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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>North Grand Island Bridge Incident - NYSTA Spokesman Tom Pericak

North Grand Island Bridge Incident - NYSTA Spokesman Tom Pericak

Feb 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New York says Jewish vote and Tom -- -- joins us now the WB in live line. You heard Eric. Eric you heard -- Mentioned this debacle on the north Grand Island bridge all because of a -- and I tractor trailer truck this morning. Tom good morning tell us about what time this happened and I guess of the height of this the -- was two miles long what's it like now. Good morning I -- that the backed up by it much milder stated our two miles with. We had a an exit with a tractor trailer and multiple vehicles. Resulting -- -- trailer about 715. And as we speak they default the tractor trailer the way. And we have a couple plow trucks that are unseen. Will be hearing ya bring the snow and insulting -- so we should be open within the next few minutes. -- -- But still even when you reopen its gonna take a while for this congestion right. It really look at that the two mile back up it's -- -- two -- Fortunate we're able to. To traffic cop that buffalo avenue. And then reenter one India and wrap -- -- state police straight out and I'll let you controlling traffic so. We have people keep traffic moving. Albeit pretty slowly but keep moving -- there -- so. Once we get the the ritual now I would I would think you know within a matter of fun you know 20/20 five minutes -- -- should be cleared. Tony mentioned some other vehicles were involved in this -- while the truck driver end of the people involved in this anybody hurt. -- my understanding is there there was a minor personal injury. What the conditions like out there at the time this accident. Are hindered what some snow falling into road was clear. You know because trucks out all night and through morning. Assaulting. The roads. But I'm not sure what is actually happening actually adapted for this state we -- -- but they're just elect felt on the area. Okay just light snow on the area right now Tom good to have you with us thank you for the update this morning okay New York State -- spokesman Tom parent check.

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