ram through those deals with it. We you know Kevin told us. Some while I agree on -- -- Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address and 1861 Kevin and I'm sure you can recited by heart. When speaking to these secessionist movement in the south said take your time if it is a good object your after nothing is really lost by taking time. But taking time can prevent you from making the wrong decision. And in Albany they did not take time. No they didn't and it is EO we all know why they didn't. Take time it's because the governor wanted to beat the president to the punch on gun control. Okay. We're talking with Erica lawmaker Kevin -- of this this. -- -- -- -- Fortress. This resolution which you guys the Republicans along with the independent and the conservative. Put out yesterday the hole is one. -- That it is is voted on next Thursday the 21 a week from Thursday. And that it is past then it will will add to the growing number of counties that have have stood up and said you know. This isn't what we want in our state this is the way we want to do business. We think we ought to take another look at this question. And it will be sent to our lawmakers in Albany and you know it will see where it goes from there is. Bed it's CD -- most that we can do in this case. And you know -- what they give me your general thoughts on the reaction of people I know that you are spent a lot of time listening to talk radio and my show and sandy beaches -- Do you think our audiences are spot on with their analysis that this is in -- a step in the direction of tyranny. Or if they were being drama queens. -- -- you know I think for the most part they are spot. -- a lot of things that worry you I mean I mean you know you. You you you you put things together. And -- -- you know we're not pinning a great picture of the direction we're going whether it's whether it's -- to act. Or what this this opinion that the white paper they came out of the Obama administration talking about. Killing Americans. We it would drones. And hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition -- but I think this. This kind of plays right into the the this sentiment that you know we're losing our freedoms and no one cares. You know Kevin I look at it and I've used this example before like out looking at the sky looking at the stars and constellations almost like connect I've not. And after enough stars appear allowing you to connect the dot you can say you know what this isn't my imagination. This is not lunacy this is really happening and as Sinclair Lewis said in it it. It happened here it. And happening here is being tyranny. You know you know I mean it'll work just one instance or two instances. You could you could dismiss it is just people you know being. Being candidates kind of crazy and being two. Two paranoid but who can wait when you when he had won a cup but the other you know it certainly certainly paints a picture like here. Constellation. An elegy in fact I think it is Q during you. A a constellation -- -- -- at least a star make all the star registry people. Get the buy hourly star. You know there's lots of names they could choose if they named a star after me but none of them I can say on the radio because most of them tend to be or official. Come out and I'm glad you join me and I hope this thing passes the Erie county legislature because the least they can do -- Albany is have an honest and open public debate about this instead of just ramming it through like a dictator would CD -- -- fire decree for example of how dictators operate and that's exactly -- Cuomo did in my opinion in this case you know the reichstag fire -- you know why it happened you know how easily was accepted because it was a moment of crisis because -- -- -- Tom thanks thanks for your interest and thanks for keeping this keeping this in front of people this is. Is important that we're informed I mean that the founders talked about the importance of that. This is this is critical what you do no matter whether whether a certain publications recognize -- -- Well all I care about is my cat is highly influenced by me and she just adores me so thank you very much and glad you -- -- haven't. Thank you thank me actually are there's -- artwork from the Erie county legislature.

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