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Background checks.

Feb 11, 2013|

Sandy lays out his thoughts on universal background checks for gun buyers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've always had. A philosophy. That in in broadcasting that you pick. Your places to fight and you pick your places to fight where you have the best chance to win. All right that makes a lot of sense. Because. That way here you get maximum effect. In your quest to do whatever you wanna get done and I think that's true not only in broadcasting I think it's certainly true. In what we're going through now we have the firearms. Live missiles them alleged assault rifles and things like that. You pick your best places to fight. I think the National Rifle Association which I am a member and I've been a member most of my life. I was a member for years and years and decades actually. Let it lapse for some reason and during the Clinton administration decided to to re up there and I've been back since then because. I saw that our rights were being threatened during the Clinton administration and I wanna I wanna stand have become it's -- I've been an NRA member most of my life. And I agree -- most of what they wanna do but every once in awhile they'll take a strain what I would call a strange position. That really isn't easily defensible. Now if you are of the mindset that we can't have any thing. Under any circumstances. No matter what changed while you're probably not gonna rate. But I believe that if you want to use if you use some common sense and as soon as I said the word common sense something. That's what the other side wants whenever they wanna change something to them it's common sense what TO is probably not making much common sense at all all right. But it in this case. The they thought of the universal. Checks. To me is a common sense measure. And the NRA is not in favor of it and I'll tell you why as the as the show progresses. But here's the problem. If if you don't if you have a problem with the universal checks to buy firearms. The people who are on the other side or the people who are in the middle and don't really know. Are not going to give you much support because it does not seem like heavy lifting it seems like a natural thing can we all agree. That none of us want a gun in the hands of somebody who shouldn't have blown. We all agree on that aren't somebody who might use it in a crime somebody who wasn't. Somebody who is mentally and unstable unbalanced. I should not have firearms -- we all agree with that. OK I think we do well in this case the universal checks won't catch everyone. But the bottom line is they British dog it's a good faith I think it's a good faith measure. Where the NRA says we don't want people having guns that shouldn't have them absolutely we agree with that. Because if you if you put your if you drop a line in the sand over the last. Your mind you're going to lose a lot of people who might be drawn to your side. And that's that's the reason IE I have no problem at all with the universal checks. -- -- and mine are universe here in New York State has had the toughest gun. Gun laws for years and years and years and so that's what we're used to. So some other states just starting to do some other things and it's new for them but for us we're used to it aren't. So if I wanna buy a gun. I have no problem in my back from being checked all right -- have area. I have a pistol permit I've had a for a -- a long time. I'm here I've had I've had. I think like nine permits in my whole life every state I ever worked and would that required permit I had a permit so and I have a spotless and I -- no problem passing these tests at all OK I have no problem. But the bottom line is if you say no we don't want the universal back projects because it is not a catch anybody now you're making an intellectual argument that a lot of people and are gonna sign on for because they're gonna be suspicious why wouldn't you want people to be checked before they get a gun. Because -- -- people are afraid of guns in the first place. And there are a lot there are a lot of people who are afraid of the actual physical done. Even though it is it can do them no harm unless someone wants that true. It has no mind of its own it has no muscles can't pull its own trigger -- can't fire itself we can't load itself okay. It can't do any of -- somebody has to do the evil deed and that's that's a human being the gun is incapable of hurting you. Without an accomplice of a human being. So if you take your stand there or -- we don't want universal. A background checks then how do you ever expect the hole before on. On pistol permit it's. Although since you don't have much of a choice much of a chance. But if if people as they said or ignorant to guns or people who you might be able to persuade your point of UC that. Okay we don't want any more than you do we don't want people have -- shouldn't have. OK now I got on to the next level mutate and from there you EU EU educate them and you introduce them to the facts instead of hysteria. So when I read Wayne Lapierre who is usually the voice of the Aaron. Says that it won't work. So we don't want him at all. When indeed the NRA had said yeah that's a good idea of its many years ago so there. They're backtracking and changing their mind so as much as I IE I hate to say there's something with the area I don't agree with. I'm an independent thinker. Because I join a party or because I join an organization or anything else I'm I'm not gonna -- Simply because I'm a member of that group. If you expect me to believe every single thing while you're wrong it's not gonna happen -- me. All right I'm going to be Mexico what I would call fair judgment in the fair judgment to me is I have no problem with universal background objects. And anybody who does probably -- you have two ways to do. You know all human nature -- as I do -- somebody is involved with a crime and and they say yeah. -- I would submit to way you lie detector test even though it's not admissible in court. Oh no no I won't take a lie detector test come line you know and I know what you think you think well I won't take a lie detector test. Because he's guilty that's not clear thinking maybe staying in the fact that. He he doesn't have to it was not it's not allowable in court and takes the intellectual approach. But I think that same oh yeah you must have something to hide attitude comes up with somebody doesn't. Doesn't want universal background checks on the purchase of fire arms so my question is the NRA opposes universal background checks do you support or oppose them. Now are they perfect no of course not and I have dueling editorials here. Put him in the UA USA today. According to -- CBS New York Times poll this year and I I read -- apple when it came well. 92% of people favor universal background checks including 85%. Of people in a household and enclose an NRA member. And we can't get Americans to agree on anything so if you've got an RA member in the house and 85%. In the of people. Still think even with the NRA member in the house that universal background jokes are OK with them. I think that on it's oh the terrorism thing. Background checks according this editorial -- a panacea. They are just one piece of a package. Changes to reduce gun violence in America this of course is the the thought of the person who wrote this done this month. But a crucial part of such -- doing more to keep guns out of the hands of people shouldn't have them. All right now there's a couple of big and there's a couple of big problems. With the last sentence that I just said. There are a couple of areas that you're not going to round up people win who shouldn't have guns. One are criminals. People who commit crimes with guns and not going to be caught in this net because then I'm gonna go to a gun store or gun show. They're going to get stolen guns in which you don't have to pass of that -- Czech obviously so I understand. That would background judgment and again and criminals we understand. -- we come back the second -- more touchy part about this because everybody agrees we're not gonna wanna go round up and include models with the news. But the second part is very important. Because it really I think involves most of the shootings that have happened in the last few years will be back after this.

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