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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Republican Candidate For Buffalo Mayor - Sergio Rodriguez

Republican Candidate For Buffalo Mayor - Sergio Rodriguez

Feb 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB AM live line now and welcome Sergio Rodriguez a local Republican. Who is expected to declare later on today nobody plans to challenge mayor Byron brown this year. Mr. Rodriguez good morning thank you for joining us. It. Sergio -- call you Sergio. What what makes you think that you can accomplish some things. That the Republicans and -- -- call. -- -- 1960s. Was able to do. All -- I think. Thank you are portrayed in the city of ball lower and why not -- they're meeting with constituents are meeting where black club members. Well I'm hearing is that people are apparently not happy with the way things are confirmed so -- issues such as education and crime poverty. What is your strategy Sergio. And it's -- Well we're gone so wait a gradual and they've engaged in with constituent meeting with people on court to block out block club meetings and. Really. Taking it to the streets football a lot of to let let the ball well and and and really out. Just. And making China -- all concerned they should that matter most -- let them in the city of buffalo. Mr. Rodriguez let me ask you. In your opinion what are the three major issues that need to be addressed. In the city of buffalo literally go you mentioned three education. Crime. And poverty in that order. Are those the three. Yes -- yes and that. You know that the brilliant day aren't on meeting would let then the feedback that I've gone from people ought. That they -- apple I'd last week I'm mad idea Bailey and breaking an avenue block club and he could stop. And other talking about I thought about vacant properties across the street. -- drug dealers used by those arms so. Conduct hit and they're talking about it can't not giving article indicates. And their award about economical situation. Sergio you mentioned education is being a top priority. And a major campaign theme Carl Paladino has been very vocal on education he's also. Told us that is thinking about running for the school board is he supporting and backing your candidacy. Not at that point. You know that something where where where. I'm I'm glad. I reckon the -- -- -- you know I have met with Karl. And I'd say going forward we'll we'll get I have an opportunity to release the diamond -- Many of the issues my campaign. I. Mr. Rodriguez while that might not be on top of mind local issue right now I'd also like askew. Where do you stand on the issue of immigration. I'm documented. Aliens. And has been questioned you know -- obviously I haven't immigrants I I came to this country when our ten years old and and then I don't the Marines -- -- in high school and it irked by the ears and service. Com. Well -- that our topic as it neared the end of my art. I I can tell you that come on Matt. Weird -- -- national party. Where they stand him and kept quiet immigration is concerned. You know except when Arizona when you consider that they can literally we will vote based on how you look. And at least -- -- -- -- -- people working on the United States senate. And I a lot on the what. What America's all about it I love living the American dream. But that's not something that I can. -- -- it would. Actually by the all the artists. Sergio queries mayor brown vulnerable. Where has he let the city down. Well in our small model when when you consider that. Am Michael Bloomberg in New York City had sought help which well over the education that the -- of the Arab Rochester rule. Actually interview the superintendent. Comedy and we invest seventy million dollars every year in -- -- -- education. And we have we -- talk about it they're well the current administration has remained completely silent -- militia that -- small blood -- I think lack of leadership. Now I'm not the biggest active and -- on the Atlanta bound you really -- raised our hands on one of the most important issue. We only Bradley scored that was kind of our children in the -- -- -- local I'd. Thought you know that -- our strategy way. -- -- debatable Richard that really awful so Iran and -- literally you know leadership. Mr. Rodriguez since education as your major number one priority -- it -- and as you say. Would you be able to work for the current school board are you satisfied -- -- current makeup of the buffalo board of education the way they are situated right now. Well I think somehow be able -- I'm you know I've been part of nowhere to board an organization. Community other agents from the that it well. And going and and I and I'm okay we won't comment ever went -- together we cannot really. I accomplish our goal and that's -- -- of fact I think when you consider that. That kind of penetration patent and it can be initiative the leakage -- -- that I'm. Element. Output for the education. I think generally we collect together so it accomplishing our common goal. Mr. Rodriguez so we thank you very much with a preview this morning and good luck -- You're very welcome Sergio Rodriguez is a local Republican and they will declare later on today that it plans to challenge mayor Byron brown was.

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