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Bauerle on Freedom

Jan 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Iceland has kind of become my idea to -- my mantra in light of via all the anti gun talk all the anti freedom talks. I've been trying to stress that every time a -- show like yours about it's it's about freedom. And if these political. Huge bags like a girl -- ball. Giggle after the Second Amendment. And the compliant down state. Eighty IQ legislators. Are so there are. -- going through a ripple. On one back after the fourth and one at a -- the First Amendment. We even need a bill of rights. An identity and personal. Sick and tired. Of people telling me well pop you just don't understand this is another tool for police the news. I'm sorry. I thought that at all for the police. Last I checked folks we live in a free country. So are -- a hard time saying that these days on this country does not exist for the convenience of our police departments. This country does not exist as a police state. This country it was a bunch of guys who know what police states and over reading an overreaching government could. -- pair of cops have any more to its. My freedom and your freedom. Is more important than another tool for the police. -- -- The detectors already stacked against the citizen. Because if they decide to prosecute you. They have millions of dollars they can sync it to throw your ass in prison. You don't. Unless your course out. -- somebody have a significant means. The deck is already stacked they don't need any more schools that we start after taking back some of the tools.

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