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Bauerle with Father Leon Biernat

Feb 11, 2013|

Tom talks with Father Leon Biernat, from Our Lady of Pompeii in Lancaster, on the resignation of Pope Benedict

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have -- -- father Leon Burnett father Leon hello. Are you doing this morning. Well you know it's it's always a glorious day when I have a chance to speak review. I'm thinking father of the beginning of the father Leon for hope campaign and petition drive RUN. Sure wind out of it if it -- -- little -- holy spirit. That'll happen. That's -- I might convert I'm I'm just putting it out there for your consideration. Who is. I don't know you're probably very very up on Canon law in addition to your spiritual pursuits. What what are they qualifications what does somebody have to be before. They can be. The. -- -- -- Well look that great question them and bit of the fighting area Kendall law that I would have studied about point five years ago but you never call completely. I mean really it's it's an election that takes place when they see the college of cardinals and being. In hadn't done. Ordinarily it is one of the cardinals that becomes. Although -- other. And but for the north Google are not gonna come and I don't care about that a little beyond by ordinary knowledge I don't -- -- every day at all. I'm so I didn't I didn't mean to bring up by reckoned dike points of cannon ball where if you would have been some credit for using the word reckoned back. Father Leo Burnett is here with our lady -- pay and that Lancaster your first reaction when you received the news this morning from a. All I was I was shocked I was actually surprised that that Nazi groups coming I don't think -- -- instead. And but reflect the net at the last couple hours and certainly listening to a callers -- and then has any idea that the listening. I get my real reflection news I think to all of number one and collapsed or a great act of great leaders. England to say it's time. And Pope Benedict it's certainly been a great leader. End. Intellectual. And everybody's been commenting prayer or their basement of a single. The world excessive habit than the man is incredibly. Humble. Incredibly humble they're going to step down and retire. Is great acting humility. I think it is in action. Are coming in as wholly other -- Pope John Paul the second I mean there was an action -- up -- -- all the Second World War yeah it's a great man. And I think took great humility and part of Pope Benedict to ought to step then. Is. As the next holy father. So but cancer specific question very surprised but at the price listening at. I can see that it's probably consistent with who this man has a very humble servant about. Living in the age in which we dwell how important is it for the -- to be out there on world tour workers. It's interesting I think. Every age as we continue to who. You know growing as a society -- church and always going to be part of society -- the Turkey as part of the world and the world was part of the church. So I think John Paul the second that Lee archer bad and as a holy father who was. The jetliner travel the world it probably it is important. Justice and being real leader it's important for them to get out and see the people that they serve I think it is important element. It's an absolutely necessary. Probably not absolutely necessary but that they nature I think -- important. -- you know a little while always -- focus on Twitter. You know constantly trying to reach. Be it -- every medium people. That the church service and and and every facet of the turtle bit -- to make up the church so I think that the important thing I think people rally. When they normally are determined to their country or common year that they could travel I think they'll look to see them. Father Leo Burnett is whether it's our lady of Pompeii in Lancaster you might remember we had father I'm along with -- gay and the neo luddite. My favorite -- of course when Hillary well no one when the administration was going after the Catholic Church basically with you know wanting the Catholic Church to contribute to. Birth control and their reproductive. Issues contrary to the church's teachings which I find frankly to be -- and -- at the time -- Catholics and I'm not even though I'm not a parishioner and I'm I'm not Catholic number honored to account father Leo Burnett there as a friend. What we do or what what do you think. And again I don't wanna get in trouble but. Coming from where you were coming with the church right now be better off with. A younger. Guy who would be a stable force for the future for many years who might have charisma. And appeal. Or with an older guy. As the identity for the 21 century is being shaped. Well that's a great question and make real initial answer really. I personally believe -- at Churchill all bullies you know we'll always are -- the church. We believe that. I believe that my core. So ironically when the cardinals the other and and there are some cooperation and they're voting. There are up -- -- -- a prayer pray for the holy spirit to guide them. To the right decision certain that the overall -- and only spirit and that I'd bet the answer. I don't know if age is brought the larger stricter. I look get a jump all the stock and who. I've traveled to several world Tuesday's. That's I would like Iraq start end up. Here the toward the end of his life he could barely mu. But yet it was so young at heart and so your little spot. On the use of the world while some. And I'm not sure at the -- is so important. I think it's really. Key that so holy father being beat up. Welcome. Won't halt short by the holy spirit and and the of a man of deep prayers are hurting local quite slow people. And -- that person older or younger. I'm not sure that that's so important. Now I am. -- practical person and I I wonder. You know when you look at Europe. And you know with all due respect the stagnation. Of the church in Europe. Western Europe in particular. When you look at other areas of the world we're. Other -- like Islam are on the march as christianity and catholicism are on the wane. When you look at Africa you have a very interesting dynamic on the on on on on the continent of Africa because you've got Islam on the rise yet at the same time. Concurrent with that you've got catholicism. On the rise would it be wise from a attracting parishioners stand point. Two goal where the people are to go to a growth market if you will in selecting the next head of the church. I think that's. Part of the question I'm sorry you view your account up to our effort and unfortunately other electorate at Lincoln. The question the question is would it be wise to select a poll from Africa given the fact that that's worth the growth potential is right now and -- the church's message is obviously being well received. Okay partners in the for the first time I got it now. Not a good question I haven't really 400. It's -- Barry look human but rupiah from the conversation this morning. So I don't really. I don't know it marry a natural reaction that he and I think again an -- there too. The holy spirit guide and church in and that that is what -- would be there's little doubt what you brought up in the beginning this true. I think that's why Pope Benedict arm. All of this year in the year that he the inner circle work although the new living centralization. That there's reflecting early this morning after the -- -- -- well you really wind up through this transition. To a potential patient. Aren't that all of us were baptized there are a lot of our way to welcome back -- will you know -- You know either fallen away from paper or all the way from there to practice. It's so what you're out of Europe I think collect the -- general country receipt. You know diminishing numbers -- a regular expert at the air but no question in Africa the church's -- and strongest -- and correct. For someone from Africa to be the next -- because the -- I couldn't answer that. If that is the right move or not. Certainly in interest and questioned under. But. If I think in every country. -- the world you don't have very active street so people. They've been at the same numbers or percentages. Well one -- yet but it people who could -- called -- to leave the church. I guess they'll be Murray initial reaction. Well I know you know what. What is your secret at my final question and maybe you don't wanna give this away fatherly and what is your secret because the people I know who attend your church the people -- know we used to go elsewhere who now attend your church. Baby. There there's something about you. You know and your personality that attracts people to you you're like a magnet for people any idea -- Well. -- throat for a one -- and the speechless which are hard to do that during the parishioner but look thank you for that kind word I'm. I just stick to the triple -- got -- And move and consistent during my teaching or preaching the link I try to leader Harry. The order from the truth -- -- got over truth about the discipline of our great. And I think people say see the true that there are trick or two that it it's. Become that you won't allow. Poor people they want the truth but -- the truth of Chrysler well the trooper got and hopefully -- it to reflect adamant ministry. -- father we'll see. Yes we'll look at that petition online for you to be the next -- of church and when did you grow up regularly so it ready. I thought I think it look good in in that people like yours that was all the monitored the people mind your number MITRE you know Chicago white later. Yeah yeah all right a quick look at white. -- you could fatherly thank you very much for joining us and an eagle fans listening to your phone's going to be ringing off the -- today people saying you actually talk to that -- like degenerate scum bag but you know. Where what what what it's. Father thanks so much father Leo Burnett with -- -- -- upon play.

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