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Bauerle: Patty Parete

Feb 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Up first of all something that have been wanting to mention but I just it just didn't seem right to mention it and then go in to us something that was kind of a like topic. Definitely our condolences to all members of the buffalo police department and all the members of -- -- reddy's family. And her wide circle of friends. Attic readied the officer who -- suffered a very very serious and paralyzing spinal injury by gunshot. Several years ago. Died early. Saturday morning after a -- valiant. Struggle. With -- all of the complications that can and sue from paralysis and -- there's a time -- -- via. Her partner. Was also her nurse and there was a special. Law clause. Whereby the it was the city retained her partner to basically be 8247. Mirrors for paddy and at the time. I just I thought it was just it was such -- such an out of the box and intelligent move I was kind of surprised it actually happened in buffalo. Sorry but I was. But in any event rest in peace two officer. -- are ready and unfortunately. The scum bag who shot her and -- officer Carl and relieve. Is still consuming oxygen. And it's really really ashamed at this point. Armed services -- in arrangements are unknown for officer already they will be announced lecturer after an appropriate time. Andrea officer praise mom had -- called into the show. A timer to right around the shooting down of for beloved daughter. And this is a very very very. Hard story detector she is -- what 4748. Years old and -- operating and just a real. A real tragedy and there was area but there's a magnificent fund raiser for a -- -- at the buffalo convention center shortly after. She was injured and -- -- thousands of people showed up. To show their support for patty and Carl and unfortunately this story ended. -- -- -- -- Tragically unfortunately. And and watch for paper became. On Saturday and again rest in peace -- operating in deepest condolences. And sympathies to all of her loved ones and all for very wide circle of friends. She died. Knowing how loves hunch I'm sure she must've. Knowing how loved she was by all the people whose lives she touched in an all too brief appearance on. On this planet.

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