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Drinkin' with dad.

Jan 31, 2013|

Sandy examines a proposed Colorado law that would allow kids as young as 18 to drink alcohol with their parent's supervision.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When I read this I'm glad to be USA today and and they usually have a state by state that thing in any. Tidbit of information from that state that's interesting they'll put in there. And I got to Colorado so I didn't never far I only got to the -- is when I saw this. And I thought after I -- others. This is the dumbest idea. I've seen in a long long time. A proposal to allow people between eighteen and 21 to drink alcohol win their parents. Is being reviewed by lawmakers the bill has called the -- I'm I'm making this up because you can't make it up. Drinking with the dad bill that's what they actually named it. Drinking with dead bill would allow parents to bide their children alcohol. Ad bars and restaurants if they were eighteen and older but not yet 21. So 21 is the drinking age in Denver I assume from that -- that's all the information I have on this point. So they're thinking. -- mom and dad take a junior and little as and a junior Tuesday 1819. Point one. So if junior wanted something to drink he couldn't get something himself or a daughter with the president would be a boy. Either one boy or girl so they could order alcohol on their home because they're not old -- So dad or mom says oh yeah is -- -- have been name named drink. And they can have -- something under the auspices of parents and I'm thinking is this a trainees shouldn't. I don't get this at all I really don't if the laws when he won the law should be 21. If they think the law of 21 is is not appropriate while Laura -- -- through the legislative emotion at all. But one I really don't get this three year period where indeed view. You get 20 again like trial liquor. So you kind of get the feel what it's like to be drinking with a grown ups and I got the thanking. Is very end because we don't have the details of what this proposal is is there a limit isn't like one drink. Could Jr. or little miscue at south stemming could big could they be drug as a skunk because mom and dad's there and they're not driving. Get that at all and I kind of goes with what's going on down in chippewa and now while cam Brea is defending somebody over this. They decided we have on on chippewa they decided that they wouldn't do the commingling thing where you'd have people under 21. Allowed in the bar but not be able to order quicker because they're not old enough. And so they're doing that in some places and and now there's push back against that my attitude is if the drinking age is 21 missed one -- if you don't like to change. But of his 21 it should -- 21 and having people 121. In there and saying what you can be there because soak up the atmosphere. Because US you when you're a big boy or girl when you're 21 here's what you can be doing. Item I just don't think -- more cotton -- kind of guy. And I think the idea and we've heard we've heard parents say so many times and it's our you know Heidi I don't think I've ever one parent of the year award. I don't think I'm any more insightful and anybody else just seems like a dumb idea how many how many parents that we heard say on this show even. Well I'm up. My children -- in front of me. Because I feel it's better and safer they drink of home products. Do that is I just don't get that at all and so -- -- drinking is drinking. If fuel if you wanna change the law changed the -- I have no problem with that is what the community standards are. I'm not here to dictate anybody's community standards -- what they want is to -- on all the arguments. You can you can be in the service. You can Medicare you an M sixteen. You can drive a tank you can and do all these things -- you can have -- this this show today isn't about whether when he won his affair rage. But it's about if this 21. He should you have this kind of a deal called drinking would dad. I think it's one way or the other I don't think you can have viewed your cake and -- or your beer and drink it or your liquor and -- Or your wine and drink one lawyer via what do you think zoning. You know -- I really don't have too much for problem with that. Because I was able to drink -- EG eighteen. -- what was the because that was agree though right extent that was legally so that's fine but if if suddenly there was the drinking what dad said that now a good 115 and how would dad. That doesn't make any sense that knowledge to it doesn't I would I wouldn't -- for that at all but if you live -- say you know and and -- and -- And Samantha decided we're humbled to Denver. And and now nick is a team and those of the laws says he can't -- it was 11 and you go out to a restaurant. Would you feel comfortable ordering him liquor. -- I don't know you know that's that's the deal right now it does not safe here. It says in restaurants and bars. But one would assume that if you can buy liquor in restaurants and bars. For your son or your daughter then you should be able the use the same criteria at home. And and give them -- there. Agreed -- because it's actually safer environment because you're already home right everybody's there and always going to be driving home here at home already. I just don't like the idea I just don't think it's a good idea. It's. If if you're in a hurry why would you be in a hurry. To get your kids to start drinking even if they had an interest why would you you wanna be the coolest parent on the block. You wanna be the most liberal minded person at the school. I just don't get it I think there are times when. Let nature take its course and depending what the age limit is that's when should start a -- for the if you want to. Right a mass for the key getting loaded. I'll -- to I just I don't -- problem. With an eighteen year old having a beer I can tell you how the thinking probably went and I don't know where this is it's the proposal now is -- law. In Colorado it's probably well it's a safer environment because a dad is there. Is called drinking would have -- against mom would be implement -- mom is there and then the kid or kids are there. And so if they were drinking they would be supervised. But let's just hope that mom and dad in the kid -- drunk at the same time I -- -- and thinking a very refined. And quiet atmosphere army could get into some rockets cowboy embark on a deal. And they could end up you know half in the -- this time it -- who knows I I will who supervises mom and dad what was supposed to be supervising junior. Thank you mom -- the mechanical -- the idea moms trying to climb the chicken wire. Yah exactly she thought it was a mechanical -- was dead. 680309301800. It's got -- -- right now 106 or 600 music and start 930. In Colorado it drinking would add bill that's what it's called amount yet up. Is being considered that would allow parents to buy their children alcohol in bars and restaurants if there were -- but not yet 21 good idea or insanity. And did your parents share alcohol would you before you hit the legal drinking age I've -- now will be happy to take your calls. Let's go to Alex in Rochester -- lecture on W via. I can't beat Alex unbelievable when I -- -- an interview with guys who proposed the bill. And the great white -- -- well. Apparently our own father I want to -- -- -- and the bonds have a beer with but my upper ER. Are you would only -- from server and a scorer off. Over in the Middle East and cause he was 21 secret -- appear. I guess that's what inspired the -- Well you can certainly understand there's some he's fighting for their country put their lives on the line and they come home for leave northern. They get mustered out whatever. You would think -- be a natural thing to. Have them have a beer. Maybe they should change the law and lower the drinking age but I'm glad you gave me that information. To fill in because. I didn't have any more background information that would you think it's a good idea -- a Alex in a good idea. I hope that good the bad idea I'm really delighted jerking it -- raised was not all young people don't -- car -- drinking and driving but you know. But our young people on the little leash you know during the all around sixty any you know. I want plumber then -- a -- I don't think as a bad thing but once again you know. Give so the question -- apart under you know all these people you know -- America contrast if you fumble you know that plain plain and simple. -- that was my question because I don't have any further information if there was a limb -- are you have thought it saves data in the senate and having some big homecoming what's -- say they're both -- -- watched. Yeah all the will not help enable -- -- got a phone ringing in the airport itself to call the left I'm like oh what a moderate than not prior to that was back in November but he just turned out. 21 -- left so -- Well when you see him again thank him for wearing the uniform we appreciated thank you Alex thank you are much. Now I understand that imagine coming home on leave and you're in a battle -- come home and Lee were -- shooting and junior shooting at others. And you come home you want a beer can get one at the bar I understand that I don't we can understand that but what I'm saying is. You have thought if the public thinks that it wanna -- wanna is is. Is a mature rigid that it should be -- average -- -- it -- simply I don't know how practically could enforce it. Two to allow people who are in the armed forces to have one if you didn't have others same age. I don't think that's doable legally. But I can certainly understand that like your opinion is a good idea and did your parents share alcohol with you. Before you have the legal drinking age now I've never have drank in my life makes me a wonderful person does not know my father is drinker. And he never offered me one I never had any interest in one if I had had an interest in one maybe you're probably one but I didn't and so I'm it's a moot point -- -- But did your parents share alcohol would you before you hit the legal drinking age is question number two will be back.

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