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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bauerle on the Gun Rally in Albany

Bauerle on the Gun Rally in Albany

Feb 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Will the anti gun rally in Albany do anything you know what. Somebody like FaceBook page. And I think there -- front of my body Desmond brown. Somebody said. Basically do you really think it's gonna do anything because the very people you're trying to impress aren't even going to notice it. And little Sharkey in my response. Because. Market at the -- I hate to play the Martin Luther King cart especially with somebody who is a Black America but. Mark they're saying if he would have had that attitude we'd still be drinking from separate drinking fountains we still have different bathrooms except my. It would be marble yours would be a wall. Okay that's not right that's not cool that's not America. Blacks die just as much like still at war and Asians and Hispanics everybody else. On. What you looked at the civil rights struggles of the fifties and sixties and mark -- -- Do you think there were moments. When it didn't look like an impossible dream. Do you think that it was just a cake walk. Do you think it was easy to go against people like Bull Connor and snarling police dogs. And people beaten up at a Woolworth's once counter he really think that was easy. Martin Luther King persevered. He can't go out and go out and go on and don't just. And by the way he broke laws at all letter from the Birmingham jail he broke -- And as I said in the Pro -- we were at last week. Today do we look at Martin Luther -- is criminal. We look at it as a as a hero. Now like any other great person. Martin Luther King had his office he was a womanizer. He was a little too close to Communist for a lot of people's comfort. Name me one great person who does not have flaws does not have questionable things in the background of his of their history. And I do. -- that -- got. So -- skeletons in my closet they talk to each other night. Or let's go to bent on all of WB Ian I've been. -- and well that was unfortunate you know I think exactly. Here's what happened then it was listening to what's on speaker he went to take us off speaker and hit the wrong but that's what happened I know markets he would not -- -- like that. But actually -- except to take a break anyway now as far as the rally is concerned. I am now all 100%. Certain that Bible beater. On February 20. I'm now 100%. Certain I'll be rooming with Sam -- Sam you know room with. -- I. Can we listen -- Right Said Fred Caldwell and Frankie Goes to Hollywood maybe Freddie Mercury quit any. So well. Yeah but all 100% sure I'll be at the rally. I am 97. Point 9% sure to be doing my entire three hour show from the now. There is a very good chance. And look to dissuade anybody from booking a boss right now with one of the other groups okay. Because right now I cannot probably issues that were gonna have a -- available -- actually a series of buses available. So don't wait for me to tell you that where we've finally put the busting your book in a book with somebody else okay. Because I don't wanna -- -- left out in the cold so to speak but there's a chance. And very good chance I think I've never seen so much excitement about it idea I've come up with. Since that time I said it was gonna quit. Seriously. I'm actually does but I think there's an excellent chance the radio station is gonna have an opportunity to travel with -- Albany. But I can only be one of our buses. But it's not finalized yet. In -- -- it's not going to be finalized probably until next week if it is so if you plant them booking with like stole. One of the sportsman's club please do I don't wanna take anything away from those guys at all believe me -- were all on the same team -- The more the merrier. But if we can pull off this -- thing. I will let you know when the time comes but if you're gonna go to the rally you know you're gonna go to the rally don't wait for me because there will be others who look -- them but believe me. Book now with people already -- to the mixes it third of guys with scope and all the sportsman's people are open is because. Folks. If if we could possibly put -- of thousands of people on the streets of Albany. It's -- beginning. And you know it says that it Andrew Cuomo it -- were paying attention. You know it says to legislators especially the cowards from Western New York you know who they are who supported mobile in this. It says. We're watching you. And of course when you're up for reelection will still vote to win because you're a Democrat. 949 news radio 938030930. Will the rally make a difference. What is gonna come of this rally. Now I don't think at that title I don't think we should be obnoxious but I think we should be allowed. Now I don't know what the differences between obnoxious and loud -- on a radio problem. We need a bailout. I'm -- with passivity. Up activity would be better way to pronounce that -- -- -- that. When you're passive people roll all over. We have to be loud. We have to be strident. We must make our voices heard that does not mean -- threaten it does not mean we. Engage in violence it means we are one out. Loud does not equal violence. Loud does not equal up noxious. While it means -- out. And up by the way. I'd be really surprised if any of the liberal Wheaties. Show up at that rally because generally speaking they like to show up. Places were people. Are passive. For example member of the we are united that we did -- -- -- -- those people like a year ago. What do they do. They show up at the downtown library. To complain. About rich people or people of means showing up at the library to make a contribution to the library. And they protest the fact that they've got money. Really folks -- that's what these people are all about -- they are so dubious. They are so jealous. There really pathetic people. -- folks look if you are person of means I have a question. And a money. Were you born into money. Some of you work -- Chris -- -- get your Hugh Morton money. Most of this war and wanted to money for God's sake. Made my own way. Selling crack I'm thinking about -- I've made in my own way. Was it easy no budget and debt yes it -- import the right by the crappy jobs absolutely. Guess what there's no guarantee in America. You have upward mobility and you also have downward mobility one of the most able lessons ever -- to -- from sociology teacher mark Madison. Folks. You -- downward mobility to there's not a guarantee that you're gonna do better than your parents I took those words to heart may be a better student. Yet the liberal mindset the lunatic left is. I can't pocket making and we can't we can't we can't you know if it does stacked up against we get parable I mean. I did that so many different Danica I can't I may get. And then those who do you know they have his guilt complex I'm David and -- -- but I must be really really feel and I want other -- I guess what teach -- man to fish. That's a stark. Or woman to fish is the case maybe you are right on. Like they got from -- Johns Hopkins yesterday the chief of neurosurgery. I don't know that he was born -- money on making resumption.

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