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Bauerle on the Left

Feb 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Folks just the difference between what you get on my show and what you get with liberals. I. Will insult myself. If anybody for a laugh. Understanding of course. Understanding. I happen to think self replication. Is some of the finest humor there it is I think too many people specially -- -- -- liberals. You know be wearing like -- loans that are just way too tight. Because people just have to hypnosis that you were the most our humorless. Lot of riches I have ever heard or read or any effect but I really wanna thank them for the national publicity they're giving right now thank you. Thank you guys are doing more to advance my career. Ban -- so thank you very very much I appreciate it so much I can't even begin to tell you -- thing that. As a liberal target is a ball looked to my soul. And here's the thing liberals lunatic liberals at buffalo. You can't ever give me being a hypocrite because I am honest with my audience about who I am. And and what I do and my theory is if you don't like get to -- You know what I'm saying I lived my life a lot wanna live my life -- honest about it I know for a hypocrite. You're never gonna find it's a men's room soliciting sex. First of all I don't fly that way secondly. Really. Anyway it's or you're not gonna find me going to what the Dominican Republic to up picked up by a young girl prostitutes like a Democrat that. A member of our congress is doing allegedly. Now it is 939 I love these people they're -- -- any idea how easy the -- to manipulate. I seriously it's like a few I really I told you last week I wanted to be the godfather like pulling strings behind the scenes. Folks. Every time. They -- they start their little -- against me. They fall into every snare I late for them. They fall into every trap I put in their way it's like dance puppets dance. I mean it it really is hilarious. Those of you who know me in my private life. Know. What I do to mess with them and how every single high and big fight through it I. Oh my god thank you my psychology professors thank you. All right it is at 940 news radio 9:30 AM and a 107 point seven FMW -- the by the -- lunatic left the buffalo plays keep ticket. Please keep putting my name out there nationally. Because every time you guys do this my FaceBook numbers grow exponentially. I get tons of supportive email from people who troll and the liberal web sites or on my side. So that you're doing more to build up like she -- Dance puppets dance. It it it it. A lot of pride not forty lot of news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WEB. He and they're easy I mean really. One more bit of advice to Buffalo's lunatic left don't ever take up poker. Don't tell -- because. Really. You you wouldn't be very good at it that all of this day you wouldn't know what you're doing and you'd be so easy to a two run roughshod over. You'd be like that guy and The Sopranos you know with that Ramsey sporting goods store who ends up getting cleaned up by Tony for what 45 boxes -- -- 8045000 bucks and they end up having a bust out the stork. So liberals don't play poker is it pitcher just too easy. All right it is -- 942 were news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FMW BEN. And you know again that I really. One more and I'm gonna move on here that is just seriously -- I've been laughing about this for a few days now. I don't say this because I'm snobbish about education please understand this the people I know were most successful actually. Well okay there two groups number one people with professional degrees the doctors and the lawyers professional agrees and professional licenses number two. Other people I know were also very successful. Didn't go to college. -- somebody in my family and I'm not gonna name a name here he up probably makes more money than all of us combined because he's got a special skill. For which he did not go to college so colleges not to be all and Kendall. But I will say that to the liberal mindset education is vital and I'm phi beta kappa academic all American commitment you know sorry. I dealt with UB professors I'll deal with the group in Lagos. In fairness to my UB professors they were up actually they were awfully cool I have to say.

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