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State Senate Resolution Honoring Officer Patty Parete

Feb 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Please -- resolution number four point six by Senator Kennedy. Mourning the death of Patricia -- are ready distinguished police officer and devoted member of her community. Senator Kennedy. Thank you Mr. President. The city of buffalo police officer. -- -- was wounded in the line of duty on December 5 2006. After a long agreed that officer of Freddie died on February 2 2013. This past Saturday. Officer of Freddie and her partner Carl Angelina confronted an armed subject while responding to a 9/11 call about a fight. At a convenience store. As they searched the subject he produced a handgun. And opened fire striking both officers. Officer -- Freddie suffered a spinal injury as a result of the shooting. And became paralyzed from the neck down. -- she was known was born on January 12 1965. She became a member of the police department on January 25. 2001. At the age of 36. As a police officer. There was no from street smarts it was described by many as a fighter. We saw that fight over the course of the last six years as she fought every single day. To recover. Could Gregory coupled with her courageous work ethic -- the city of buffalo. A safer place to live to work. And -- family. Penny -- took an oath to serve and to protect. It's at all that is not taken lightly it is and all that she did not take lightly. Each -- members of law enforcement lit leave their entire world behind they leave their homes. They leave their families. They leave their loved ones. They do so knowing that any moment. Danger to be waiting for them around any corner. Like the danger petty and her partner -- count on that tragic December night. Just over six years ago. Adding new. This could happen. Every officer -- But she took that -- anyway. Penny per reddy's death is a sad and sobering reminder. The danger -- our law enforcement officers face every single day protecting us. The buffalo police department is in mourning today. But they're not alone. We need to do all we can't to assure them that just -- they stand by us every single day. And we stand by them in this dark moment of morning. -- -- And her Brothers and sisters in law enforcement make our communities safer. They give their -- to protect our families. An officer -- this case she gave her life. She made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of buffalo out. And the residents of New York State. We remember her today. And we thank her and her family for her brave and courageous service. Rest in peace officer -- -- Christmas present and Senator Kennedy senator gala event. Thank you Mr. President. I -- rise. To honor the memory of buffalo police officer. -- pretty. It is reminder of course of the dangers of the job better law enforcement officers. Face of their commitment and sacrifice. To keep our communities safer. We certainly all of them a debt of gratitude and I think Senator Kennedy in my colleagues. On for a also standing -- to honor petty today. And I also. Asked my talents to keep this in mind as we move forward we can -- our support. By enacting meaningful legislation. To keep our law enforcement officers say and going a step further to keep our communities thank you mr. press. Senators on T. Mr. President -- -- would like to follow up on what Senator Kennedy in some rogue element of talk about. All with regards paper ready you know I know that myself and my family. Deepest sympathies go watch a wonderful family -- -- -- and many friends. I know we speak for the residents of western new York and state. And all of our thoughts and prayers are with them during this very difficult time their time of need. It is -- said this Senator Kennedy is that a Western New York what is the state as a whole simply put office of writing. Is -- true symbol of liberation was a wonderful person. Was a victim of horrific they're truly senseless act of violence. At a depth reminds us of what a difficult and dangerous job law enforcement actually candy. I also wanna pass lawmaker bill installer colleagues in the city of buffalo police department. At tour family as well and got rushed for -- thank you very much response. Senator -- yards. My -- president I hedged on it rising at my condolences about the police department. -- correctly was date and actually -- police officer. I know that it's a very dangerous job my daughter is a police officer and -- -- which he lived at home. And she -- you know go to work with the uniform on you always think you know you know -- sake this particular day. Unfortunately. Six years ago. When net that assailant. Fired that gun at that an officer credit officer. And Toledo he took. He took -- That the life and and Nate at paddy. -- -- it NN. Very eight. Horrendous way for the next six years until recently that when she she passed away I attended a -- fund raiser on her behalf. That was attended by thousands literally thousands of people. To show their support certainly I offer my sympathies to her colleagues -- to a partner into her family. And I think what senator gallon and said is something that we should all remember what we can do what we can do for had a crack team all the other officers we have honored here and a line of duty. That have been injured by an assailant is. This senator -- alluded to. Is to. Increased criminal penalties for those individuals who would hire those members of law enforcement thank you -- Question is on a resolution all favor signify by saying nine. Oppose the resolution is adopted.