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The Movie Show.

Feb 8, 2013|

Sandy and Cinema Bob talk about the new movie, 'Identity Thief'.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big volleys hitting a big strain Jason Bateman Melissa McCarthy and identity the yes now Melissa McCarthy. A very funny -- I think she's she's person who's made me laugh for quite awhile. -- John Gilmore Girls for for quite awhile. Samantha who. She's now on Mike and Mali but she's done some for best stuff in the -- huge break out. Two Summers ago in bridesmaids and she just. The movie and walked away you know she comes -- in -- background. She is very spontaneous one of the fun things about dvds for her films. Is when you look at the various techniques. That shall do firm for any given line. Very very funny movie. I went there. Expecting to have nice time with this -- she's basically plays someone named sandy Bigelow Paterson. Who finds out there's another sandy -- Paterson and who -- played by Jason Bateman. Who lives in many states away and she basically is an identity thief and she racked up all sorts of credit card debt. Very very quickly. And problem. He works for a financial firm. Please show a lot because he -- a lot of money ended July up. For. Them. Court appearance in all of this of course doesn't look good and a big fine now I would think not so he basically. Once -- or try to track her down. Bring her and so she explained thing turned to the cops and get his name. Clear I was trying to do a lot of explaining to do here now I saw this movie on Tuesday night. The reviews have come out in the last couple days and -- clues as movie. Then should. It's at 26%. Right now now from on the rotten tomatoes. Reviews are complaining about things like doesn't fully examine all. The possibilities and problems of identity theft. It doesn't take advantage. Of commenting on today's dire economy now people are pushed to commit acts of this sort. To which you you just wanna throw pie and demonstrate its. See ya knuckle head yeah. Now I saw this movie Tuesday night -- about 400 people in the parties please whose act and I just like. I left throughout the whole movie and the entire audience. Was laughing through the whole movement -- thing I'd I don't know a lot of these critics saw a solitary screenings where it was. You know three guys with leather patches and their pipe watching the film all by themselves writing down low comments. The audience of western New Yorkers that I saw -- had a great time if you thought planes trains and automobiles. Was funny movie would and one midnight wrong was funny do you all Melissa McCarthy was funny and bridesmaids. She's very very funny in the two I think you'll have. A good time -- -- she has some. Few things that she does little tricks to -- to be on the wrong. Com when she wants to get out of the situation quickly some people usually movies people try to. Slaps them faced way your punch in the nose or. Sometimes we'll do the need to the crotch all right -- go on -- right but people kind of see that coming unflinching and reacted. She is not a tall person so her go to move. Punch him square in the throw hard which it off which I must say it always works are. Are you also find out from police point of view if somebody seems very very drunk. Maybe they don't need to -- -- maybe because there is standing here where she is asked to take a breathalyzer that. Does not and well for the police all but this is this is a funny funny movie I think I hope the movie does well I I think people who theater -- -- is going to be a big year for her. She has another movie coming out. With Sandra Bullock called the heat to buddy cop movie. -- her in general of directed by the guy who did. Bridesmaids Paul feed and it was going to come -- beginning of April. And then say album. Showed it to some audiences they did some test screenings. And they decided to move the day. Usually that means. This movies in trouble really got to fix -- stop you know vacation. Time though. Was they didn't want to put the movie out in April they decided. Let's make this one of our major summer releases and they've moved it to June 20 -- expecting. -- big big things from the movie there is one thing in the -- ago. I don't know I don't know where it's coming from. I don't know the shall find it very funny and certainly. A concern cinema when we why why there isn't running. Where. Jason Bateman was very funny in the film. Makes mention. Of all. The fact that. His name is introduced to people well to which everybody says -- in the Grossman. And here to explain -- older -- Well I've felt you should know is parent -- big elephant whose -- deficit and -- -- a nickel back but that's running that's giving Mischka. We're sandy Nelson a drummer TB I come I was of these Bebo are everywhere so I feel like sandy Duncan. Quote doesn't -- a little Sandra adopted every -- -- -- the only problem is what you look into. I'll arts. And not sure whatever our guys have that thank you very much -- -- any -- When I went to elementary school with no. You wouldn't know -- never even heard of like she's very nice first identities as we -- -- come back we got bail morbid movies hitting the big screen it's the movie shows sort of robot makes everything.

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