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Bauerle on The Post Office

Feb 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about something that I probably should talk about yesterday but I just never got around to come. And this is where you guys are gonna hate me. And this is also by the -- joke. Here's a question I want it as people call -- and by the way you'll have to make sure that they're not lying to some people organize some people are gonna lives are gonna say. Is I -- is -- how old are you Fred. And I'll make sure that doesn't happen OK but. Mailed to all due respect to everybody who works hard at the Postal Service OK. All due respect. It's over. If it ain't over now it's gonna be over like within ten years. We limited digital age. The era of the pistols to the -- the -- -- in the Fijians and the corinthians is over. The era of the committees of correspondence. Is over. All the website it's all about email today and maybe I shouldn't admit this on America's gonna make me -- seem like a total you know arrogant huge bag. Which probably is true but. Here's my priority list when I get to work. FaceBook. Email. Prank calls. And way down at the bottom of the list. Snail mail. When I get snail mail from people you noted tells me it tells me it's not important. If it was important he would have emailed it to. I want instant gratification. I know that that sounds like a horrible person and maybe -- But. These snail mail I received. In all honesty and a look I'll always be brutally honest with you guys even if that makes it look like a total you know what. This snail mail I received a pile the envelopes up on the edge of my desk. Sometimes for weeks sometimes for months. Before I open. I don't have time. On my you have to do triage in this business there's only me. I don't have a personal assistant I don't have a secretary. It's just me only me and I'm responsible for a whole -- content on the Internet a whole bunch of content on the show. All we and that little thing called researching stuff and knowing what I'm talking about. Opening letters and reading scrawl. Usually written in cry on in shaky hand is not my idea of a good use of my time. And I know that that sounds really arrogant and I'm sorry it does but it's just the truth you want -- I think it's a receive every letter I open it and immediately I don't. -- -- -- -- Because that's how society communicate now for good or for -- Com. Everybody's got their panties and not about well there will be no Saturday mail delivery packages but no milk is shock -- you can mail delivery. I don't get anything in the mail. Seriously. I just all. Case -- point. Yeah I got the mail last week. Five bills. That could have easily been set. Electronically in fact I don't know why they even send me some of the built because they're auto deducted from my account anyway. I don't like it opt in to the electronic thing and it probably should just to say paper. But. All -- -- Beatles. Which in 2013. Are just electronic engine deal with anyway. -- -- -- -- Any theft got if you're heard of identity patents and becomes your mailbox and -- your name off for those L that's a lot easier to do. I get credit card applications are the ones do you are qualified for a -- credit card who. Boy that'll impress debate wegmans look at me I've got a high credit score wanna go out. If you're that vein that you need a special colored credit card. You need to see a short okay. I mean to qualify for every one of those fancy credit cards. You know I do I get the one that cost me -- damn thing every year the case be back at them cheap. I mean partial melodious I mean niggardly Natalia oh Jesus on a better explain that the Shakespearean error word Elizabethan era. It is that cheap parts -- -- frugal that's what it means. In fact there's a -- but Tom we're gonna protest now now no older horses older horses because there's a scene in the met -- hate to bring up Shakespeare again. But where one of one of the guys who hates the bet is hiding. And one of its allies comes to visit him. And what he wants to say to the guy who's in hiding is yet dude your wife and kids have all been murdered by -- SS. But he -- and hauls about. Is my wife that piece all she was well at peace when I left her. And the guy who's hiding from Macbeth says be not a (%expletive) depth of your speech and IGG a RD. Which means. Don't hold back -- -- -- don't be part Simonyi is with your speech. So just all the same page here about trying to. Offend anybody but I have also recognize the educational system in America. It doesn't even focus on American history I certainly wouldn't expect that the focus on the history English language were Elizabethan drama. Because great teachers like dale annals are are retired now. Hi dale -- listening. Now let me let me move on. I mean with the topic but let me move on some other thoughts here. There was -- time. Win. Like when my dad was alive my dad was born in 1930. Honest to god folks. It was like. Saturdays when he was home. He wouldn't do anything until MLK. All -- the mailman there is there's an oil man up he's on the other side of the street now. Well he's my my thought it was like half a stalker when it came to the mailman. Finally the -- a couple of outs and be nothing but it was like comfort food to my father. Mailman game this Saturday mail is here nothing was a bit but that's Saturday Manuel came. May. Chest cold water. Anything with -- over the electronically because I don't know it's 2013. Now as a general rule. Pay -- Joey are you asking people hold they are. As a Nazi and could you put it next to their names on the screen thank you my friend. I love you Joseph I mean in a man league romance gone away -- you know where are not that there's anything wrong. So. I'm not like to. I was grown up. And maybe you can relate to this I hope you can we had the best mailman amber he was a neighborhood fixture. His name -- torch. George I believe was a World War II veteran that was his legend. George did our neighborhood for probably forty years. He knew everybody. In the neighborhood. Everybody that Marvin gardens area of the top the top -- that George was the mailman great god. Great human lovely man and a tremendous resource. He kept an eye on people. Forty years or so George and mailman same neighborhood. Guy. I've lived in my house now for ten years I must get twenty different letter carriers I don't know -- the -- anymore. Like it's a different guy or lady every -- -- -- there's a relationship there. I mean. Not that I have anything against them at all it's just that you know I can barely keep people in my family -- much less a different you know letter carrier visual and I realize you letter carriers are basically treated like slaves by Postal Service management that subject for another for another day. On which I'll probably never get -- but. Idea. -- -- -- This nostalgia. We have the word snail mail. Is lost done. Every. -- -- -- -- -- Every grocery store. Brochure. Every pseudo newspaper with the coupons in side goes directly from my mailbox. Into the recycling bin. Don't have time for. Every GM solicitation. Goes right into. The recycle bin. Every automobile or automobile dealership hey here's your Frankie come on check -- right into the recycle bin. -- The only thing -- will bring in our credit card applications because those go into the shredder. That's all -- get credit card applications and bills. I don't need the credit card applications. And my bills to be done electronically. So. It's it's lost on me. Now if I'm almost fifty years old. Actually. -- -- deal this time I'm thirty. That the whole 49 thing out I was just -- I'm actually only 39 years only started in the business when I was nine. So anyway. If I say get my advanced age. By the way -- can see an updated picture of me -- my FaceBook page 49 B matches 49. And it's really Maria. So direct where your -- -- I don't happen. So so anyway. If I am like almost fifty and I look at the postal delivery that way. The twenty somethings they can right now the thirty something they've grown up in the Internet era. I adapted to the Internet era. You know for a long -- used to joke I'm an analog guy living in the digital world. I stole that from my buddy Jim pastor by the way buffalo radio personality -- an analog guy living in a digital world. Brilliant quote thank you Jim I'll take that as male. Why that I adapt because so. You can't be an anachronism you can't be a neo -- You have to change with the times. And in this economy in this world ladies and gentlemen speed kills. What an economic dried up too -- -- -- well yes that's part of it but. If you wanna succeed -- got to do it quickly the world does not wait for snail mail anymore. Maybe you deal. I don't. -- -- look I love the people at the postal I had to go to the post office the other day your you're hypocrite well. I could've done it electronically. Maybe I could do it electronically in ten years but I had to renew my passport. So I can go back to Jamaica and another one of those who have tortured. On mission trips. I'm so anyway yeah. I love the people the post office I think they're great solid people and great Americans. And -- play is up and I don't wanna see any of them lose their current jobs. I do think however that over time it's got to be. Phased out or phased down to a level that is commensurate with the neat. I know all about the fact you guys do turn a profit but you've got to turn a profit over to the government I get that -- welcome to my world. It -- they -- folks looked at seriously I love you people of the Postal Service I really really do and I'm not trying to be a jerk here you're good people. And I don't want to lose your jobs but as I look into the future. It's it's coming to an end I mean it's. It's at its digital world and it's an instant world. Asked the phone company. And asked the landline based phone companies. Smartest thing they ever did was get into the cellular business. Do you think Verizon is now offering TV and bios because. They're confident in land line. Service in the years to come now. They knew they had to change their business models. -- and I know that many of you were hitting me right now for Wednesday. And I'm simply gonna say the truth hurts. And I'm sorry but the world has changed. The world has changed you don't have to like get what I happen to like the way people dressed in the twenties and thirties classy. For Doris will creased pants. If I did that they be part of that homosexual. Which might actually be a good career move. I'll stay with us on news radio -- phone number for you guys to Whitney and and basically call me at all kinds of evil names have accused me being seditious and trader. 8030930. I'm ready I know I know that you guys love the post office I know I'm I'm just trying to be realists here and I really don't wanna see anybody lose their jobs I'd like to see everybody continue until such time as they retire. But after that man it's you know. Just -- -- much future. 8030930. -- might not be much future for radio. On the radio transmitter business picked -- from a we now live and wife by age if you sell radio transmitters you got to be wondering how people are gonna get their information the transmitter may become a thing that's. About that. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB -- -- time. Where I had to worry about essentially was. A three hour radio show or read -- nine until noon done. My job is now 24/7. -- Jeremy White by the women but he's done -- GR he says the same thing. Now fortunately Jeremy and I are -- dedicated to what we do for a living. So for us it's like we like doing we'd be doing it anyway. But blow to the person who's not passionate about this business because you're going to be in for a rude awakening. 2247. Diop if you don't love it -- it.

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