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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>The Pope Stepping Down - Monsignor Pat Keleher; Part I

The Pope Stepping Down - Monsignor Pat Keleher; Part I

Feb 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have some special insight for the next hour my -- -- -- from the Newman center you -- in studio with us this morning. Talking about the next election of a new -- and -- -- team we just heard. Bishop Malone talking about that the possibility. Of the successor possibly coming from Latin America we've also heard Africa -- think. -- him via the emails were going like crazy after the announcement and after the announcement from the diocese when increased chimed in he set. Wouldn't be nice if the next Pope for from the Philippines so -- to have a thought about that. It's certainly. A great great idea. Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul world first non Italians. In the hundreds of years you think that what is some pressure to bring another Italian and I not so sure it will I think there will I I hope that somebody from the Philippines that's that's the long shot but I think an Italian more than more than likely I think more of them. You know this this whole process I mean we know it's just a secretive process really with the pick the cardinals I mean is they're campaigning do we know what what really goes on behind closed doors. But there are certain there certainly is campaigning because it's an election so. There would be campaigning because there are there are certainly schools of thought that because of that like because of the national makeup. And the international makeup and also because the sort of theological positioning and focusing of each one -- the each one of the candidates other favorites and and there are long shots like Pope John the 23 as the lungs. -- when the college of cardinals meets to vote on the new pull anybody over eighty years of age cannot take part. In that selection process is -- there are about 275. Cardinals and of them only 125. Or under. The age of eighty. Who are eligible to vote. Were wondering I mean are we in for another elderly -- or is there -- possibility younger man might be selected. My guess would have it would be somebody and there mid seventies mid to early seventy's I would not I don't think would be slight. It would be very unlikely that should be anybody under that. And I think that after having chosen not. Pope Benedict who was in his in his you know late seventy's at the time I think there's they're not. They're not ready to choose another all older pop I don't think it's still still have to think about the so. After John Paul and then -- yes yes because tempo of so many years and was -- alone so I don't think they were for that reason they wouldn't picker. They would probably hesitate to pick young when. And and then for sure I don't think the tunnel. Tell us about your fascination with the next cool thing from the Philippines. I like just that did the post there always a possibility and we have to -- we have to position ourselves to figure out where the church is at this point and so the church's. Is between this space it's between the space. Where there there's there's some lack of lack of a certainty about the probe about where Vatican two is at this point that's that's the big issue I think in the church that's one of the to get big issues in the church. I would say that the bigotry in the churches where is Vatican two. And its fiftieth anniversary and we sort of keeping it going are we slowing it down -- this then is it really. And radical time or very. It's a radical part of -- and it's a very it's a radical time for the church and in terms of they're positioning itself with regard to Vatican -- it's also radical time for the church because of -- think a couple of other world problems at mass at these are questions that I think we're faced by Pope Benedict. And that is that is. That the decline of religion in Europe and the decline of religion in the world is one and then the decline of vocations and that really crisis things and I think that the bishops the cardinals when -- -- and have to face them and those are the real issues that have to be case.

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