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Gun insurance!?

Jan 25, 2013|

Sandy talks about a Massachusetts proposal that would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance for their guns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Beijing opening -- Chevy V chip we're living at it -- a whole time in our history where you're you're whack one -- another one shows its ugly head and you lack that one and a third one comes up. Especially for gun owners law abiding gun owners like you'll arrive. And the reason I'm mentioning this is this is so well a New York is a notorious. Copycat. Stately copy. Things from California all the time including emissions a standard things like that we copy of from Massachusetts. We copy from Vermont the all the liberal states if they have any thing -- that we like we copy -- reason I'm telling you this. This bill was filed a week ago today in Massachusetts. And it's right next door. It would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance to the event that a -- of firearm is used to injure. The insurance policies would give those injured bio weapon a legal recourse. First of all if -- if you're shocked by somebody. In anger if your shot by somebody and anger you have a legal recourse there to prosecute and put him in jail. Accidents are another story. I'm -- of homeowners -- covers. Firearms accidents or not. Backers of the bill say it would create financial incentives. They could reduce accidents and that and fatality. Gun owners. Might seek lower insurance rates have been agreed to take firearms training courses and properly store their weapons so no I'm picturing your mind. The people you know that have guns. Do you think that thought is I if ice storm safely. Then I'm gonna get a discount on the insurance that I didn't even have to buy before now. No people it's have firearms generally stored them safely a -- everybody does because I'm sure there's some morons among the owners of -- 300 million guns. But I think most people are very responsible with their guns in the not thinking. Well -- do the right thing I'll get a discount and a discount on something that isn't mandatory now. Is like as I said earlier your wife saying I saved us 300 dollars today I didn't go to bonds on and buying anything. That's -- that's absurd. That is absurd and that's exactly what they're trying to sell here. Insurance companies were able to discourage smoking through the marketplace. And make cars safer through the marketplace of the sponsored David Lynn -- Representative David Lansky. And that's where it is Massachusetts is gonna try and and trying to whip this thing through I hope it doesn't pass my sister and -- Osama relatives still live in Massachusetts. But I'm asking your message to our lawmakers who might even think about copying this in a tree on 930106169236. And star in nine minority let's go to -- -- in silver creek -- you're on WB yen. Connect and be eligible. You know -- agriculture where -- -- seemed like there was in Iran in every corner. And even had a great help respect what -- -- you know you can probably -- -- bird -- you know it you know what it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- believe that's a cartoon you know. At the correct that what they what they're doing right now is it is -- chip away at wanna get it they -- make it better. Are you even contemplate. The exercise your Second Amendment right. Benefits mandatory is supposed this supposed mandatory I'd like to know how the rates are going to be sent. Are they gonna be heard -- and what if you have an -- fifteen they gonna charge 101000 dollars a year -- I've liked and well. Actually yes you're actually. That the the question yet -- or guns were involved in. And crimes and what in New York State very little that's. About -- you know very little. So more people there you know. I don't. You got a great show a lot and make you laugh today only goes -- to the list of things that -- make that statement about adding. You're left -- right one yes the testicles yeah. And -- Law. -- -- the odds -- that he -- and it makes more sense now. New York State. You're either prisoner of present art. I like that very good very good thank you very much I Antonia Lance Armstrong opened a pawnshop. In New York City what would have -- for. And and -- and why am thinking that I don't know hopeful that that. Up that -- hypocrisy. Of the of this insurance proposal is best. If you're looking to protect people from accidents. You're trying to -- them up by people from accidents I guarantee you in the average house. More people are injured by falling down stairs by getting out of a bathtub. Of the dog -- somebody. The hot water rug burn NGOs. The stole -- something happens with a stalled. Natural gas a situation. Is a gazillion things. There are much more dangerous in any household then be properly stored gun and the properly handled gun. -- for them to say you need a special. Insurance policy for got liability how come you don't -- one for your dog. The dogs -- got our very predictable by the way they do exactly. What you intend them to do. When something happens it's something that wasn't intended manager or fall -- guns themselves have very predictable for instant dogs or not I love dogs are not talking down to dogs and just saying that. People the little girl. Can take an -- have you. You know maybe a little fluffy -- you -- you're just -- little floppy about a fluffy doesn't like the neighbor comes -- to bring you some soap when you're sick and bites the neighbors ankle. You never know what and animals gonna do you totally know Oregon is gonna do. So it's just it's very disingenuous is discriminatory. And is designed in Massachusetts to do the same thing that they do here.

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