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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Are big changes coming to football?

Are big changes coming to football?

Feb 6, 2013|

Sandy and Ken Hamilton talk about making the game of football safer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I just -- column quoted Jim Kelly. Being on the CBS so morning show. And after Jim Kelly said that that indeed. He would choose what actually it happened going to four consecutive Super Bowls even though they didn't win one. Over going wants and winning. In Jeff Simon Says this was a man not only capable of reflecting seriously on winning and losing. But -- saying this about the four losses in four straight history making appearances I'm at ease now I'm at peace idea of peace of mind. Peace in my heart knowing what we accomplished even though we didn't win them. I feel all right with that and that is knowing what you accomplished knowing that nobody else in that hall of fame. Except other members of the Buffalo Bills team of that era. Accomplish that nobody. And guess what nobody is going to do it's just not going to happen. So idea I feel good that they did that I would like to have seen a win as anybody would have but I don't think I'd trade. Let's go to John and Niagara Falls John here on WB. Thank you the yeah I -- I hope they don't go much further him. Trying to question everything in this game. It's -- a I think they're -- farm out by an open impressions are very serious. And they should duo attempt to the -- protect the players' heads. But if they go too far they'll spoil it he. Well yeah that's true that's a concern and I am and what's next bubble wrap I understand that they have to protect the players whose best weekend. -- and the latest technology in the at a Dallas certainly stepping up and funding research on helmets and things like that but there's only so far you can go. And the only thing that's flexible are the rules and like they've talked about maybe eliminating the kickoffs totally they haven't side. I mean those kinds of things. I would look every bit of those -- what was the 170 yard run -- -- -- out. Well. Eleven that's an amazing thing that Brung back but anyway I want the Pro Bowl -- previous Sunday. And I couldn't watch that they've -- like lip -- insane. Job because they're bitter because they have their family gets spent the weekend Hawaii that's that. I've had to pay out. And I just couldn't watch him because these guys they're they're just so profound. Yeah amateur at the Niagara Falls on -- to vote to John you're in Ontario right. And you're still an NFL fan. Of buffalo. Blue. -- Care vote well you'll and the rest of us thank you thank you very much yeah I do believe. Of the bills as described through nonviolence on the fifth and certainly looks that way Avaya. Let's go you know sandy I was up for that last game that was played in Hamilton Hamilton against. Toronto Boca in that stadium there where I enjoyed watching CN FL I mean because the stadium was so small it was like cute it was a intimate more there was more intimate I'll it was created that's. Who watches any kind of -- a lot Australian rules doesn't matter does matter -- -- -- Oh lingerie bowl without. Coffee ball. Opera and they go together at the bottom let's go to to a dominant on a cell phone Dominic your on WB I am. Big sandy. With a game high school and college coach for seventeen years -- university apocalypse resistant but. Are accurate short if you don't you're protecting -- -- is that the public is nightmare in. People lined up you know yourself to consult the got a lot on the normally sane and you know that after tomorrow -- their stadium. He's suffering from a -- that he probably -- liked Medicare injury. They've gotten up and suddenly the air Roosevelt. In cabinda. -- -- -- can make you know three. And several I think these players item field and they got republic of applying movie for the flying -- political line of scrimmage at all. And Bordal. Well I mean look at somebody retirees appeared to auto from video from a rate Z he could barely walk when he retired I mean it's a rough. Tough game and you do the best you can but I think if they if they try and tinker too much with the rules is gonna take that a lot of joy -- from -- game. Yeah Dominic West and Dominique Leslie West -- racial of incidences. As compared to you know a regular civilian -- I'm not talking about lumberjacks are fishermen or anything like that who. Who risked their lives more so than anyone on the field and on the -- But Oakland don't represented on the -- and they don't happy marketing. Little League with the -- of the league and they don't have to -- that problem there is no. You know it is not like a lumberjack. Get injured or what -- did not but I'm not discounting it. But they're not happy -- grant you that people can you say out there right. -- they've got a plane that aren't blocker from the -- -- global shortage on city by. And I thought it hurt you pray you know you're looking at what -- -- are there and show. Although you want guys I hit a nine year old boy born -- if they actually put all that yeah I'm not looking for. Well if you look at the other bell has another area show. They have of behavior off the field and now injuries on the field. That they wanna keep the brand as pristine as possible because this is the golden goes. And anything that that interferes with that -- sponsor pull -- some things like that gonna affect -- thank you thank you for calling -- A bigger break over -- -- beach company and newsreader and I'm 31 a seven point seven FM WB.

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