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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2013 Buffalo Auto Show Preview - Paul Stasiak

2013 Buffalo Auto Show Preview - Paul Stasiak

Feb 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paul Stacy yankees in studio with us this morning chairman of the Niagara frontier automobile dealers association. But buffalo on a show opens tomorrow at the conventions and it downtown -- -- -- -- -- here -- I'm glad I'm here today road trip -- got here on time. This is a great way to sees itself -- clean beautiful cars 2013 2014. Years very. And -- notice -- years mention -- excited every time Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday comes because you know it's assignments breaks up. People get excited so Susan it's awesome for their community how many dealers are going to be all of our dealers and we don't we go all way to Binghamton -- our presentations -- several counties. There's every deal -- New York's remember the undefeated in the words fortunate they embraced the show with. A passion just talk to customers so it's nice it's it's a small community we we we cherished that moment. You know something that people seen this year is something called the yellow dot program which is really really need -- tell us about it. We are we are privileged to be re launching this program with the first responders. To program to help the first responders -- identified a person with some medical needs. We statistics show mr. never share with us that. And the first few minutes -- consider a person's life so we're gonna encourage people put you little yellow Dutton and the driver side rear rear door window. And have a doctorate there in a glove compartment yellow. And -- have -- have diabetes epilepsy or seizures so the first responder can identify the proper amount of -- medicine is needed. The protocol that would be necessary and hopefully safe from life in the event of an accident a -- had a child in the backseat. It did this should be another opportunity for us to give back the community we've always had distracted driving while motorcycle simulator there as well. Talking about distractions but this has some special touches not just the seniors. You know kids have optimism and things like that and our community and hopefully this helps our first responders -- a big way. You know now back to the cars just tells Susan earlier this morning my first car came with an AM radio. And god knows how I got through summer without an air conditioner these new cars and everything. Their computers their computer labs now they're not just computers -- you. You are so correct I mean it's the interior of the cars and amaze me every year that the exterior I expect. I want style I want sleek looks and clean and none salted tires but in there and they're moving computers. You can program your own you know while you're your own matches -- -- your computer role Wi-Fi. You can say the current -- back and ten minutes cooled down from -- -- heated up. I mean that's that's something that's pretty impressive in today's day and age play and special appearances this week to Cody -- from the sabres and something for Yankee fan yeah I love -- you know tomorrow night -- have in the Yankee legend Greg -- so -- Yankee lovers in -- New York. Come -- pay tribute to a guy that was one heck of a nice guy and one great place. Where can I got to ask you about this the Acura backseat change contest however I don't know I thought this was a family auto show because. And says. You're gonna be able to see which Koppel -- swapped clothes in the back of an Acura what is this. It's all up boards anyway down all of the windows are ten and -- watch the in my note note that oil will have the state police Procter monitor but. Two couples are mean they'll be a series couples can qualify and then come the show. -- changes are troubled times of -- to trip and some prizes so. We have a -- going and then there's a lot of events and contests and lot of incidents from the people's lives -- and you know when a chance to the car day. Yes we'll have -- opportunities for people and cars in a matchup against driver's license. -- all conceal monolith in numbers so. Every day just put your carrier driver's license and will draw a name and hopefully that matches we've been close a few times so. If for the kids -- government for the families that that are out there we try to do everything we can on the weekends. Making a fairly friendly environment is something for everybody there what are the hours for the -- We start tomorrow 11 in the morning for those people won't come for lunch and I will go to nine and then on the weekend will go from 10 in the morning for ten -- night. And Sunday we close at five so. As. Lot pick in this weekend at the tunnels no question for the an outside too and we'll have commercial and natural gas vehicles trawler commercial accounts so. We're going outside now but it tells me you're expanding. Hey Paul great to have you here good luck this weekend thank you. And I know it's a busy time for a while -- -- chairman of the Niagara frontier automobile dealers association sandy beach tomorrow afternoon will be live from the buffalo auto show from three until six.

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