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Cuomo VS The Senecas

Feb 4, 2013|

Sandy discusses the possibility of state run casinos in New York.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back -- -- -- comedy and they question in his ongoing battle with the Seneca nation Governor Cuomo is threatening to open a state casino. In the falls to compete with the native Americans he says it will produce more revenue was this a good idea or bad. And where are the anti casino voices where they just -- -- Seneca casino are they really anti gambling. So those are the basic questions as I said I have no problem with competition. But I do believe in and meg keeping your word both for the senators and four of New York State. And if the contractors followed and allows. Another casino -- no problem if it doesn't allow what I have a huge problem. It 030930180616926. 930 I was go to Dan in buffalo thank Dan. -- -- -- And casino. Bringing -- development to an area that -- fully -- that was one of the promises when they built this -- you know if you go around there's a -- parking lot. Sidewalks and a lot of land but nobility that no infrastructure. So I think it's Seneca have broken their promise. Other -- to keep the money from the people are all. Well as I recall the senators and sign on to redevelop all of Niagara Falls. No we're right exactly well that was one of the comet is that in mediate and I think he would -- being treated -- work. It's a one stop shop are pretty into it in ID ego and that the plot to sell anything outside the box like it better than. There's already a tree there with audio source or outside. What a clue what it's done to retreat that. Shop in downtown and hopefully it will it'll spur economic growth that he art project in the first quarter but. All of the action aimed at the ban for under twelve years. OK may I suggest you go to orchard park -- market to Ralph Wilson Stadium and tell me what development has sprung up around Ralph Wilson Stadium in that open once 73 to 74. But that's their maturity beat by a big. A year building at Sony did that about Bill Gates. No it's not but it's but it's but it is taxpayer are assisted. In by millions and millions of dollars and operating expenditure not only in the infrastructure by operating costs -- so even though it's not a 365. Date. A year venture I can't think of thing that's sprung up around Ralph Wilson Stadium. You -- you're absolutely right but that's a global company that. At least two spots on the map what where to Seneca a nation package deal that not all of them. Are your dorm for a while until then that's the way that that's the way -- hey thanks so you are in favor of it because you think the senators have an -- and thank you -- remarks. Well the traders don't make the decision regarding whether the compact with violated or not. And in this article in the Buffalo News got to make sure I give it two different authors this one news' Tom precious. Name. He has just slow process. And if he had a daughter I don't even offers merit but it Vienna. The had a daughter. Judy should name her precious and should be precious precious what do you think. That would be a great names -- -- it's been great name for it UFC. Champion. -- thing here hot hot hot hot hot. Are there any other robots and they got the tattoos and their muscles of that chosen. They got tattoos of muscles on their muscles I think a guy named precious would be idea -- just be precious Belgian bank or MobileMe funnel them absolutely -- Governor Pataki in 2000 to sign the compact with the Seneca nation. There was 600 pages long still lives as far as we know. At was under the Indian gaming regulatory act for the senators operate three casinos in Western New York to return per share of the casinos. Slot machine revenue of the state gave the senators a large casino exclusivity. Zone. From -- fourteen which runs east of Rochester. From Lake Ontario to the Pennsylvania line all the way to the western reaches of the state. All I'm I care about is that words are kept. If the state is in violation. Of the compact. I have no problem with a senate does not paying the state. If they are not in violation of the compact than they show if they're found by the arbitrator not to be in violation. That indeed they. They should pay. I believe in keeping one's word. Having said that if if Andrew Cuomo is just using this as a negotiating wedge we've all seen stuff like this before. But the key is if anybody broke their word they should corrected and if anybody didn't break their word -- it should be taken care of having said that I would suggest that. If indeed. Second casino is up there I have no problem with that at all as long as as long as everybody's word was capped at that. But my real question to on this is where the anti casino voices. -- those pointy headed X. Former heads of law firms who are draining the -- went foundation coffers dry. In order to fight everything for years and years and years in federal court. Where their voices over an account by Andy Cuomo wanting to wanting to build our casinos now in New York State have you heard one peep out of these people. No. I'm suggesting. And I don't know apart right I'm just suggesting -- just the way it looks okay. To may have looks like these people are more anti Seneca. Than they are anti casino. Because you got to be true to yourself if you're any casino for the senators are going to be any casino for the state as well that's the way it is.

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