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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills-Toronto Series Continues - Howard Simon

Bills-Toronto Series Continues - Howard Simon

Jan 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From our sister station alcohol WGR -- were -- 515 -- Howard Simon res and a -- and -- -- dragged him by his. And we dragon warrior into our studio to talk about this breaking bills news. Toronto sun. Is reporting that the bills are about to extend their series of games in Toronto another five years -- -- just sort of question don't -- hours. And by the way thank you for coming over his. You are the best in the business as far as I'm that you are among non Nigel turner told butter me -- no I'm not trying to -- an -- You'll take a check if you actually a month ago. We talked to Peter -- our sports guy in the Toronto and he said this news. Is not even a blip. In in Toronto people don't care. And here I know we ask these questions on FaceBook and on WB and I -- only of the cynics. In -- way and like 1 guy wrote this morning on FaceBook that suddenly hit their head. You know like -- I can watch them lose on TV and all of these comments are are very cynical comments tonight. Are they write down or I mean why we keep going to Toronto with a for the mind yes. Partially sure I mean I'd be crazy about it salmon and they've they've made. They won't make as much when in the stimulus that didn't last but in the last year they made more than double per per game than what they making an average home game in Orchard Park so yes it's money. But it's money and it's also regional position of the franchise if you believe what the bills are selling. And I know a lot of those fans won't that to their to their the last breath they take on this on this earth they will despise the series and I completely understand why. It's money but it's also done to region -- the franchise and I guess -- and -- for me. I don't like the idea of shipping out a home game. But if if this is going to secure the long term future of the bills here if it. By spreading out to Rochester and bringing camp to saint John Fisher by going into Ontario and now bringing games in the Toronto. The average game day crowd percentage wise from southern Ontario is now past Rochester. Like 40% of the average gained a crowd Ralph from southern Ontario. So if this is gone to take the next step and regional this nation. And further secure the franchise staying at Orchard Park then I'll learn to deal with it. It's just plain and simple a money grab and Ralph just wants a bigger profit margin at the end of the season well then you know. Who needs that you know it's not blip it's believed the bills I think at that point but. I'm I'm gonna go with what they're selling and that is this helps them regional -- regional allies in the franchise. Insurers that can be here for wherever the next -- to be profitable. What other franchise does this does to nobody doing the Chicago while Packers used to -- out of years ago they played I think three or four home games in Milwaukee. Now they stopped -- -- play other games at Lambeau. Jacksonville is now talking about with the new owner down there is talking about playing. A game fairly often I don't know about every season a lot of games in London. So I don't know if it'll be like if other team to think about it. Probably not Susan because you don't think it's only eight home games those are precious so it's it's not something that other teams will go after. Bought this is kind of a special scenario because the bills are in a smaller market and their close. To a massive city in terms of Toronto and and and you know the population base -- all the other stuff. -- Jacksonville franchise. Where they cover ups against -- arms and old are they hostels leads yet don't add to the ticket right right they TARP the top of the stadium matter maybe three years ago. That had a lot issue selling tickets and so you know yeah I mean the owner down there is trying to make it work in the market and apparently he's opened the idea of you know playing at the biggest play games in London and we'll continue to play games in London. New England Saint Louis were just there this past season but he has come out and said he would like to have. A regular part in London for his French what appeared listener saying this morning I don't like it yeah I mean among most people and I I completely get that I mean. He'll get some like our web poll is it is an embarrassing errors and a necessary evil like I -- over it in on we'll get some people voting it's necessary evil but. Most people despise it and I completely understand I mean it's you know and and and guys I don't think we've even. We haven't even hit the level of its of hatred for the series of put an important yet there. They're actually in that that's the part that's -- I'm I'm not angry about it because I get the business concept I think part of why I'm not angry about it is. It's never been a really important game yet. Like what if they're leading the division or what they're tied with. First play whoever's in first place or what if that it's a critical game for walker playoff spot they really have not had that yet. To its December and they have a big home game and it's. In Toronto where most of the crowd -- rooting for the other team that's what I think that you know what hits the fan we just that sort of thing a lot of finisher. Our blog about the fact that. -- the Toronto fans root for the other team it's it's a problem I mean it's not -- market I mean they can try and maybe it'll change over time but it's it's you can't just. Take to team up there go a pay your bills fans not end the product is penciled in at 113 year so what do you expect so it it's. It it might change over time John but that's part of the problem that you know people were saying in the game and against Seattle they were more people cheering for the Seahawks when they scored in the. You know whoever -- and score often already -- -- guys thank you. Checks in the mail check is in the mail thanks John McCain and -- to tolerate you on any eggs into the Howard Simon from our sister station WGR Sports Radio 550.

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