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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Airlines Merger Near - Tom Parsons

Airlines Merger Near - Tom Parsons

Feb 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tom Parsons CEO of best fairest outcome is with us on the WB and -- To talk about the merger that would form the biggest airline anywhere American Airlines and US Airways. Thomas had to be very close talks are serious and it deals expected to be announced next week is this a good thing. Well it's. -- it's probably a good thing for US Airways. And might be good thing for American Airlines now for airfares that's probably just means we have one less competitor one -- person making decisions of cutting fares are. And they in this case. It will have three airlines part of the legacy group that there is in -- US Airways does become part of American. They don't have that -- does it -- gobbled up northwestern and Chicago united which gobbled up cotton mill so. You get less decisions that there and an alleged Clinton legacy airlines like those three are notorious of trying to get airfares up put away. And that's what we've seen around the world to Europe especially with 516. Dollar fuel surcharges. And but at the same time it could probably give buffalo more opportunities to go places that they don't have now on the -- pretty strong in Central America Mexico South America. And the Caribbean US Airways has probably more -- on the Europe but in America also has that. Code share agreement with British airway so overall. I think if your business traveler you'll -- to build the more places. Than ever. Using the new American they also have one of the coveted new roof leak in the next two or three years then. And most of the other carriers and and they had to talk on the horns whistles that make -- about such -- video in Wi-Fi across the oceans. We'll tell you mentioned competition. Or the lack of -- too with this merger. We're wondering are we gonna have to worry again about higher prices usually comes -- mergers. Well yeah higher prices -- -- here we have that you're market we do have. JetBlue at least we do have south west that we do have AirTran but southwest and AirTran probably about 20142015. Should become one major airline. Again southwest has also raised their their price point. I give -- it kept things pretty competitive and that also helps keep your fares down. And and again when we get that kind of murder going on in this look a lack of that competition it does open the doors once maybe fuel settles. The more competition from other local leaders of the carriers like -- frontier and -- -- and and also. Virgin America which has a really nicely they're flying around America and they seem to have good low cost airfares everywhere but. I think we've been battling airfares increases for years. We're gonna continue this year. And if you look at the price of fuel on the open market today. We would suspect it would still be higher airfares and we go in the 2013. Really he had released today got southwest studies found there in the Chicago -- -- -- -- Washington DC about Baltimore areas ninety books. And there's a lot of cities still 1000 miles. Buffalo. You don't pay more than 178 which are pretty pretty reasonable airfares. You know in in a city like buffalo the buffalo airport US air operates find gates American Eagle has won. With this merger would you expect much of a change. Probably I'm not sure what happened buffalo I think US Airways is when you're stronger players there southwest. You know they're they're too but I think US Airways -- definitely has the strong presence there and that's gonna help. You know American which they which I believe has probably the weaker of all the airlines appear to have when -- -- the legacy here they I can I think of buffalo in the Dallas where outlive it. And also Chicago they may have a flight to Miami but that's really all the presence -- I think now you'll be able to get a destinations -- US Airways does not -- still be able they will same here. And this is going to be a big plus for the business travelers who have seen most travelers also good for the leisure travelers who try to get to places like Texas or. Even in the Mexico we're many airlines. You know are competing for that competition I think it just. Gives you more competition someplace that the same we have to watch out for higher airfares. Okay and what name is going to be on the -- plans. All the Americans for sure I mean they got a good strong presence there much bigger than US Airways. That I -- -- stay here in doubt for word the management from now one city it's gonna get hurt bad will probably be Phoenix Arizona made that -- they. We're. US Airways has to headquarters now though there's -- right closed their headquarters down and move it 2000. Save some money there but when it comes the root system I don't think it's going to be like -- northwest and delta or continental and united. -- we saw them planes come out this guy it is really very little crossover with the US there were US Airways -- system and American. And then that's where Americans also looking real strong for that East Coast presence look at US Airways -- Deftly added a lot of new flight Washington DC which I business market. They still have Charlotte there good seed in the south east which American does not have they have Philadelphia as the gateway to Europe. An American has a strong gave way out New York in Europe but along with the British Airways so what this could become a mean lean climate change. Problem is that we they might believe. They buy tickets to that to the bank where we may have to refinance our home a few years ago. Why are we got to run town but I know you've got some deals for our listeners. And on your website investors to account thanks Aric thank you Tom Parsons is CEO of best fairest dot com now. We're watching a major winter storm that's just developing in the midwest. Heading our way tomorrow AccuWeather meteorologist --

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