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Bellavia on Gay Scouts

Jan 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've got gay youth. And the Boy Scouts. And this is an issue that we are going to have a lot of fun because I want to know right now. WB dot com poll right now when you look at the the -- it's 6%. Of the top -- and listeners. Are all faults. Reich -- 6% don't want gave in the first ball first of all your deal. I served with gay Americans in the military. I'm telling you something right now I don't care what you law. Whom you worship. If you have a machine. And you are firing rounds at the enemy and you are going to be a reason -- get -- get to go back home to Western New York. And watch my bills. And watch -- neighbors and be with my family let me put them wrong were about to be in my family. And want to -- I don't care what you love. If you're job is to make sure that I get home and I gates -- you wanna serve your country. Really could care less who prayed to and what you go home it's at love you to. The question is about professionalism. Yeah how many times I talked to my soldiers about. My personal. 00. Short I was married. That. What do. You have a family you have kids. Talk to about my wife. Talks about what what I do with my. Others. Sergeant I'm DNC -- you're the soldier you do -- We're here to stay alive worst year to kill bad guys gays in the military. Don't play into -- It doesn't matter. If you got time to run around in and throw on a feather boa and you wanna go have a rallying. And and and you know then you've got way too much time as soldier anyway. It's not the time. What the scouts. Yeah. Do well. Why isn't that the only time I hear about these issues. It would it would homosexuals. What are the big why can't you lived your life without. My sexuality. Does not define me. Why isn't the only section that defines anyone happens to -- I don't understand it's. Not judging you I just -- mean. Help you. Help me understand. 8030930. Start 930. 180616. WB and mister Bauerle is normally here to show. He's a top 200 talker United States of America but today he's sick. Because of this horrible flu -- going everywhere I've got some guys that work with. One of my. Coworkers just he's just die out. I'm -- for guys to suffering it's bad it's really bad -- with the weather fluctuating the way it is it stinks. You gotta keep take that they do what you gotta do IK. We do commercials for that. But it comes to Chris why don't like constantly have to hear a -- I urged him. And urged it. Why every time I talk to reminds -- yeah. Any of your day you'll have this let me give you will hear what heterosexuals. And that every five minutes it's always you know. Well let me let me teach you -- gay people. -- straight people. If you get a little heads up on street people. The guys who talk about women all the time. -- called huge bags of get the guy who talk about like this what I did last night you know why you're an idiot. We don't like you. That's socially. Socially acceptable. Neither. Should you walk around and tell me about your lifestyle what you do how we give -- can be -- -- match. The journal with a Bette Midler CD. What can that we can listen to -- we can use it to reflect light and make a wider. It's the -- or bad. Oh my goodness gracious I want to go to quick break we come back more the top -- early show I'm David -- of a -- -- mr. buy hourly it's a tough job. I'm man enough to do it well I can do 30% I'll never be able to do the full. Tom are only bit I can do that I can I can handle thirty percentage. And that's what I wanted to do my biggest news radio 9:30 AM 107 point seven FM WB yeah.

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