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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>WINTER STORM WARNING - Kirk Apffel


Feb 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to the airport weather station in Cheektowaga where. National Weather Service meteorologist Kirk apple will stand about a channel weather this morning captain -- I held this morning. Morning we hear a blizzard is on a chair across the midwest possibly heading this way Obama opened a New England like can you tell us. I'll -- fortunately we're not a black expecting anything quite like what they are the winter -- to be a strong here but we are expecting that. Quite a bit of knowledge of the buffalo metro area were looking for that six -- provinces in the city. A little bit left of the self. Apart -- areas under winter storm warning -- the other part is under lake effect snow watch so who's getting an emotional. I'm well the areas in the north are gonna get the out the mole stuff now. They it. Basically buffalo metro area northward is looking for six to ten and we're looking up a little bit less snap in the southern areas where we have a watch up. Can you give us some rough idea when this is gonna drop in here the timing. I'm sure that worst that it's gonna come on the day on Friday. They were gonna get the light snow late. Tonight but really during the day Friday it's we're gonna have to worst conditions. I'll miss it also remain mixed with -- at times. Yeah I was gonna ask about dad is and also a banner should we expect some mixed precipitation. And it's going to be mostly now and then they're the reason -- you're gonna be last in the south is because. There's going to be more mixing in the air we're gonna have -- sleet mixing in and maybe even. They needed rain or freezing rain could get far enough south. Will this cause driving problems tomorrow morning the morning rush. Well I think there will be some issues tomorrow it will be getting started and so -- For tomorrow though the later it is the probably the worst that'll be eight and there'll probably also have -- for tomorrow evening that Russia as well. And for travelers to lift their -- thinking am heading towards New England this weekend. It's been a pretty rough. I -- this is a very large storm it's gonna affect a large area so anyone traveling -- Friday and Saturday definitely showed that. Check the forecast not just where you're leaving from the where you're going to. -- ware has the storm been so far. In the US -- the names of some of the cities it's affected. Well I don't charge just getting rolling out still that the storm system itself that. They'll across the midwest if he's just getting started now. I won't you -- -- some some impact in it for the mid westerners that other real impact of start when it emerges with a coastal storm. On and FX most of new England and extending back into our area. OK Erica thank you for joining us this morning nice chat with the again are right. -- Kapalua meteorologist at the National Weather Service up buffalo airport.

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