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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Weather's Impact On Erie County - Dan Nevearth, Jr

Weather's Impact On Erie County - Dan Nevearth, Jr

Jan 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dan never it's junior is Erie county's emergency services coordinator Dan good morning. -- -- -- great thanks for taking the time this wild weather day kind of issues are you dealing with because of it. Actually currently there are just sporadic power outages not -- major. That the roadways CPP the pretty clear that -- and it's really simulate take a look at monitor and listen to what was going on around the county. But -- there are no major issues a couple of communities without minor power outages. And we're gonna just keep our eyes on that then and see what's in the what's going on around the county has has been the bulk. Well later on today as things develop southern Erie county is likely to be effective Dan what is worse. Dealing with -- an actual emergency or trying to prepare for not knowing what's coming. Well I I think it's it's the combination of both because if you don't prepare properly you're dealing with it is is a major major actually -- around the country not so much. Are in the Western New York area. Are preparing or is what our job as -- in dealing with -- is also a continuation of the planning process. You have to enjoy doing electric bill and and then they did you -- -- look forward putting the practice what what you worked out. What -- that same token value -- feel comfortable that should it be needed. If you put it in the place and I think. And in you're out especially. The -- that. The decade. Emergency management true emergency management we've been in a tremendous optic. Our capability. It -- correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like we're fairly lucky here this morning at one point attract about 6000 power outages in Western New York but it's really. Pretty small considering me the size of the region and there was only one school closing -- a lot worse. The event is not quite oppressive and I know that there's an act frustrated effort by the utilities and we work very closely. With a lot of these all of the utilities but especially a power buy it there's been a concentrated effort over the last few years to make sure that. A power lines that are are replaced. The -- but the system does become antiquated. Lawless a lot of the utility -- clearer and clear in the -- around the trees -- branch is taking a more aggressive proactive approach. I think that's paid off we. At several back the back when defense now with with minimal disruptions. And the more you can minimize that -- can focus immediately on those areas that are impact. Dan it's necessary we imagine that a lot of men and women now need to be put on notice the author services. Might be necessary today and tomorrow maybe the weekend. Well what we do -- job traditionally on the other parts service idea about police agencies look -- tape and emergency services for the entire army with just monitor bank. I can tell you about -- -- highways as our system that they put in place. Well regardless so whether it was the sixty plus degree that we had a couple of days ago or. The bad weather where the crews are rotated through three ships they're ready to go -- called them as necessary. And and that's what the same to the park service you don't. You know what would be. Jules proactive with regard to calling people and then having them sit around but. Yeah -- a situational awareness is quite as people firefighters police agencies are aware that there could be potential we know where. A rough spots around the June 19 on the her way. Everybody monitors that and have to -- -- respond quickly and and that's that's that's what are planning processes is it the quicker reaction in the -- after Arafat. All right well let's hope the other rest of the day kind of status quo -- they stand. It's great having you on -- never junior Erie county's emergency services coordinator.

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