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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Super Bowl Host Site: The Morning After - WWL's Dave Cohen

Super Bowl Host Site: The Morning After - WWL's Dave Cohen

Feb 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest OWB -- live line is day of Colin Davis news director at age 7 AM WWL. Our sister radio station in New Orleans, Louisiana -- day of good morning to you initially. That's I did get a few hours of sleep a lot more than the ravens fans here and found it where it's being. People now wondering and I use that word intentionally into the airport. With their bags now mostly packed it looks like like they'd partied all night long. Celebrating the ravens victory or drowned -- are all my long for the 49ers fans we're expecting three times the normal crowd of folks. At the airport here in New Orleans now is there leaving the hotel and heading back out. When it sounds pretty chaotic. What is the word on the power outage last night days. Well they've figured out what happened and they just don't know why they know that there was what they're calling an abnormality. Right where the power came from the doors. Into the superdome a piece of equipment there could be expected this abnormalities. And ordered it -- you prevent a tragedy. This is open this circuit so this power surge to abnormal power. Detected wouldn't cause any worse problems in the dome and the generators kicked down immediately. You'll notice if you saw the video it was really the power was only off for 12. The problem was that all of this system that had to be re booted -- started and brought back online took 34 minutes before everything. Was back where it needed to be and there's still trying to figure out what they're calling the root cause. That abnormality would they do now. Is the superdome was drawing more power than ever before during this game you know that this Super -- gets bigger and bigger every year more television networks more satellite -- More broadcasters more production -- is bigger halftime shows. And more more devices that are used more computers and more charging them laptops and tablets themselves on the anyway. Bottom line is they were drawing more power than ever. And they had electrical engineers prepare for the that something went wrong and is still trying to figure out what caused the abnormality. We heard the network -- commentators last night -- the weather in New Orleans could not have been better there was absolutely beautiful that got me thinking Dave. What the weather in New Jersey it was like last night and auto and I didn't show actual I don't know I'm that we had extreme cold it was snowing here like crazy. And there's been much talk in New Orleans about next year's game being in the stadium the dozen of them to -- Yet it really has been and there's a lot of concern because we've been looking at the planned for next year's Super -- always what -- as a team that this city that's hosting it the following year comes to the city that's hosting in the current year and they kind of hanging out with the planners and and even the media and everybody else and try to get a sense for what they should expect. Next year well what they're telling that is a lot of the activity that only the game but a lot of the activities are going to be out doors. In new York and New Jersey next here in the celebrations surrounding the super ball up in a lot of New Orleans -- going to -- -- we have -- here every year. And then everything that we find temperatures in the 60s70s. Right it was done signed -- like -- Blue skies plenty of sunshine and then we would love that here but ironically the coldest Super Bowl ever. Was played years ago. Here in New Orleans into -- stadium before the superdome was built. And it was 29 degrees. You can't difficulty in the winter is just extremely rare it's more likely going to be pretty called next year. Net New York editors. Yea your right you know our local officials there are disappointed that this year Super Bowl will be remembered for the blackout. Well I think they're hoping that that only -- Speed of the memories that that's not what people mostly remembered for I think they're hoping they remember what an amazing job that he did hosting and showing off. During the Super Bowl you know a lot of the visitors. There's the journalists that span. The business people -- celebrities there and he's been coming through town has been raving about how great New Orleans looks. Seven years after Katrina many think it's the best they've ever seen the city book. Before during or after Katrina and that has people here feeling pretty good also that it was a great game that was close right down the and maybe because of the black out. It wasn't a blowout now that'll be debated. But yet it visible there's no doubt about it and it is disappointing that what was otherwise -- really perfect week leading up to the Super Bowl. And was in the final now does a great game also be remembered for the black man there hoping it's not known as the black -- power of the Super Bowl at least for the rest of -- Now you're getting ready for Mardi Gras. Yeah it's funny you know we're watching the hotel that the out literally as we speak people coming out of the hotel to -- around enacted. They're Super Bowl jerseys and -- certain patent. And there are all heading out to the airport but it's only going to be a day or two before those hotels bill up once again because. Wednesday. We start. All out Mardi Gras partying they continues. Port six days until Fat Tuesday because we have -- Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday leading up the Fat Tuesday and we're expecting even bigger crowds and we just stop for the Super Bowl. The government -- for Mardi Gras you know the the population of the city in Portland. Almost triples during Mardi Gras because of that many people come in this celebrates. Carnival here in New Orleans so yeah it's it's tough on us to have to work. And cover the celebrations but it's for the people who are. Working in the hospitality industry they're making great money the city is being count on the national stage that's good for New Orleans and overall it's it's a good thing it's just it's going to be. We're gonna be really tired come a week from Wednesday when -- when they arrived and Mardi Gras is finally over. They've always good to chat with the thanks again. On how to market grow will trade days we may take up on -- that's named Colin news director and our sister station WWL new war.

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