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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres Drop OT Game to Leafs - Mike Robitaille

Sabres Drop OT Game to Leafs - Mike Robitaille

Jan 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This portion of Buffalo's early news is brought to -- DNC's fancy New York's artisan cheese. Micro but -- is in studio sabres analyst for MSG Mike good morning. Morning ideally -- bathing -- nice up. -- never understood that never knew that January -- would bring this out and you no that's when it turned to Jesus here right before you break up in the morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- And out of sight. The sabres fell in overtime as the it was quite a gamely scored the game winner with less than two seconds left. How the buffalo let this one slip away. Well who's very tight from a both things really worked hard not it's an exciting hockey game and certainly a -- school -- new goal -- a little bit too much working room and took advantage and that he got to go on the forehand for the opportunity and Matty from meant little bit sweeter for so. You know almost some analysts are falling oil failure soft the -- and in its four losses Roland. In this kind of odd season -- truncated season but he hit it means a lot when you lose four road and also means a while when he went for grosso. They have to while. Get this ship going the other Drexel like so quickly -- began Italian port he gets too far they started on the go ball finally -- -- interview convincing what residents. Mean. Do you have any idea what happened while I think it was I am most cases certainly since it lost last four. You know people tend to thank. The amount cools on our schools and I tend to think. That's not the sexiest part of the game but I think -- -- to. You really have to play good defensively. Let's not talk and just local time in defense that's the whole group of players forwards and defense when. -- really have to work his unit five vote apparently have to -- the races -- five -- plate three meant to defenseman and then a huge gap. It has beat tight cohesive type of effort that bowl laws support. Each in each other defense solely so there's no mistakes but. Which you do well defensively and really play well. That part of the game. It's a -- all kinds of offensive opportunities. Now I agree during Carroll's -- here for the entire year the neighbors made that decision. And he did scoreless and what do you expect from him this year. I don't expect a lot. I expect them this is a break in season for him and I expect him to go through a lot of pain in ninety. I think the team is gonna have spent a lot of time with some. It was. I thought editor in on an enormous decision they had to make. I was fine with them personally if you went back to junior hockey and rolls off everybody's -- seriously the season so well it's. You know -- and junior he could learn a lot in junior. And he's going to learn a lot also in the NHL. What it's a team and his teammates whether it's playing. Eighteen minutes a game three minutes a game or just practicing he's going to become an NHL hockey player and and it's critical how they deal with them and how the almost raised this young little boy here and as he turns into a man and I keep his confidence level -- slow. I was comfortable no matter what the deal with them whether he went back to junior I can make an argument for that if he stayed in the NHL. I can make an argument for that so let the cards fall where they may. Okay is this team ready to play the Boston Bruins tomorrow night -- five hole and one. Well it. You know there as soon as good as are going to be great now because they're skating hard last night I mean that that's what you see is whether operate now are the better team in Boston right now absolutely not. It's are going to be a time though where you know they do get better may reduce our scoring a little more and play better defensively there will be a time. But it isn't right now also sometimes. When -- circus and you look at the Boston Bruins coming up there there just almost impossible to beat. And therein bots and it's surprising what happens sometimes the other team looks -- enough of them Butler and our time. They watched the replays of what's you know the video on the games and so on Sarah licking your chops and think you have an easy game and am. And actually which have as a team that's you know desperate enough to merely -- the only one handle all of a win tomorrow and I would be huge for buffalo well especially against Boston. And it changes your -- and it changes how you feel about yourself your teammates and where you are as a team and suddenly -- just that mountain itself. The cops confidence level goes up you become a much better team but -- that's all predicated on winning. Everything and professional sports predicated upon winning the job is predicated upon it. And if you don't do -- it's -- it's a miserable job if you do win it's the best job in the world. They will see what happens we'll talk to next Wednesday look forward to it that's. Mike broke a -- sabres analyst for MSG.

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