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No mail on Saturday.

Feb 7, 2013|

Sandy and the crew discuss a proposed plan that would lead to the US Postal Service not delivering lettered mail on Saturdays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Macrovision -- they were talking about the announcement by the US Postal Service that they lost sixteen billion dollars last year they're trying to obviously cut that down that's a good year. And so they've decided in August that's the tentative time to stop home delivery of letters on Saturday. So if fuel if you don't don't mind that that's fine it's gonna save and two billion dollars you still get a package at home if you're supposed to. A you'll get everything at the post office box that won't change at all so I think that's that that's a decent a tradeoff are just trying to save a little bit of money. Now I you know I do a lot of things on line whatever. Is that some people might take that the view of older -- fashion the boast of his old. I think it's a good value four that letter you put the stamp on a letter and it's a good you. I get a lot of the stuff that I -- on line gets delivered -- post office so. What's the deal there. I'm asking if you think that you don't need it need it anymore what else don't we need. In America so far the nominee is sort things we don't need hard wired home phones. We don't need though it's the encyclopedia as we -- -- need multiple market multiples school districts overlapping many times. We don't need a phone book we don't need carbon paper we don't need -- we don't need pennies. We like to know what -- you don't think. We need or if you're if you're going to miss the Saturday delivery at all let's go to John and Clarence John you're on WB yen. Yes sandy I won't miss it at all because. When -- trial earlier real time -- critical -- Monday January. -- the point even as he sat right down and wrote a jacket as you -- you don't lose everything that's that's a very logical thing there's Jihad. Then it. It's a little bit -- -- you out. They they're consolidated -- be just the idea of throwing out there are -- -- you do know is. The superintendent of both cities being the one interred -- the other. Scored districts and they report -- Arum. I don't know it's a certain idea you know OK well we'll have you. Ever. Thought of being a stand -- media. Yeah I have I I've got to vote as well I wrote -- the -- did conference powerless for his roast I thought you know this would be fun this will be fun is lot of hard work it's and I have given it some thought but -- thank -- -- it thank -- Appreciate it. If it took me. Almost a month to right. Fifteen minutes but there -- killer fifteen minutes John Murphy sent -- A note and says it was the best. Rose performance he'd ever seen and John Murphy is bin to a few that felt good about that and I I felt good delivering it to because I knew oh. It was it was all me there was no fat and there it was -- me again video of it what I -- know. Is that it -- the tape and that to play on cable. I mean it was a rose and rose a good rose has to be you know. Pretty tough -- and mind wise. But I didn't know there are showing cable. And how effective was mine I have an interesting conversation -- Jim Kelly about. -- months. Why do know that France Burleson -- -- reactors -- dot com yeah it housed going back and forth on Twitter and he said that he was such a blast that night it was fun it was a great night at any west of your big -- no cobra virus. Our offense let's go to a Franken Lancaster frank you're on WB again. Yeah I didn't and it went door and find frank unum is that Saturday home delivery or -- things we don't need anymore when he got to force that. Along like -- let this Saturday delivery but I do think it's something that I think might feel a controversial -- what I believe we're not gonna need very soon. And that's 150 dollar cable or satellite TV bill. I personally I dropped my cable in. Now I get all my entertainment on Netflix my the new TVs have been built in notes outsmart TV apps you can -- -- -- on your TV. I can go on on the Internet if you. Different cable programs stations in. You know I can watch old episode I'm the man so as long as you're not trying to. You know be at the water cooler talk about the episode that aired last night right you can you can get whatever you want pretty much on demand without paying for it. Well what I've found true is. Like for instance -- well different -- -- to compete like DirecTV is heavily and a sports. And you're gonna have to have you gonna have to give that to get the kind of sport you want there but there's a lot of things with -- all the channels that you never ever watch and you watch a handful of channels. About the way their package you can't just pick out that -- I understand what you just said frank about it being more efficient the way you -- you just suggested thank you. I watch about I'm guessing. Maximum. Six to eight channels out of 500. -- occasionally I'll watch something else but usually it's the Military Channel Animal Planet. And it -- kind of stuff. While most secure the same -- mart's same line as our as our last caller and then I think then it'll go away soon FE QB on the I'll pick and choose just on the you'll be able to go to your computer pick and choose which channels you want you peak for those channels and the middleman is going to get caught out eventually. I think what happened is bill puts something on your head when you go to sleep tonight downloading your boring. And in the morning you can just watch it through your own bibles what do you think. Does that sound -- whatever works concept. Is your every Wednesday. I'm sick and tired of -- channels to battle contract -- I mean down the unit providers in the that would -- -- of that Maria. But if you watch a lot of the stuff. That we said OK. I have 500 -- says it's a few years what are they gonna have 500 channels how they going to fill up. Content wise 500 channels because they -- up. AB CNBC. CBS and and the PBS OK a -- 500 channels. They've come up with a lot of -- ball programming. And you watch every one of them all you watch more than I do able putting twenty pounds of hamburger in their mouth in three minutes last -- you know worms on a stick now you'll watch. As though I watch food stuff we'd love to cooking channel and Food Network -- the women on the food. Some of them okay I like you know obviously the sports. A soldier about a program that we're merely watch -- I called -- front. Where the they go in infiltrate restaurants trying to why does either make a more efficient -- for more official satellite stuff like that like my music channels. Copycat okay. As Celebrity Apprentice. Ending the inning inning and stuff with Donald Trump got a new one coming out it was golf. The job. -- same. The same thing at another time crossing with the the partial. You started with one on show and now you you've got like five or six you started with biggest lightning round ponson has -- figured Detroit. Gets them and for summaries and southern hillbillies are very popular. Right now you -- a swamp loggers and some are up dynasty as the called Gator wrestler isn't my wife -- that are as they have been towing shows. Now if if you ever told me that somebody is going to pitch in networking executive up we go and tell repossessed cars. All brilliant we were gonna put on -- gone with the wind will hold off on that. While you do that and then shows -- his name they have some big oversized guy with that to lose what is -- that much between his ears they got his wife. Who perhaps should have gone to the salad bar a few more times but she's got to add to his and her boobs are overflowing like -- -- Well and it -- run a wire for one will have. It and then got a dim wit rather I mean. Our civil -- -- scene you don't watch Tony blue -- as a side. I still don't know what -- who wins and wanna assure you pictures of we'll take a break -- Rebecca Mark under rated and I'm 31 -- point seven FMW --

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