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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Are you as mad as hell!? Are you not gonna take it anymore!?

Are you as mad as hell!? Are you not gonna take it anymore!?

Jan 28, 2013|

Sandy begs the question: What's making you mad and what are you gonna do about it?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With -- Aaron Antonio -- that I've seen so many unhappy Americans as we have right now. A lot of people are very very unhappy and has not just people who were involved. With the shooting trades lots of people unhappy so I'm asking so you're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore well what do you mad as hell about. And what are you going to do about it I said I think there's too little respect for America. Right now it's believe me JFK is rolling over in his grave when he asked when he said ask not what America can do for US what you can do for America. Nobody. Except our military is asking that. Okay nobody. Everybody's asking what's in it from me what can I get out of it I'll take yours if I have to thank you very much. -- And that's very. The very disheartening to me. And as I said before. Where it now looks like. Bobby Jindal said the Republicans and he's a Republican. Them after stopping the stupid party. Because they actually wanted to do things to enforce -- I mean if that's what it is why are we pretending -- nation of laws. Is what if we're going to pick and choose which ones. We're going to enforce. And right today we're hearing about the bipartisan group before democratic and four Republican senators. We have made an agreement on the basis of immigration reform. And of the first three things that I saw on the list and an eleven from a make a -- things that could be done. It could be done now without any legislation to be done now check on visas more thoroughly. And secure the borders actually done now. But that's usually the way it is now that's that's not working is not working -- we're not doing nothing works if you don't do it. So basically I'm asking what does make you mad and when he got to Cuba. It's code to a rich I think I make rich man he's in friendship of all places that I richer on W via. -- -- lawyers show whatever it was good. I'm tired of politician that. -- -- or face. Adventure do exactly the opposite of what they say they will do I eat -- society. And I hope people are Smart enough not to reelect him what is terms off. Yep it's rampant all through the year you know through our federal government to immediately calls breeze bait if the -- a liar liar. I -- that I need your side. All the liars say here at the back. You -- it's up to you. Instead of Republicans sit back and that's saying a word. It's up to view. It as a Democrat to dispute with the facts are. And even if you feel like your vote is not going to sway the issue one way or the other you stand up you and man up -- if you pardon the expression. And you stand up you give your views and you cast your vote at least we know we can count on new. For forecasting the vote that you said you're gonna of our cast now I have no problem occasionally with somebody finding a change of heart or somebody convinces them would. Compelling argument they've never heard before and so they'll change of position as a sunny did. Will be gay marriage issue. But oh on issues like -- the gun issue whatever even if you know what's gonna pass overwhelmingly if you don't believe -- you shouldn't vote for when I -- signing on here we -- Friday. His whole his whole presentation was. Is this is the best we could -- the earlier versions were worse that is -- lame. Why did what other Republican votes -- that it can. Feel compelled as the one Republicans. Up to vote for. But -- well said so your matters -- thank you very much. Now to save. The others were worse pop up not voting for any of lemon. How about it. I mean really now I'm not spend the whole afternoon. Commonly congress sonic but I'm just saying who can we count done. As I look around who can we count on to our individual. Politicians we can count on. But what -- can we count on. People who control our lives they control how much money they take out of our check they control how fast we can drive they control what hours via the liquor stores are open they control everything all right who can we really trust. And I don't think and the only group I really trust is the US military. That's that's. That is yet. Are you telling me you have any trust in Albany. Andrew Cuomo's have to face he starts off like he's gonna be this generous strike. In -- smells good chum in the water. And and suddenly he shows he shows himself felonious. We are the we are the victims of his whim. To have a press conference one day before the president did and that's why we have this cobbled up chopped up. Of firearms bill that's why we haven't because he wanted to be able to say that we did at first. I mean that's what that's what that's what our lives have been -- reduced to. Hoping there's some politician will put us ahead of himself just once. Wouldn't that -- was. Tony -- -- how what's what's got you angry. As I'd like everybody I feel like government is just wanna know for mean in whether it's national state. I just feel like I'm getting trampled on and there's nothing that I can do about it today is so frustrating. That's what that's a whole point we feel like you're on a runaway train. And the reason we have a right to feel angry about that is. Where you're playing with the train we'd pay for the train without us there is no train. All of these things have to do with funding all of these things have to do with taking money from us. And I I think more people when have been fewer are sick of giving their money their hard earned money to people who didn't earn it. I mean estimate estimate as that's the basic premise. And what I said at the beginning of the show I think we have way too little respect for America. And right next to that uninformed. People. How can you live and a great country like this and not even bother. To pick up a newspaper. To listen to a newscast. To catch a talk show from time to time to do some homework just learned something. You you all of the embarrassment of riches of this country has that are all open to you the unlimited potential and you don't even wanna bother doing any homework. -- you know a big percentage of people you know you especially young people get their nose from the late night comedians. The comedians I think Stephen col -- is a real man for crying out. That's how that's un informed you can be. You know there really aren't reform is just it's very frustrating as he was going on in this country again. Like I said there is it just doesn't seem that there's anything that we can do about it look political system that we are Republicans Democrats. We want Chinese -- the Republicans are gonna stand up for us. They don't even do that and -- Look good around here whether you like Byron brown or not Byron brown is gonna run for mayor again what a joke. He's gonna oppose him on the Republican side you know why because if they put a Republican candidate up up against them it might they might lose some seats out in the suburbs because more democratic voters -- commercial. This is the way it is it's all trade off it's all what's in infamy to gain -- EI it's not can we have the best person in the office. Can we have the most creative way and the most efficient way to spend our tax dollars it's what's in it for me what's in it for my party popular -- angle this that and the other thing. How and why did -- we are reelected in just keep this cushy gig. And I've gone because I can't add anything into the our regular workforce. Are asking are you matters Alan does not gonna take it anymore what do you mad about. And -- -- set it up loud and proud I AM very unhappy with the lack of respect for this great country we live and will be back after.

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