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Carl Paladino- Running for School Board?

Jan 27, 2013|

and funding a slate of candidates to maybe join him

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It's hard line on news radio 9:30 AM one of seven point seven FM that. And good morning this -- he felt hey coming up at twelve noon Meet the Press comes your way from Washington we have just enough time between now and then to squeeze in. Carl Paladino former gubernatorial candidate of course buffalo developer a long time critic of the buffalo school board. Earlier this week he appeared before the school board. And the quote help me Carl five misquoted you here was basically we're back and more coming to get Q what do you mean by that. If you observe this thing for so many years you recognize that it's dysfunctional is it does not work. It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to look at the statistics and saying. They -- wrong here they're doing the right thing. It's time for change and it is my intent to gore after the school to get rid of them and and get competent people. Leading this school system which every year's that is 965. Million dollars. And doesn't produce good results that the community expects. In recent months in the state legislature and are you for you found and help so -- people like Kevin -- Johnny casino up in the falls. Is that the kind of thing you're planning here running a slate of candidates in the school board elections. I'm reaching out to the community and asking it has been. People poor -- intelligent. Competent to it and in education to. And also. Determined people. Two. I'd get up and run for the school board positions. It's vital to your community. It's time that we straighten this thing out because this is the sole reason and that awful looks like it -- today. I mean that that the middle class -- the -- that had to flee the city. Big to find education for the children because they refused to put them and to just this terrible system. The the the crime on our streets you contributed directly to the drop out rate intercity schools. That there if you look at the statistics and you look at -- 26%. Passing grade and the English statewide passed last year -- -- 31% for -- up. Those those figures are double in New York City. That's albeit we -- we get the third most expensive. Education system in America. 26900. Dollars for children per child. And we're wasting money. They had an opportunity to work what some people to bring in more charters. Which if proven successful. And they refused to work with. I mean that that that these people are so small minded. And they live in the community. And -- no desire to hopefuls people in the community if they had such a desire they would resign because they would recognize that there are not competent for the job. We need people who are confident for the job to two world represent this community and at school -- You live in south buffalo south districts who portal. Salute the troops he represents that district now I think it was you know -- Not so he's not gonna run and for another tournament. And I told everybody's I'm considering that. And -- seeking help people and other districts to consider it also. When do you decide whether your running. All I don't know good -- things go on and if you -- we're we're gonna be out. We're going to be picked up front and school board again and start with a number of issues. -- if we can get these people. Law. The pixel so. Because they they just plain silly little petty games. The they'd they'd. They just argue against things only because in many most cases a year. They failed to get the cooperation and most importantly if you have a staff that has been failing year after year after year. And netstat. It's -- as it has failed to produced the results that you expect of them opened fire. So we do at a private sector but can't the worst person can't perform pit -- of well you don't do that. It sounds like you're saying that change at the board would really make a lot of change. I bet there are those out there that would say the problem is bigger than the board. The problem is much bigger than the board and that's the problem. The board is not capable of taking the problem of this nature. They don't have the institutional order to do -- doubtful more we have a lot of great teachers out there but we have a union leader whose. Probably we should be applauding and more accurate picture you would applaud him because that's all he does is take care of their compensation package. And could care less about the kids he's got a call. I mean that the teachers are trying they point to the families initiative it was a dysfunctional. And these kids did not properly. Hoping against all external because the families are victims of this same. Failed education system as their kids. Now we can't do what you think about those family shield Caylee can do -- rhetoric did dad. So what are you gonna do. Well pop up about taking new widgets and complex in making it. A residential score we can have all these these inner -- young children three of 4000 a year that we put into this. Terrible school system we could put America in a residential. Studying dressed so nicely beat them while to to grow learn and not continue this this cycle of of. This cycle into the abyss. You said that you're looking for candidates I assume that also means once you find these candidates who will fund them can you address the amount the top. There certainly will help them match how big and Africa's. Oh well there -- given the reaction I've had so far this week is some believable. People are fed up. And it doesn't matter if you're from the city from the county. You you look at this thing and it's a disease in our entire community that has to be repaired. Talked to me a little bit about new superintendent and we only have a minute here real quick. New superintendent Pamela brown you're targeting my -- Ruled out on -- at this point we don't know she's never been given an opportunity she's. She's. She smothered by a board. More registered under petty nonsense than than I mean would get things like crystal -- out there McKinley transferring students out of her school who do. Challenge students he could they cared for her mother her school program and other schools close to statistics that would the other school that's attended games that they play. Nonsense to make themselves look a little bit better schools told dysfunction it's it's it's still one of the that schools marked by the state with 21 of sixty schools in this city. This state has has been under their rules they should be closed. All right Carla I want. I should have blocked off more time wanna get junior will do this again I promise but we're out of time and out thanks for joining us. That's Carl Paladino against looking at running for school board looking at bringing a slate of candidates to the buffalo school board.