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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Updating Nemo's Progress - Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

Updating Nemo's Progress - Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

Feb 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's find out of this storm is about to live up to its building the past couple of days. On the WB in line line is meteorologist -- apple with the National Weather Service office at buffalo airport good morning -- what do you think as the storm middle of up to his billing. Well it's it's still on its way out right now the now it's just spreading into the Niagara frontier it just started now in our -- 5 in the morning. And it's gonna continue to spread across the buffalo metro area through daybreak yourself. Com -- fortunate for many it appears to have -- now hold office until. Mid to late morning but for any of those that that I have the ability did I get to work a little early it -- good idea peace. -- is this moving slower than first I think a lot of people are expecting to see a little bit of snow by now or has it changed its path at all. A -- has not changed its path that is running slightly later than what we were looking at yesterday but. Other than -- just pushing the timing back a couple of hours real media expectation that the same we're still looking for a total -- six twelve inches across buffalo metro area Niagara frontier regions. And die at the heaviest snow now appears is gonna come. Late this morning and during the afternoon hours when we're gonna have to -- already keep around an inch an hour. This area is is. In the city. Northern Erie county -- -- to the north and all -- to buffalo still on track to get substantially more snow -- of the southern tier of ski country. That it's correct it's one of those cases where that northern areas to -- -- to get more from this one. Is your chance for some mixed precipitation with us this morning. All -- yes there is only that mainly in south of the city. -- can actually hold some of the yes snowfall totals down there but beyond sad day could keep preaching raiders lead. Before things changeover golf now late this morning into the afternoon in this location. -- -- in metropolitan buffalo the drive home from work and school that day in a hunch. What you think that might be life. I think that's gonna be the chair of the more challenging of the two. By that time we're gonna have a pretty out Soledad fresh snowpack on the ground it's going to be a while below freezing so. My would expect a lot of the area wrote to be -- pretty slick. Yeah I know that -- -- New England areas bracing for some major power outages. Will there be wind with this will that be heavy enough that we had to worry about that here. I'm I would not expecting a major impact from the win there will be some wind and maybe some minor blowing and drifting but. I certainly nothing like what they're expecting in New England we're gonna get a lot less now and then nothing like the winds are expecting there. Kurt thank you for the update nice to chat with -- -- this morning have a nice weekend -- you tip. Meteorologist Kirk apple at the National Weather Service office of buffalo airport.

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