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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Previewing the Super Bowl - WWL Reporter Chris Miller

Previewing the Super Bowl - WWL Reporter Chris Miller

Feb 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're going live -- -- lifeline now to Chris Miller reporter with WWL. In New Orleans site of the Super Bowl on Sunday Chris good morning. It's the first Super Bowl in New Orleans since Katrina. Tell us about the preparations to Harry things working out so far. Big into working out 59 it's funny you mention that the courts rule that intrigue at the longest this city gone. Without hosting Super Bowl eleven years. So you they're so -- around town maybe Super Bowl postings guilt might improbable rusty but it. Via host committee putting it through on that a lot of work they've been collapsed like pre Super Bowls are being sent to now be getting one. So that you gotta get caught up on what it takes to put this show one now at circuit got a pretty good job they have votes set up a lot of amenities for all to enjoy aside from the game. And it seems -- -- so for. Express does of the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras coming just days apart. Pose any unique problems for a city planners and speaking of planning went on your coverage of these two big stories. It there has pose some problems for city planning that he normally would be having. App doesn't hurt or operate its -- again. At this point in the market rock calendar but because of the Super Bowl any extra security -- -- that event. The NO PD double stretch themselves to it and trying to cover that and market operate routes so. All operate that would have been going this weekend he got the looters schedule -- they act were great at last we yeah. So it's a week it operates break for the Super Bowl then we'll get back in the Mardi Gras madness next weekend leading up to bat Tuesday. At our our property goes it just kind of stretching out a -- we operate last week didn't powers Super Bowl -- We'll look back -- -- proper notices direct adding maybe extra weeks are also a little more intense work. We know media day and a -- then and yesterday was beyoncé is big day what's what's the big deal today. Well the big deal to get -- good question I -- today mostly it's just more visitors arriving people who are actually going to -- game all week long been mostly just that it knew it has been here at the bit about five now and problems so it's it's noticeable. But now we're gonna have even more fans of the games coming in their start seeing a lot more cricket and golf a couple of act. Black walking around out of the Baltimore stripper sister apparently right. And otherwise the fact is just stuff. There's a free concert going all along the Mississippi River host committee set up the vote. Great local musicians the war itself will be easier style position Kate and by ago. Playing for free at Riverside park there's -- NFL experience that -- about their Super Bowl outside and our convention center. So workers belt or blasted the entertainment before Sunday's game. Every bit every hotel room booked. Pretty much yeah about 90% of mobile. Pretty much right off the -- the NFL now be getting -- -- it would add or. -- locker rooms and so if you're gonna they just show up in the world now better -- -- -- -- car crash. Chris nice to be to join us hope things work out well for -- I think -- well thank you very much. That's -- Chris Miller he's a reporter with our sister station WWL. The big 870 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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