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More WNY Weather Advisories Posted - Dave Thomas

Feb 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's heavily airport weather station known chicken with -- meteorologist. Dave Thomas who at the National Weather Service. Mourning their heart in the morning -- are you OK after all that snow over the weekend now we're dealing with the rain in the freezing rain and wind what do we start here. Yes we compare with the freaking rain here that the following across. Much to Western New York gas pump up buffalo this morning. Yeah how much of freezing rain is coming down. We're looking -- too much. Generally less than a tenth of an and so freezing rain here it through via the morning hours. But even just. Traits are small -- freezing rain can really. Looking up the road and 'cause that traffic in that transportation problems. Dave take a minute rundown Malia advisories that are posted at this moment now by the National Weather Service. We have freezing rain advisory up for until it and this morning. For -- southern area in Wyoming counties and also across the volunteer. Is looking for the freezing rain two. Nice police -- across. I've bridges and ramps in overpasses that little. Traits in my traffic problems. Then we have -- it's going to be crossing the area today and behind that he had the -- to be picking up. And then the wind advisory that's begins at 1 PM this afternoon. Yes he had the when advisory from 1 PM to by the name on Tuesday. I -- -- -- this evening up to that fifty miles per hour. Especially across the areas just. Just southeast of lake area and across that Niagara frontier. -- how Long Will that windows stay with us. How soon to be going right through the overnight hours that's still gusty breeze. On Tuesday morning we wake up will be strong -- -- will likely be just tests. Than than an hour. -- how long can we expect this warm up in temperatures. Are looking for a moment to. Does -- pretty much so that they can they had a moral have have insurers that backed down to that is not normal flow of that some have scanners don't start across the area. After all -- -- we got over the weekend in some parts of Western New York most of it to the north northeast of buffalo. Who want to snow total derby -- -- and the unofficial or official. The snow -- forms. I guess the the greater accumulations. This past -- or actually north of the airport across that never count anywhere two -- eighteen inches of snow fell across. -- -- -- -- And ski country they got lesser amounts. If he country -- -- and a letter amounts the people picked up. I have put us now. They have nice talking with you thank you are welcome. National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Thomas at the buffalo we're poor weather station.

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