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Bauerle on the Current State of the GOP

Feb 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm happy to announce that right -- John x.s and say this Dick Morris is out of a job at Fox News. Good. Good good good good good -- more -- was a freaking embarrassment. All you I'll show on social and it's going to be in a landslide and all I mean I I have looked at these districts and look. Swan -- got to trust me you got lately it's going to be Mitt Romney it'll. Portal dill -- And you know wealth have to go by the way if we're gonna use accuracy as a criteria. -- as the criterion. -- -- Karl Rove also needs to go from Fox News. First of all -- again. Number one he represents. Everything that's wrong with the Republican Party. We need Lily liver member of the elite class number one number two. Election night Karl Rove was an embarrassment. I was on my couch literally laughing. When the numbers from Ohio started coming in. And Karl Rove is saying all pushed tiger did after exceed these counties -- very strong the pop pop pop pop pop. It was full -- crap. It was so. I had that was at Megyn Kelly walked to the statistics room live on fox and said Karl Rove says you guys are wrong the statisticians hold their ground and say no -- smoking crack. Well that imports -- -- And then -- Karl Rove you know tries to offer some lame explanation and of course he was wrong. Don't really frosted me -- election night. And this is gonna sound like total total ego maniacal meat and it's probably correct com. What really frosts me about election night used their I am. Unlike college in Buffalo, New York watching Dick Morris and Carl role suck. The day of the election. I called the election and meet folks if you listen to that show you know how I nailed it. I was like 95%. Accurate on every state I called her a couple of missed but. Far more accurate than these so called professionals using data anybody could have gotten a little bit of common sense. So you know by Dick Morris I hope Karl Rove bird goes with. And and again look folks I'm biased I hate. Republican Party. Now those of you were listening from around the country and it week week and your website because we thought you were one of us. I'm a libertarian. I'm kind of a libertarian conservative. OK I believe in freedom for everybody yes even homosexuals. That's my Matra. Freedom when his freedom a bad thing. I think you're free to believe in god your free not to believe in god. And if you're just listening from somewhere around the country -- Obama started going after the Catholic Church the Roman Catholics didn't have a better friend in the media. In May. Because we were all Catholics then. When the government starts telling people that they have to subscribe to things against their basic beliefs that's an American issue. And I will I will defend. What this sounds really corny and I've heard this line before but I will defend to the death your right to believe as you want a -- That's freed a man. I believe in freedom for guns I believe in freedom for a lot of things. Some. But the Republican Party is. -- but it is what I said yesterday. They found the body or the bones of Richard the third in England. Future archaeologists will know. That when they dig up bones. From 21 century America. The ones missing a backbone will be the Republican leadership they'll be easy to find they'll be the ones with no vertebrate. Simple -- that. And this guy and Albany by the way is also part of the problem aggregate into this hopefully later on this morning. But there's this assemblyman and Albany who compared it. Andrew Cuomo. To Hitler and Stalin. And then of course he backtracked because Sheldon Silver you know plays the I'm Jewish cart. The play the my great uncles were not he's cart. And they work. And I don't hide that I'm very open about that because you know I was alive then and I had nothing to do with those guys. -- my grandmother's Brothers my great uncles. One of them was named Herman the other was named Karl. Karl was killed in Russia -- was a POW. They fought for the Nazis in World War -- true story. And since my youth. My grandmother with Telus -- were stories about. Pre Hitler imposed Hitler Germany. So ought to play the Mike great uncles were Nazi card if Sheldon Silver is gonna play his offensive guard up to play my offensive card to. Alitalia simply as the great nephew. Of a couple of real live Nazis. What Andrew Cuomo did with the gunmen hysteria let me throw my skirt over my head law. Was exactly what Hitler did with the rush -- fired decree. He used a situation to advance an agenda to deprive people of their rights because of some great necessity. And for a Republican assemblyman to apologize for telling the truth. That is exactly why I asked Republican Party there that -- Absolutely dad. They don't matter they're irrelevant they will never win another national election. They have turned in to spineless. Kittens. The Republican Party. They have got no use for. Their -- all of us. There wishy washy. There in vertebrae eight. -- -- They're little cotton balls that's what they are the Republican Party. I don't know what they stand for. Other trying to do is beat Democrat like. Help me out I quit the GOP after 2008. When they GM John McCain down our throats. I saw what was happening then many viewer just now realizing that low and behold -- was right. As far as I'm concerned Republican Party is dead smoldering and decomposing just doesn't know yet. And it's not that I don't have sympathy with some of these so called stated ideals of the Republican Party. But every time a Republican. Gets any better resistance from Sheldon Silver or any Democrat. -- and god forbid or minority or religious minority Republican immediately case. Excuse me. You know what. You guys need to see a urologist. As soon as possible. Heavier urologist look below the belt. Their -- testicles. They teach about those in medical school. Sick and tired of Republicans saying the truth and that apologizing for. Folks. I know that many of you -- to public schools in the United States and preview the reichstag fire decree means absolutely nothing. Look it up. Here's what Hitler did. Andrew Cuomo used any emotional. Tragic moments. To strip people of civil rights just as all -- did with Newt now and gun control. If you fail to see the comparison you are an idiot. I have no respect for somebody who says something that's the truth and that says -- load I had and VIR I apologize. You know and Sheldon Silver can play the offensive card to play the offensive guard to migrate uncles were a couple of Nazis they were there I know I heard stories from my grandma.

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