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The Movie Show.

Feb 1, 2013|

Sandy and Cinema Bob discuss the new movie, 'Bullet to the Head' on The Movie Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now big movies hitting the big strain bullet that I had I like that title yes it is it is to non non non in New York's. Not that are allowing a movie called bullet to a head within two gun laws now than you can still do the bullet to the head but. What you have to do though you can't use -- Kanye technologist precedent with this ultimately or hit it with a hammer yeah. Yeah networks to networks to. My idea of gun control of course. Is completely different I'm thinking. Just and the bullets and dive somewhere you have to use a gun to somebody you just hit them with the -- -- let's let your blood. Well yeah Christ the light in the old cowboy movies when they run out of bullets they throw -- but that's not a very efficient use of. I always thought. She. War heads they didn't get it noted Robert they never go back and returned it. -- the Lone Ranger. -- get the money for the silver bullets how does this guy in the cash flow of all -- that he proposed gleam he won't even take. Its own money and be able. Our all of the universe. You to Lenny Bruce's thing you have -- routine for more on the Lone Ranger. So mr. Stallone I mean now a few weeks ago Arnold Schwarzenegger put out a movie last which actually pretty good reviews. And all of America called the theaters to say. We're not coming to America mom didn't do well all and I mean slime an Arnold in the she's been through the first half and ninety's. I -- actual -- these guys were the kings of the -- they were just just the top guys. Enormous hits I was looking up -- them info on. Stallone. In his thirty movies that he made in Hollywood he's made about two billion dollars now through the course of his career. The average technique for and it's mr. Stallone movie is 52 million dollars which whenever -- is pretty good Clint Eastwood. Average about its 37. Dollar loan Stallone had an impressive impressive career in the mid nineties when things slowed down for them. Arnold decided you know all. I think I'll become. Governor of California. 'cause that might be the only state that seriously as a politician. And Stallone kept plugging away and he ended up doing a lot of movies that way interactive video. The most depressing one was was one called icu. Room which was -- security guy because he was a security guy. IE in icu was spelled. EU YE law and that clever yes that went straight straight straight to the bottom shelf of you know one hour and a mountain climber that's. An -- Like a pretty big though -- all that did all right for. But he he kept it and in on the mic hole. About seven years ago he started pulling himself. Out of the trenches as far as that goes box office one at 22006. Did Rocky Balboa which. -- -- to -- the picture you get worldwide. He resurrected ramble. And all the critics sat down to that and audiences said -- great and that was a big and all over the world and expandable movies. Both of those have been very successful so he's doing OK now. For this film he plays a New Orleans hit -- lot of tattoos area tattooed guy. And very muscular I mean. And he doesn't Wear a lot -- lies in this movie and I'm sorry. -- -- on -- for 66 year old guy. -- -- -- should keep out of harm's trademark remarkable yeah he's really. Kept himself going there. -- heat formed an alliance. To bring out the a way mob killer he he hooks up with a Korean American and -- so that to them. Are trying to track down these guys it's directed by Walter Hill. Who is 71 years old and he did they get away the original line in the warriors. On streets of fire 48 hours was huge for him. This is very similar -- -- in which you've got the cop and the guy. Teaming up for this particular movie. This is the perfect movie you see guys. Stallone really smacks. A dry yeah yeah he gets he gets kind of annoying. But this movie. Is is based on a novel not based on. Based on a graphic now well which is actually. And in American public was based coming French comic book called. -- -- -- -- that day I and that means. I think bulletin had program or. Old guy beats up younger people I don't know I don't know. Still all you know gets big important dialogue like them on a bit and new principles. And on right. And you got -- by age ago explosion. Friends. They after burst yet on this debate costume party in which for some reason most of the women the costume party their costume is. To being naked that's always welcome very popular and I don't walk up to demonstrate where. New York costume nobody's gonna. I don't want to use the commercials. The one thing they do for the big showdown. At the end between. It's the load and the bad guy. And they -- next flight. Which you just. Applied to a max's anymore I action that you never -- I don't know -- it's. Ever really exploits in a movie no not enough why. It's a little further on the garden when Julie Andrews for the PX I love we yeah well. Trip she and Christopher Plummer didn't get along on that's all there are able to work battle on their frustrations. But yeah big -- fight I'm not gonna say. Who wins but. Now. Took mr. Stallone and if there's one things Lester Stallone -- It's possibility. Of sequels that actually nobody loves a sequel more than Sylvester Stallone the -- -- Users critics. That are treating movies very users. Complain about. -- plot be pot could be Stallone perhaps not. Acting with the proper new want to act is -- use claims that -- asked. But. The herb you know at that I've warmed up through this one are the ones -- -- like eight. Like expendable as you like -- alone so if you as the one liners. And hit the bad guy with -- Do you think things like in the commercial where he shoots a major victory guys as. You can't just go up and shoot somebody like. -- -- On the knowledge that it's pretty witty it's no -- stuff it's. Originally. They were gonna get Rex Harrison to do this world but they realized. -- Whitman has been dead for nearly thirty years. Maybe a week ago with Stallone the thought might be good correction never had a -- as long as even when he was in his prime. This is true. This is true but it was much better at -- with -- though when he kept his pinky up. You knew it was -- -- beer and fancy -- the long keeps his pinky up you know it's 'cause it's. And broken about three -- All in Bagram more big -- in the biggest inning including a new film -- Alpa chino and some other short. You're looking for shorts is the boys again I'm on those rated at 31 of them point seven FM WV.

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