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You say you want a revolution.

Jan 30, 2013|

Sandy talks gun rights and revolution on today's Beach and Company.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- largest hearing room was packed as the Judiciary Committee took testimony on the issue of guns. It began with an emotional plea for gun control from Gabby Giffords the former member of congress from Arizona. Who was shot with more than a dozen others and survived a bullet to the head it's will beat heart. But that time is now. You -- Chairman Patrick Leahy indicated his top priority will be requiring background checks for purchases at gun shows I've bought arms in Vermont. I -- background check. I would expect everybody else to Wayne Lapierre of the NRA rejected all the gun restrictions it's that background checks won't work Bob CBS news Capitol Hill. Are -- talking about obviously the -- situation my question is what the new a New York gun laws and proposed federal laws is as much ado about nothing. Or the beginning of a revolution well you know -- -- eleven New York State way and people sometimes eleven New York think we have ways superior. Attitude because we're just the hippest and where -- the coolest state well I want you to think about how your personal freedoms are being in infringed upon right now compared to. We not they hit the state in your mind you talk. In new job. They have 29. Sheriff's offices aren't 29 sheriff's 28 of the 29 sent a letter to Obama. Saying it's foolish and prejudice to demonize fire arms. And that of days I have some sort of some real problems with -- -- the best. Doesn't this sound like a group you would like to have in New York State instead of book in is that -- -- No federal officials this is from the sheriff's no federal officials will be permitted to descend upon our constituents. And take from them. The bill of rights in particular amendment second. The Second Amendment has been given to them. So no federal officials will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the bill of rights in particular. Amendment to. Have given them. So there there are willing to stand up for the constitution. And and willing to go on record as saying that wouldn't you know. Love to have that here now sheriff Howard and Erie county seems to be very sympathetic toward our rights. Sheriff of a Niagara county not so much. And I I'd like to see people stand up for us and I was glad to see that. So I'm asking is this the beginning of revolution I negatives I think it is and revolutions today many many forms I think it starts with a C in the seeds have been planet. And if you really think about it. It doesn't take millions. Two to clog up a system it takes thousands and believe me. The a lawyer did you hear that the report the lawyer -- filing the assumed. On behalf of a -- gun owners particularly. Is gathering. Signatures and and information for a class action suit. And he has over 151000. And this is one buffalo lawyer 151000. So wise it's out there and I think through -- -- they're using a stick to poke somebody they shouldn't be poker. Let's go to -- John in Cheektowaga John you're on WB yen. Site -- I believe they're going to be your revolution. Because of the veteran all rhetoric police officer took the -- the perfect -- the -- image current state. In another thing for information for your listeners can't be sure and bought that broke our laws. Gun control OK you're currently sure and do. What. But it you know no matter what gun control laws are very by the fact vote. Government they can only be -- or -- your order is your colleague here or allow them to be. Well I know sheriff Joseph Arpaio in of Phoenix area has always crossed swords with the feds he has no fear of the feds and the season be doing a good job and gets reelected handily. Yeah because it is it the authority or or rockers this wasn't spared from that kind of but being partners and that that I don't buy it but read or in 1990. There or you know how you're Rohrabacher -- -- part of that apparently -- sure what that some greens. Law enforcement officer. Polar -- are. Bed federal government could not super speed they're legal up. -- I'm glad we have added -- I was familiar with that I'm glad to hear reiterated simply because -- you look at the attorney general Eric Holder you talk about a guy -- asleep at the -- there's a good example thank you thank you for your -- appreciated. Yeah -- Joseph Arpaio. Doesn't take any guff from the feds and or are. The founding fathers gave us the constitution. For -- this very kind of the situation. So that we can protect our individual rights so that we can't be trampled on and don't think you don't have a horse in this race. If you're not a shooter because it's not just about guns it's about what it represents if they're willing to trampled this they're willing to trample anything. And they -- it looked at best they feel emboldened because of the reelection of Barack Obama. They figured he'd just won a second term. He's taking a hard left now he was left right from the beginning now is taking a hard left if there's ever a time to do it it's now. And that you heard Gabby Giffords say that. Now you know we have great admiration for Gabby Giffords and great sympathy at the same time that that shouldn't happen anybody. And the same with the shooting in Connecticut. But through the people who pushing this those are simple opportunities. To try to get chewed -- field line you know maybe we relation. And you've got to think with your head and not your hard on this one you really do as as as sympathetic as you are to Gabby we all are. As sympathetic as you are too. Those left behind in in Newtown and we all are. The constitution can't be trample. Because of something. Like this in the momentary swell of emotion. For the people who suffered we we can't do that we've got to think intellectually about this but that's what they do. They wait for an opportunity and then they become out that it practically have a card table every time -- -- shooting they set it up and started via. -- get rid of guns a petition that's what that's what president them. Clinton was don't. That's the reason I rejoin the NRA. I was an NRA member for years and years and years this fellow laps and you when Clinton started I rejoin -- and obviously I'm still live there. I you know when I don't believe everything the IRA believes it and I think you Wayne Lapierre should be. You know sensible about it I have no problem background checks does anybody out there want somebody to ever -- that should never got -- mentally challenged I don't. So anybody out there wanna have somebody have a gun it's got a criminal record I don't. So why I believe in my rides but I also believe in some common sense to.

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