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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>LES Snow; High Winds for WNY - Bob Hamilton

LES Snow; High Winds for WNY - Bob Hamilton

Jan 31, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob let's start out with the advisories first the lake effect snow warning tell us about that. Well the lake effect snow was just starting to blossom but the the buffalo now I'm not gonna continue to increase in coverage and intensity during the course of the morning. We have a lake effect snow warning in effect force southern -- counting that's for areas south -- torture -- -- these -- war. Delved through catalog -- should talk academies also over in Wyoming counties -- areas. Will pick up significant -- from this afternoon. Through tonight in the -- days to moral. Talk about the temperature drop that we've experienced around here -- -- temperatures in the lower to mid fifties at midnight and then we had. A cold front. Pushed through the area now temperatures are within a degree or to a freezing so we've had significant temperature dropped along with the winds have picked up substantially. Yeah no love up on this highway -- what are we expecting today. Well we've already had wind gust to about sixty -- your report just below that down Dunkirk. There was strong winds will continue to push to the east during the course of the morning the strongest winds. May actually come between about nine and -- so the worst may be yet to common terms of the hardest -- While okay. No could we see some black -- this ice this morning from a quick re freeze here. Here we have the -- moisture left over wrong. On various services from the rain that we had overnight and we also have some lake effect it's falling in some of that melting on the surfaces. And that would that -- freeze that will be the potential for black face this morning along with -- -- whims. What about the city itself and the immediate ring suburb just metro buffalo what what -- -- for this morning in the afternoon. Well welcome skaters -- hours this morning. The biggest thing that will be the wins have the potential for black guys that wouldn't expect any real snow accumulations in this city. Most of the snow will be against south -- -- worker park in these two war. Hey Bob good to chat with you thank you again -- always ordered you to the National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Hamilton about the buffalo -- poor weather station.

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