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Bauerle on the Flu

Jan 28, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Via the galloping -- talk about the galloping cried a little bit because this year has been I think extraordinary. In terms of the number of people who work now ill and the severity. With which people are dropping like flies because of the galloping cry now I'm not a doctor. Although I'm pretty sure that putt and a white lab coat it is kind of walker and hospital to fake it pretty well. You know like that impostor you know. Every -- you read about these impostors there's this one candidate who actually served in the -- what Canadian army during the Korean War -- a doctor. And -- he had no trading whatsoever surprisingly all of his patients lived go figure. But I may -- common sense. But in any event not a doctor baht. I hate. Obviously aware what's going on here in Western New York in terms of the galloping crowd because as you might be where I know a few people here in Western New York first of all. Let's start out with let's start out with everybody's favorite -- virus. Otherwise known as the or official Clinton's. Nor a virus is something that for which there is no vaccine. You're going to get it if you're gonna get it. And I think we used to call that the 24 were -- in the 24 hour bug except this once in the last about 48 maybe even 72 hours. Other people in my family -- have a surprisingly won had -- the other did not. Which is is kind of shocking because usually these things spread like a forest fire to a family so I guess though count our blessings here. But -- a virus is you know what. Given a choice between a thousand years in hell and oral virus I'm probably gonna take a thousand years in hell. In the words of Pauli -- -- on The Sopranos. That's like at an eternity I've. Had. -- -- What Christie was in the tunnel after winning the cardiac arrest in the east every couple atrium and it. Column so nor virus is it. I don't wanna be terribly descriptive but basically every kind of purging imaginable from your body. That's what happens with oral virus you don't need me to tell you that it's fall it's nasty it's hideous it's dreadful. At all. There's that had gotten hit with that how long did it take you to get over it and start feeling like yourself. I have avoided -- virus thank goodness vote now. Let's move on to something else. In addition to the mural virus which. I have to be brutally honest review this true story for. I've had it in ages but. I actually. I could not make this up if I wanted to. I think the last time I had anything like oral buyers. Which may the twenty years ago. Yeah maybe twenty years ago because even now but he is very severe you know nasty like I can even move kind of stuff. I actually passed out. When -- was it that. I woke up I don't even know how I got my head where I got my head but it was like underneath the nightstand. The collection of that whatsoever that's how messed up wireless with that the -- virus or whatever the hell was when it hit at that point. On. It's just hideous and that well there's also in addition to -- There's also the -- The common coal. And I have to tell you now. Graham have a little bit prejudiced because. I had expressed great pride. I guess that's hubris I had expressed great pride and great delight. In not having had a cold in two years. Because again I'm not advertising for these people but. -- at every time I started feeling like I might be getting a cold a options like him and it would go right away. So I'm on vacation. I've told this story before your. -- again this is not a -- people -- -- on vacation started getting really start started feeling very well and I didn't have liked him -- is not something you'd find in a store in Jamaica okay. So -- but the time -- got -- last Saturday have pretty much now. Missed the last Monday Tuesday. And the cold. Is still. -- it's not going away. And here's the thing and again I don't know if you on this as well but it's almost like the cold has morphed -- -- sinus infection. And it's just. We -- you -- you're probably not my voice and you were talking you know were talking movies aside it's a Rhode Island I mean it's just nasty. Just say look he's the side of Rhode Island my apologies those of you eating bagels and -- right now really started about that. -- sixty minutes after nine at news radio 930 area one of seven point seven FM WB so I hope all is his last. How long does this last this this cold not only pocket here's the thing. Not only is everybody being hit right now with one form or another of the galloping -- But it just seems to be a stronger. Than it's been in and BTX. -- and power. About you. Actually had -- call by a doctor buddies over the weekend as say dude dude zee pac just voted zee -- -- I'm sure that's it go to work. Yeah I don't know right now. Some reward me your went ahead right -- it -- a young man. I tried telling people that in this kind of weather I like to walk outside for about. A mile or two I don't lose this thing is -- gets things -- around. Your -- get ammonia. All at we would've they've brought up the ball. How many people do you know who'll. Have contracted pneumonia after Elvis. All it seriously folks are hurting -- a lot of people who work normal health the even athletic fit people who. Have been. -- and now for weeks which is really really nasty. Newmont like symptoms. And -- -- the new Monica or -- bunt play but demonic symptoms. Are 8030930. Is the a full number 8030930. Start on -- thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBM. Say you know those people who say I don't care how your feeling. Well up to be different I duke here are your -- have you been hit yet by the galloping crud. What kinda galloping -- how long did it last. Up there one thing around our office here I don't know how many sick days we've lost but I've been here cumulative -- surged with thirty years. Thirty freaking years. Started down the hall and 82. And now it's 4013. Spent three years away so you configured -- I don't think I've ever seen as many. Man and woman hours lost to the workplace is I have seen lost this year at these radio stations. Every day brings like a whole new crop of sick people. Interest is --

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