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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Parete Funeral Today - Police Commissioner Dan Derenda

Parete Funeral Today - Police Commissioner Dan Derenda

Feb 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo police commissioner Dan -- and a is on the WB Ian lifeline this morning it's a somber day for buffalo police. Who are bidding a final farewell to officer penny -- ready who died six years after being shot in the line of duty. Commissioner we thank you for your time this morning what do you want the community to remember about petty -- Pay -- US fine upstanding dedicated up there. We did a fantastic job each of the gates. That has seen when -- learned repentance Saturday morning. But first starts and personal with their family and who had been devastating loss for the buffalo police department and for the community and has a hole. Are you speaking this morning at trinity episcopal. I am not the ceremonies gonna be a very limited. The school and well respected and he wishes the vehicle speakers. There won't -- outside the church that'll be procession afterward. You'll start 11 o'clock. Public is welcome to calm down we're expecting a lot of people. There will be limited seating inside that we -- -- about 500 people who we are expecting large crowd other law enforcement agencies. And it's -- that the public is welcome. And we know she's being laid to rest with full honors at what point. During her after the service will we here at the 21 gun salute her officer correctly. You'll hear the 21 gun salute just after the service wraps up inside the church armed at that point down. Yeah nobody likes it -- -- great substance we'll get attention. Until they're 21 gun salute. Commissioner all loose -- to serve as a stark reminder to everybody in buffalo and in every community around here than being a cop. Protecting us is a very dangerous job. Yeah I like being the police work in the case of officer pretty they've responded to a routine -- -- fight church a porno I would at a convenience store. And it turned into -- -- currently in a part of all being shot. Ulcers than in the local police department and it typically compartment. Each and -- they'd put their lives on the line what can -- -- will become a routine Karl. -- to change a moment's notice and and then and -- -- critics. Commissioner. I'd like to ask you how is officer prove his partner officer Carl and the Lehman doing this just to be very difficult for him. I hadn't spoken to the last couple days I don't know it was very difficult or. He's been -- and part time workers and down. -- Great -- very very bad memories of successors. Commissioner we thank you for your time this morning and want to know that our thoughts are with you in the entire it department today. Buffalo police commissioner Dan to around.

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