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Gays in scouting.

Jan 29, 2013|

Sandy lays out his thoughts regarding the possibility of gays being accepted into the Boy Scouts of America.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First of -- you know my position on gays. My position on gazes. They should have -- any anything we enjoy as not gays should be able to be enjoyed. By -- and they shouldn't be excluded from things they shouldn't -- be persecuted for -- thing and they shouldn't be. There shouldn't be any reason why gays can do whatever it. Else anybody else to do okay -- people often discriminate against gays. That's why I have done many shows and game marriage -- no problem -- that. And and so what we've done several shows like that. -- now this show today is that the boy scouts of America are considering. Revising their policy. To allow. A gay Boy Scouts and I'll say supervisors I would IBM. That would mean them. Scout masters or whatever -- will put them under the umbrella of supervisors. So they wanna do that and there or they're thinking of doing at the gonna have a meeting coming up. And adjust the thought of them thinking about doing that allowing gays and the scouts have a raise a lot of tackles. Now I am here's here's my position on this and that I'll get into the article I have. I'm a man of of choice I don't think anybody should be discriminated against. I don't think smokers should be discriminated against I don't think gays should be. Discriminated against a blacks. You know women that you name it I'm not in favor of discriminating against. Anybody OK got that that's straight. However. And I don't think -- discrimination. I am firmly believe in choices. I think -- if a gay person wants to be you Scott. And they qualified to be a Scottish -- out ever get a personal wants to be a scout master -- that person qualifies to be a scoutmaster should be a scoutmaster. But I also believe. Dead parents have a choice. And the choice should be whether you want your child enrolled. In a scout troop we have may be a gay scoutmaster or or -- members of the troop or whatever so I believe in choice on both sides. Now that's not you know that's not what he's going my way out I firmly believe that that's that's the way it should be handled. The question I have today's should gays be allowed to. Be in the Boy Scouts as members. And as supervisors. And then this -- I think the important part of this question is this and I heard David -- -- in for a Tom hourly. And and he was talking to a person and it's a matter of which way do you go on this you go with full disclosure. So that parents could make a decision. Or bidding today. Are any any of your religious affiliation things like that is really at a private manner but some people like to make it a public matter. I think your sexuality -- your own business nobody else's business. And -- trying to force it on somebody else and I don't see that happening. So the question then is suppose somebody wants to be a scout master and that person is gay. Does the person say item you know I'm gay but I really enjoy being a scout master I would enjoy it and -- to be a good influence on the kids. Blah blah blah blah blah and then parents would know if if it's made public parents would know. What the position was and then make a decision. The privacy issue. Yeah in a in -- scouting setting. Would only be a negative or something negative happens I mean just going to the meetings in the retreats and the things that they do on their on their face. There's nothing wrong with that it wouldn't even answer to -- about it I think one misconception that I've always felt. That people have about gays whether -- Gay or lesbian or whatever is -- that's all they that's a whole life. That they're all sex maniacs and that's all they want. And I don't think that's true at all I think they're pro am the same will be know as everybody else they have different choices and different. A preferences and that's that then then maybe yours or or or somebody else -- And that's flat butt and and -- the behavior is that you know is is not. Acceptable. The -- the fact that they're gay shouldn't enter into it at all. But I do think it's a parent's choice. And if I had to say. You come out and say this is who I am this is what I am the honesty of that and let the parent make a choice. Or you think does nobody's business is not going to interfere it's not going to have anything to do with -- -- my duties as a scout master or as if you're a kid as a as a scout. So what do you think Tony I really I really I laid it all out a memento of choices and non discriminatory and and there's no one answer -- Now there's not a at take it is I think choices as the right way to look at it. -- myself as a parent you know I wanna I wanna know. You know -- and may or may not. While my kid to join but -- it you know it's going to be based on information that I gathered in May matches speak. A gay issue may be up other issues I may have -- and may now feel that it is right for myself but how does much information as I can yeah. -- the assumption true and I'm no expert on gays certainly. But the assumption to and I think it's -- -- assumption is that if you're gay dads that's all that's your whole life that's all you think about. And no one would think like that about heterosexuals. If you were heterosexual. And and you wanted to be a scout master nobody's gonna think well yeah. But as soon as they see somebody of the opposite sex even though they may not be in the -- here because it's the boy scout troop. They're gonna mobile lose control and I don't think that's right at all. But I think that's up that's a general misconception. And it and it really gets in the way of logical thinking. So that's my attitude is in an ideal world I don't want anybody discriminated against which means gays should be allowed. To be members and to be supervisors but I also believe in the choice of the parents should have information. And make up their own minds. But yet I also believe it's nobody's business. Analysts and in less you're trying to force your lifestyle on somebody else. So I ID this is the first time that I can remember. Where I have several choices that are all balance as far as like the one aspect of it that freaks people out is can't beat. We are tense and things like yeah but they are they have things -- in in place now with. I didn't know is out with a scout master -- in the tent there have to be two people there I don't have the rules in front of me but basically. They've taken some consideration. They've they've made some yup you have you thinking yeah let's go on a camping trip and a Johnny's going to -- In a tent with the scout master that can be disturbing in your mind certainly. But I think they've made provisions to make sure that doesn't happen. So if if the person is of a good part and that make a good role model on on the things that you learn in scouting. I see no problem and I really don't. Eight and and don't make an assumption that because. Somebody is data or sexual predator reader. Is a lot of -- a lot of ignorance out there regarding. The -- how people lead their lives. Because you always tend to judge by the extreme. If you look at the gay liberation parade him in them San Cisco as I did when I'm asked air. That's not typical. Those are extremists but there are extremists and I'll walk of life. So you got to judge by the person individually. Not by your your preconceived notions.

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