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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Previewing the Super Bowl Ads - Jeff Bucki

Previewing the Super Bowl Ads - Jeff Bucki

Feb 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest is Jeff Bucky with Trevor -- columns we're talking about the Super Bowl ads morning Jeff Glor yeah. We're doing blog Jeff good admittedly I'm not as plugged in the Super Bowl ads this year as I have been in years past I've heard about a few of them. And we have some questions for anything in particular you're looking forward to seeing Sunday. What is -- what are the big trend this year is that there's more users. A little less for the advertisers can be giving away the entire spot at a time. A lot of them are still using for social media to build up above at a time but they don't wanna let the cat out of the bag entirely figures some some of advertisers are just giving a glimpse. And then digested -- -- -- people to tune in on Sunday to speed up due to the payoff. What are some of the ones that aren't getting a big buzz. While those Toyota has won for the -- for. That has the star the Big Bang theory out Caylee woke up. And it's very received more than six million YouTube views she's playing it -- kind of I find -- at the family kind of sequence. There's also one for talk about that -- -- on its kind of senior citizens it's keeping from the the retirement community it's kind of not cocoon -- that super bad. Very fond -- kind of appropriate for a fast food product. Amy Poehler is very very popular she's on the best buy it and. Yet -- -- what you're gonna see more more has just tons of celebrities. You know in some advertisers make it used to them sometimes the kind of stuck there in like a sort stomped they you know they began you know last year's that's super ball. With the highest rated. In US history -- You know everybody have a president and applaud all the stops. And what kind of money they paying for as a. Yet this year this year and at the new high. Three point eight million dollars for a 32 spots out and the stakes can't get any higher than that. You know adding to all the controversy or Coca-Cola is taking a lot of heat over -- man from Arab Americans. The sky and Arab garb walking through the desert and it pulls up to -- -- Coke what's the big deal with this you know. Well a candidate in all the things are both objective and appetizers. You know it's a fine line between being at. And down that mean they're not the only one is going to outline. And actually got -- daddy who's spent one at the -- for years that has -- you know a lot of spot together that people look at. A lot of issues that they actually have a one really gets spot this year where they actually focus on what the product does you know registering a domain name and that's. Night they get away from all the sex appeal for want. And tell you why he you know their product it's a good one in when you actually sell the product that's that's really what you're supposed to be dealing. Jeff well enjoy the game enjoy the commercials -- nice weekend. It thank you welcome Jeff Buckley's senior copy writer for -- columns and --

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