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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Pope Resigns - St. Bonaventure President Sister Margaret Carney

Pope Resigns - St. Bonaventure President Sister Margaret Carney

Feb 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live on the WB in lifeline is sister Margaret Carney the president of saint Bonaventure university to join us and talk more about the resignation. A Pope Benedict sister Ernie thank you for the time this morning. You know Rocco could already. How surprising was -- TU. That Pope Benedict is not staying in this job for life. I'm in the first street second that was incredibly surprising. And then I think I immediately recognized that it's clearly something that he has and eighteen. Force -- but obviously this sort of thing lug nuts and it's about an advance. But you know given the same thing happened new Pope John Paul Houston. When you think back. Actually we know actually -- declining health for a -- Many years of the cape missy and I suspect that Pope Benedict. Having observed how difficult that was but it herb Pope John Paul but also. For his immediate. Chat that the -- if you will. Recognize that it might be too great a burden to attitude that the second time. In so close for period. I also heard in one of the reports from CBS this morning that it was Benedict who was urging John Paul to step down in those final. Months you know where he was ailing so badly that he didn't. Well -- -- I would not have any kind of information about it as a it's entirely popped. Right I'm just saying it might indicate his line of thinking then and now. In the -- I really. Well do you suppose that benefit in this situation. May be trying to blaze a new trail and a change the way pontiff's. Our our elected when they resign and how long missions in office. I believe so I think he -- for tomorrow it's at the end of extraordinary. Intellectual capacity. And he clearly recognize that the complexities of the 21 century. He's written about them he has spoken about them and so I think he is -- -- -- that it is true for the office of the paid -- To be more in correspondence. Which. But practices. In other. Major multinational. Administrative organizations. Sister do you worry about the timing of this with. With -- to begin this week. Not at all I I suspect that you know is to they'll always other -- -- regent Fred earning. In a with modern trample it's very possible for the cardinals. To call their conclave and he's giving -- probably -- trying to do that. Perhaps he would sit in the seat in front because it's a time of increased. Prayer and solidarity within the church spiritually speaking. We're live with sister Margaret Carney president of saint Bonaventure university sister Connie hopes traditionally. Have been Italian. Pope John Paul and Benedict being recent exceptions. Now who can tell which way of the college of cardinals are going to lane there's a lot of politics involved we know that. They have been under incredible pressure even the last time. To name of Pope from the ranks of African cardinals. That it collected are actually going back to the tape issue all the six. There's been an internationalization. Of the college of cart will. There has spent 88 fuel placed on the age at which that cardinals and vote. And so I think the possibilities of going outside the ranks. A -- -- -- Italy bit of your pitch well it's a distinct possibility in the next content. Sisters thank you for joining us for so glad to -- take the time didn't. To be with us this morning. You're very welcome thank you should intervene. Sister Margaret -- president of saint Bonaventure university.

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