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Feb 10, 2013|

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It may be able to -- -- the DOT assets over to the communities to help the the communities they're clean up as well. Nine deaths are being blamed on the blizzard including two Boston boys who died in separate incidents from carbon monoxide poisoning in cars I'm -- box. Organizers of the pond hockey tournament and Erie basin marina and pull the plug yesterday when the ice conditions on the manmade ranks deteriorated until it wasn't safe playing. Allred should teams will get a full refund including those teams that actually do get their games in earlier in the day. The Genesee county sheriff's department looking for an armed robber -- up these Sally Beauty supply store Batavia. Only male wearing a ski mask entering the store around 9:15 in the morning. Robbing the cash register and tying up the lone employee. He may have been operating in -- late colored Jeep Grand Cherokee. With New York's Medicaid coverage already broader than federal law requires the state health -- half million residents to Medicaid. The state expects dead about 75000. People of the program next year under the federal health care overhaul it also expects the program to pick up another thwarted 25000. People. Who have been eligible but just don't know it. Medicaid the government health insurance program for the poor covers five million New Yorkers more than a quarter of the State's residents. Separately the new health insurance exchange is expected to -- another million New Yorkers who have no coverage but make too much money to qualify for Medicaid. New York health officials are putting together a marketing plan to inform many of the State's two point seven million uninsured. Erich Reinhardt is ready at 9:30 AM and bottles of two point seven FM WB yes. Firefighters from five states are opposing New York governor Andrew Cuomo's proposal to limit. Binding arbitration and union disputes which local governments say -- taxpayers can no longer afford. Cuomo proposes to cap wage increases that arbitration panels could give unionized public workers at 2% if the municipality is deemed to be under fiscal distress. Mayor's support the measure saying it's needed to avoid big raises the taxpayers can't afford and contract -- passes the New York State professional firefighters association is getting support from Connecticut Idaho Pennsylvania and Texas colleagues is -- Cuomo. Is attending to eliminate adequate compensation. The subject of -- sequestration is trying news is sure to be in the president State of the Union Address coming up. House democratic leader Nancy Pelosi telling FOX News Sunday that's equestrian -- truly means it's across the board cuts is not really necessary. I think that sequestration is a bad idea all around that to be something that is out of the question. The fact is we had plenty of spending cuts one point six trillion dollars in the budget control act. WBN news sentinel portrait AccuWeather next. -- in Western New York covered 9:30 AM one of those seven point seven. Streaming live on your. It was real -- -- it's 107 point seven FMW. He hadn't hadn't buying carpets and floors for your home is a great investment finally pass to be done right. That's why Kenny carpets and floors has been carpeting homes for fifteen years in Western New York each floor. Actually Kenny carpets and floors and pass an average of seventeen years in the flooring industry. That's right seventeen years trying finding that. New carpets and floors can make all the difference when it comes to a fresh new look inside. Don't chances with the other guys who use the experience of Kenny carpets and floors to give you what you want at a price you love. But the experience doesn't stop. It continues with expert installation. Taking the time didn't get it right and make him look great tool simply plug and it'll be a great experience to experience the experience. And -- carpets and floors Amherst west Seneca and Williams now. MET bank is a leading SBA lender nationally and in many of the communities we serve -- the green flag to build your business stop by any limit to branch or -- -- MTV dot com slash day is to schedule an appointment today yes. Civilian -- -- with a forecast noticeably warmer today with clouds and sun high 38 expects implied tonight. And then a bit of rain. Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. UV and now here's W. And why a week it is talk politics now in the week that has passed but the week to come. Coming up on Tuesday of course we've got the state of the union speech in Washington we're gonna topical and about that in just a moment. With congressman newly elected congressman Chris Collins first really -- reasons he's taken office there is a lot to talk about there. A lot of it involves money and finances at the federal level congressman Chris Collins is here again the first really big going to be the first chance we've had a -- since you've you've ascended to the congress position. Thanks for being here -- Then about five weeks since the swearing in but it's more like twelve weeks since the elections so Obama very happy to be here today and talk about the the fiscal issues from the debt to the budget to the budget cuts called the sequester and in all of those issues and as you mentioned everything today. Whether it's schools are Stater counting your federal seems to be revolving around money. Dollars and cents -- let's talk about just what it's like because you you've never been in this position before. How many days a week -- you're down there one of the logistics to just address the kind of adjustments you have to make life as a like now as a congressman verses the molecular before. -- well leader cantor Eric Cantor has set a a a fixed schedule which. Every one appreciate because we can schedule our lives around -- it's four days a week in Washington. Either Monday through Thursday or Tuesday through Friday. And they do that in kind of LeapFrog its so you can have a four day weekend followed by a two day weekend. And I'm back and forth to the district either on Thursday night or Friday night in the back again either Monday morning or Tuesday morning and I have a one hour flight. I really. -- empathize with those folks from North Dakota and Indiana and other places where can take them. Changing planes eight hours to get him. I'm one hour down one hour backed VW by the buffalo program. -- Reagan okay US air and now southwest is starting to fly April 1. So we've got a good set of flights down in the morning back at night. And I -- I know you've you've mentioned this off -- before the program started. The day is a long day though there are. That the committee meetings obviously during the day before votes during the day. Talk a little bit -- happen tonight kind of other meetings. Well in some cases -- the floor votes can be at 8 or 9 o'clock tonight okay. I would say a typical day there is it's in your somewhere at 8 AM. It it could be at a conference it could be that. A gathering of an industry group and typically you're not home till ten at night that's why. Probably close to half the members of congress live in their office. Rent is is quite similar kind of like caught behind the desk I've seen a blow up by air mattresses like the Boy Scouts take and I've seen them fold up count cots. In some just throw blanket around on the yes sofa. But what you got is that a date it's a twelve hour day. For the threefold agers there are so if you fly down on Monday. The votes -- at six at night in you know whatever else might be going. And then Tuesday Wednesday. Are twelve hour days and then on Thursday the last vote if you -- at three in the afternoon. So they they pack a lot in. You know it's a hard working group of people and a lot of issues were dealing with a lot of committees. Have some serious. Issues to deal with -- the agriculture committee would cut farm bill. Was was such as the kick and kick down the street last year we should have had a new five year farm bill we don't it was a nine month extension. So it. I'm impressed that this is a very hard working. Group of individuals. From around the country talk about your first vote down there it was to keep. John Boehner speaker. That the first vote was to vote presence of a new year but apparently worked at and that number two with -- -- -- this settles for -- speaker. And you know mister Boehner has a very difficult job I mean everyone is separately elected from different parts of the country with different issues. In this election. I I think we have to say the Republicans. I did not do well in this election we -- Barack Obama was reelected president the a Democrats picked up seats in the senate and the Republican majority in the house shrunk. Ever so slightly by. Six or eight positions so. Speaker Boehner. You know he has. In interesting job with half of his conference having been elected in the last two years top. More about that because he's been criticized. Maybe not being as. Receptive. To the conservative five fiscal conservatives maybe not working with the Tea Party folk and at the same time he's been criticized on the other side. For caving or being beholden to that he's really especially with the number you said say it again half of the GOP conference has been elected only in the past two years. He's really kind of stop in the middle on a lot of these things are. Is he he is a difficult job I mean some some equate that herding cats. Because you do have a very divergent group of opinions. Many of the new members are. Very conservative. And in some especially two years ago came in under the wave of the Tea Party. And and you have more moderate members from some of the city's. So it's his job as speaker too to. Push along the will of his conference in -- way that he can get. 218 votes because quite frankly. The -- minority leader Nancy Pelosi rules with a pretty iron fist. And hurt caucus or conference. Will toe the line a pretty pretty exacting. So on many issues speaker Boehner has to go find his 218. Votes in. He's only got 233 members do you think he's conservative enough. Yet it mister Boehner is very conservative personally but he is also trying. To get that worked on for the American public understanding. And some issues were more conservative. Than others he's got a very difficult job and I give him a lot of credit. He was overwhelmingly elected speaker there were few that broke from that about a dozen or so. Are Republicans wanted to send a message. But I think he's doing a fine job. And a difficult job and is focused on jobs and the economy something President Obama is not focused if you noticed today. Yesterday the day before -- he's not talking about jobs and the economy he's talking about anything but but the American public. Is still most worried. About jobs and economy speaker Boehner is talking about jobs in the economy and a three on 930s -- number this would be good. Point two open up the phone lines I do when I talk a lot more about -- some of the fiscal issues. You President Obama. Address of the nation in the State of the Union Address on Tuesday. Already in his weekly radio address yesterday PS started talk a little bit about urging congress to. -- good to pass just a very little bit of spending cuts but bigger tax changes what do you picture happening with Seacrest -- coming down the pike. With the idea of tax reform may be coming up. What what's the what will be the the Collins. Ideal scenario contrasts it to perhaps the Obama -- Well it it's starts the day with with the recognition we does our kids our children and grandchildren deserve a brighter future than they have today. This should be the land of opportunity. In today for kids graduating college and they know it's not which. Comes back to fiscal discipline or in the case of President Obama. Irresponsible. Behavior which has resulted in the five trillion dollar increase in our national debt. Now over a 100% of our gross domestic product. We need to have a budget. Balanced in the next ten years our children and grandchildren deserve it. Businesses need the confidence. That this government can live within its means you won't see the capital investment that will create the jobs we need. We need a flatter fairer. Tax code with lower marginal rates we are the highest taxed country. In the entire world far -- away when it comes to business taxes. Yet it's businesses that create jobs when people wonder why some jobs are not being created here you need look no further than the tax code. So it's a I think you will see. Well you will see a budget on April 15 from the Republicans from the house that is balanced. Within ten years something I called for on the campaign trail act as. A matter of compromise so why not go along with what the president is investing just a few spending cuts instead of a lot of them and then addressed the rest of the revenue issues with the tax code. Well it comes back to date we have a trillion dollar deficit. Literally 100%. Of our. Revenues go to mandated programs Medicaid Medicare social security and interest on the debt that's about 2.3. Trillion dollars a year. The other one point three trillion that we spend is borrowed from China. That's crazy in the American public knows it's so we have a spending problem runaway spending one built one trillion plus a year. The major thing we need. Our reductions in spending and we did. Wasn't me but the last congress did give. President Obama 800 billion dollars in new revenue. Raising that the marginal tax rate on small businesses. And wealthy individuals to the point today first time ever small business pays a higher tax -- the big corporations. In this is plain wrong. But. Yeah President Obama keeps saying gimme more revenue gimme more revenue -- -- was -- well. We need to get more reasonable and it comes to spending. We need to make sure Social Security's. Not touched for current seniors in Medicare. And it's there for younger generation something you'll see in the Republican budget. Come April 15. And for the first time in four years we've now forced to hand. Of the senate Democrats to -- about some sort of something the public doesn't -- for four years President Obama and Harry Reid. Have not put forth a budget so -- debates. When there's only one plan on the table. And this year for the first time in four years we have forced -- hand. And this is speaker Boehner -- no budget no progress no budget no pay it it did it really. Put the spotlight. For the American public and the fact that the Democrats in the senate had not passed a budget in four years. It's unacceptable and now in order to get their paycheck. And have to pass a budget. We don't know what it's gonna look like we have a feeling it's gonna have lots of taxes lots of new revenue enhancements and fees. In frankly if we don't expect it's gonna balance in ten years. The budget comes up in April before that though at the end of this month. March 1 the so called sequestration -- and all of those automatic cuts that were part of the big deal. On the debt ceiling last year they were delayed as part of the fiscal cliff. Now comes due at the end of march do you want all of those automatic cuts to -- any you've said we need to spend last. This would therefore be a good thing right he asks rhetorically. The 85 billion dollars in cuts coming march 1 which are. Across the board and domestic. Discretionary programs half of which ago. Two defense. They will take place on March 1. Regardless regardless because we do need. To reduce their spending it will get our discretionary spending under one trillion dollars for the first time in a long time it's not. Just cuts to the growth of spending. These these are 85 billion dollars of cuts between march 1 in September 30 in their real cuts. The traditional argument as always it's it's sledge -- instead of a scalpel then maybe you're not coming in the right places you agree. I agree in we have invited the president and the senate to come in the room. And let's talk about these across the board cuts cuts to defense and cuts to the other programs let's talk about. Potentially moving the pieces around the board so. We have more of its capital scaffold approach and not the a sledgehammer they won't come in the room. So you -- these things pick in March 1 regardless if the Republican House will. Allow the current law to take place with 85 billion in cuts at which point we will continue to invite. President Obama and Harry Reid in the senate to come in the room and let's talk about what what we're not going to do. Is put any more taxes or fees in the mix Obama is talking about I need. Half of these cuts can be offset by new taxes and fees well that's the reason the economy's not growing today -- why unemployment stuck at 8%. That's not gonna happen so if they don't want -- negotiate in good faith which so far they have not shown any willingness to do. These cuts will take place on March 1 -- back and that's the argument that so many cuts all at once will have an impact on the economy because the government is spending so much money now. It is part of our economy if we suddenly all at once one big sequestration. Poll that money out with these cuts will affect. Well I think in the long run gave the economy is not growing like it should report. Were gasping for air with 11 and a half percent growth in our economy coming off the worst recession since the last depression it should be growing at four to 6% and it's not. Because there is no confidence. By people in the business community that this government can start to live within its means. I think what you'll see with 85 billion dollars of real cuts -- realization. In the business community that creates the jobs we need. That infect the Republican side has their act together and we're gonna get this deficit under control. Government spending. Today which is out of control has been shown for the last four years. Certainly the stimulus program which was a dismal failure doesn't create chops so. We've proven that excessive government spending borrowing money with IOUs on the backs of our children and grandchildren is not the solution. It's getting. Are spending under control. In showing a path to a balanced budget the next ten years congressman Chris Collins is here taking your calls let's go with Tony and Clarence Centre it's your turn -- start things. That mister Collins. If I was working -- to Asia that the steel plant there -- well. I'd have to work -- -- -- -- -- right wages. Congress but only is going to be this year that people that they need to wait. You couldn't put him at would be justifiable put it ballerina leasing. And apparently it continuously out on the pilot did just like it when he ran for congress. Just stimulants and added that -- Eric Scott. There are at war tax cuts for small business and part by -- greater avenues that didn't know yours. Wouldn't that. Businesses which he -- didn't -- association to let. But Paramount in his new land in the Imus. And don't pay taxes to that the -- the United States of America. What do you -- at present that they don't want a primary purpose of wiping the presidents or what do you find this primary option grants. Tony I -- we're short on time and I hear a lot of questions you're gonna let you go so we can try to answer your first of August the idealistic they were. Or I'm sort of -- -- You cram enough in that amount of time and the nature of district in Washington you don't see that is being. Something different than the average so the average worker -- -- system is right thing. Well I mean I've signed up for a job that requires work in Washington and work it back in the districts oh. When I nitpick here I'm working Friday Saturday Sunday some really almost. When he force have now won about his what he said specifically regarding President Obama. Well on Tony's Tony's contention and and we do have -- -- -- -- participant in the sat -- his -- basically is. Give the guy a break. He's really kind of caught he's doing -- -- your response from. He's the most political. Partisan president that's ever served or did serve the country. He's not reaching across the aisle and last week President Obama said his goal. Of the next two years is to reelect Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house. It's not more jobs in a stronger economy it's not peace in the Middle East. It's not anything other than a partisan political agenda. Of putting Nancy Pelosi and his speaker so the last two years as president he will have complete control of the government. Where today the Republicans in the house are playing defense representing. One half of 13 of the government. He is and has shown himself to be a very partisan. President late for our break -- on the other side it's hard line -- news radio 9:30 AM one of seven point seven FM WBBM. News -- 9:30 AM 107 point seven FMW DN. I'd like a news radio 9:30 AM one of seven point seven FM WB and good morning this is Dave -- Congressman Chris Collins is here we have one phone line open we're gonna try and again in his many questions we can't write back to the phones -- with that in mind NATO three -- 930. Ross and Boston kick it off for -- time. Sure. I -- a little bit about some agricultural policies that are going on. Obviously congressman -- studied up on the building mentioned earlier. I wondered what he wanted to do about some weather regarded the our reduction in cost on ethanol as a tax event or as a subsidy event. And what that would do do -- corn prices. Jump on and there -- -- there's there's a lot of issues obviously in the -- bill. They kick the can for nine months. You know my my focus. Now while my my focus on the -- bill is to make sure in Western New York especially. You know that we're we're dealing with the crop insurance issue is I've had my little round table of farmers they wanna make sure we were dealing with the issue of crop insurance and believe it or not are indeed Cornell and others doing the research to help them something they can't do. You know ethanol is is. Something that my personal opinion is. It's it's a subsidy you're whatever four. Something that is not really helping America. And it is driving up the price of of corn because of some of the fuel requirements and the like I'm not a supporter of that and it's another case in that I think of big government getting in the way. Of the marketplace and common sense -- in trying keep a rolling quickly Patrick in buffalo it's your turn. Are you doing that stage at the morning and BJ elections fail civil lawyers coming into this fire -- the police. That there's stop -- trains ready eight Americans at Trace and can -- compare president Eleanor that he don't promote military officers who will fire a US citizen. You agree that and it well educated as listeners. I I don't I I'm not that an extremist like that know what I do think though is we have a president who who wants and overly powerful federal government. Involved in American lives. And you know I I do this is the land of the free. Where we have the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness we don't guarantee happiness it's the pursuit of happiness. I think the government's too big we do have a president though. Who wants more and more regulations. More and more fees more and more control of people's lives. If you look to Europe. And socialism. And if that's the road you wanna travel that's -- that's the road I believe this president wants trails certainly is inaugural. Address spoke to that -- I I don't think any of -- really believe it's the extreme that you just mentioned there. But -- -- said you know the constitution's Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. The the thought that and we wanna start to. Control that for law abiding citizens. You know you can't legislate morality and I'm very disappointed. He's mildly. When you think about this president taking the tragedies of Connecticut. And Webster in politicizing. Them to try to drive an agenda. Where in point in fact nothing he has recommended would've changed. The outcome of those two tragedies we head. Mentally unstable individuals. Focused on may ham and you know in in there's nothing that he's proposed that would have changed that in yet. He's taken this tragedy in politicized it. To me that's -- -- the leader does but that is what he's do you see has gone proposals and anyway as the first steps slippery slope argument toward confiscation. I think it's a very slippery slope and certainly I would fight -- at every step I don't believe there will be any federal regulations. This is this is the bully pulpit. Now states on the other hand you know the tenth amendment the states rights we've already seen which happened in New York. And President Obama has this agenda I don't believe it's gonna go anywhere on the federal level. Not even background checks increased uniform background checks I don't think you'll see any gun legislation coming out of Washington. I think it'll be left up to the states and certainly New York news grabbed ahold of this and in a way that many defenders of the Second Amendment. Don't like or appreciate don't agree with. But I don't think you'll see anything come out of Washington. Think most of us in the Republican side of the house. Say that's the State's rights issue. And we believe in the right to keep and bear arms on not only are you predicting that it's not you know go anywhere you kinda like the fact that this could go anywhere I would not support any new federal legislation we have plenty allows. And again all of the things that are being. Pushed forward now would not have changed the situation in either Connecticut or Webster. In yet we have a president who is politicize those tragedies to try to move forward. This aggressive. Anti Second Amendment agenda they go three and I'm thirty let's slide Stan in Rochester. Good morning gentlemen. I my opinion the Republican Party and 6040 Republican. There -- is the conservatives who failed to get the ball out and now they're angry Irish and promoting dinosaurs. They're giving out the wrong mushy thinking you know basically they need -- hole rebuilt. Well what what. What we need to do stand is his message better. Yet the Republican conservative side is after growth in the economy opportunity for our children. Protecting Medicare for. Our seniors and making sure it's sustainable for younger generations. We are the party of America is true principles and core values. But we've gotten caught up in numbers and statistics. And data. Will emerge if if George -- that what's happening is they're part of the Republican Party -- -- the moderates -- -- rhinos or that it's. Libertarians. And they don't like conservatives and they are going Norwood and they can get out -- third party. Well I I would say right now which you're gonna see the the Republicans in the house doing is on April 15 passing a budget. That is pro growth pro jobs pro America. That that will balance in ten years and for the first time in four years we will have a debate. With the Democrats in the senate and the president who have not put forth a budget. In four years most Americans don't realize that. In just the first part of this month the president yet again missed his dead deadline ignored his deadline to support the budget. Why he doesn't want to have his budget out there before he does the state of the union because his budget won't balance. It doesn't follow. That it's -- growth. You know budget. And so what does he do he ignores the American public doesn't put forth his budget which he. Required to do and he's gonna get on the platform next Tuesday talking about anything and everything but a balanced budget fiscal discipline growth. In the economy and job. What about stands contention that the Republican Party needs some reform Bobby Jindal sort of aggressive retreat earlier this month saying. We have stopping stupid we have to and -- more people he was talking specifically Hispanics and immigration but also. The appearance issue the idea that that you need to make sure the conservatives appear more compassionate do you agree with Jindal. I do and what I've been sitting in the meetings the last. Five weeks. Is exactly that where we've talked about we need to say if we're gonna push for an agenda why well it's to create opportunity for children and grandchildren. Why are we doing this to grow the economy growing economy helps Wallace. We need to put it in the terms of how this is gonna affect families. Why it's good for our children and grandchildren. And I am seeing the Republicans are saying there's no question we lost the last election. Barack Obama. When people said who who had a better idea as it was. Overwhelmingly Romney when you talked about who could better handle the economy and jobs Romney who had better fiscal discipline Romney. He won on every issue except for one. Who cares more about people. In and that Barack Obama won 81 to 1981. The election by one or two points defect is. The Republicans in the conservatives have been. A little bit too. To talking too much about statistics not enough about people if we're going to have. He flat tax in lower marginal tax rates why what's to grow the economy it four times the rate it's growing now creating jobs and opportunity. For ourselves our children our grandchildren putting that the country back on the path to prosperity. That's why. That's that's stopped talking about just the numbers and talk about why we're doing these things. We do recognize. We lost this last election and I'm hearing an awful lot about. Better messaging in the message of no budget no pay shows I believe we've got her act together. Most Americans didn't know the Democrats hadn't passed the budget in four years so to you that's the perfect messaging that that needs to be done more. Yes simple simple -- direct but why why are we doing the how will it help the average hardworking American. Who's living paycheck to paycheck whose kids have moved home because they can't get a job there out of college. -- there's nothing out there forum. You know we have to put it in more human terms because our ideas are about growth. Jobs. In fiscal discipline that's going to be putting this country back and the path to prosperity. They go three and 930s -- number have you have been driving down the street and and you know how suddenly via the lights just dancing to get beat mania stuff he gets beaten and you have to stop. I think what and what of those situations we have to take another break right now. We'll be back on the other side we're in a feather in the rest these phone calls here about ten minutes left for Chris Collins and I swear we'll get some more phone calls after this. It's hard line -- news radio 9:30 AM -- seven point seven FM WB yet. It's hard line on news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WB and this is Dave -- Congressman Chris Collins is here -- gonna squeeze in a couple more phone calls before we wrap it up at the top of the hour. Coming up next by the way -- Mayo from BC MC we're gonna talk a little bit about their situation. But coming on Tuesday and we -- -- calls to send in your coming on Tuesday is the State of the Union Address. It also happens to fall this year. On the anniversary of the crash flight 34 of seven year taking those two events in some ways marrying them explain. Well. Certainly as the county executive in charge of the first responders to tragedy. I you know I've fired a got a special. Interest in. The the other families that are coming down for memorial. I'm. Tuesday and I have invited John -- -- one of the family members who lost his daughter. To be my guest at the state of the union each member of congress can invite one guest to be in the chamber. And we're going to go around and and in particular. Talk about the FAA where congress did pass new laws related to flight safety to keep our skies safe. So that a tragedy like this which was 100% pilot -- would never occur again. Those laws were passed in August of 2010. With a deadline for implementation that is now past one year ago the FAA. Has not implemented the laws passed by congress. They've missed the deadline by year they're dragging their feet intentionally. This is a you know cabinet level. Administrative. Function where President Obama. Should be holding his administrators accountable he is not. And you know we're gonna talk about that on Tuesday. But. Mr. cows there is gonna be my guest at this stage of the union eagle three on 930s are numbered David in Perry's Byrd thanks for waiting -- Good morning and capitulation. Chris first and thank you like the and then like -- earlier color do you appreciate your hard work. Income that has -- -- -- -- I know you moon job and I don't agree with you opposition's but I do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you've got this tax reform really glad because. He is this -- assistant district so complex costs so much to comply with that it or hurting business. And on and now there are alternatives out there that you mentioned -- and that kind of scares me. That the extremely aggressive. Need to be prepared for all -- tech dot org and other ones sensible tax reform that or they recommend those few. In a way that we can -- openly corporate income tax. And the other one capital gains tax payroll taxes which -- no one -- actually -- -- -- exemptions that the property. It's. Internet it's a pretty simple move from the business are you familiar with there where it. I'm aware there's a lot of proposals. David and in you know my focus is not. To take revenue away from the government but to have a tax code that that encourages growth of jobs which means lower marginal tax rate. In an order to get there. Without taking revenue away from the government we need to eliminate deductions. Loopholes except for except for and when you get into some. Nuance of a flatter tax or flat tax maybe with the several tiers but without the deductions. In a way that the government doesn't lose revenue this isn't about taking revenue -- the government it's a way of incentivizing growth with lower. Marginal tax on and the last dollar earned so you wanna earn another dollar and 60% of it doesn't go to the government. But sixty plus percent stays in your pocket the folks at fair tax cut or they're pushing for statements from the national sales tax is that something you would -- -- Well the problem with a national sales tax it is actually very regressive because. And national sales tax like any sales tax or gas takes everyone's paying it those at the lower end of the income levels struggling. You know paycheck to paycheck are now going to be paying more. Which is an impact in a negative way their standard of living if they are paying a sales text they don't pay now. Is that these lower levels they're not paying in income tax and even a flat tax would say you know I can pay any tax until your income is that he certain level. So the problem with a a national sales fix it is very aggressive and will hit the lower income people harder. That's why I don't really support a national sales voluntary Toronto last call go ahead. Are you there I'm sorry it. Not accurate media days. I wanted to make a quick comment couple calls ago. Gentlemen. Two almost say it's either turn a little bit away from conservative I think it's. The exact opposite where. I think the problem is not -- What conservatives are attracting the independents or are right a senate moderates. Rangel that he will put its. It's effect there and it's the middle of senator -- not attracting. The they conservatives. I think they had. Until we are. And -- -- at a base more adaptable can get the Republicans voted you know before the election you heard of you know the polls being worse Q2 -- Other Democrats numbers then and how they're gonna vote and that's because the conservative base wasn't being. -- -- -- -- -- in 2004 help teary. Are the new plan would have thought that he wouldn't want that they actually guided and inspired a base will. All because -- time I'm gonna catch up there but I think we've got two point. Do you think the conservatives need to be more aggressive in order to get more people. You know Dave I I don't really like to put political labels I mean obviously have to do part of that especially in Washington I'd rather just talk about America. America's values put everything in the context of our children and grandchildren and the issues. Run the gamut I will say if you use the word conservative and liberal as the two extremes. This country in about a four to one basis supports conservative values family values hard work opportunity. They don't want any any state where the government is taking care of every one. You know in in in his disincentives to work. But I think we just need to talk about America and our future and -- will agree and disagree on certain issues but. Let's get this country moving let's return this country to the where we should be as the land of opportunity restoring the promise the American dream for children and grandchildren. That's not put labels on it as best we don't put labels on let's look at the ideas. Come April 15 the public will -- to budgets. One which I think will show. The direction of the Republicans you know two pushes forward with growth and opportunity. Vs the Democrats in the senate which we more taxes more fees more spending won't but won't balance. We'll have a good debate come April 15 I had some like David Gregory Meet the Press -- we've got to leave it there we -- seriously at a time Chris thanks for stopping by thank you Dave.