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Bauerle with Sheriff Tim Howard

Jan 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now -- to go to Erie county sheriff Tim Howard dead joining us on news radio 9:30 AM and 107 point seven FM WB EN. Sure are powered thanks for taking the time to join us I really appreciate. -- are among them out. Please please to do it it sounds like maybe this radio show how to beat the hypocrisy of democracy this morning. Well what are the things that I find very alarming sure powered in this was brought up yesterday when we spoke for almost three hours -- assemblyman that date DiPietro. The absolute lack of knowledge in Albany about our constitution. About our bill of rights and what is far more disconcerting. -- disparagement. Of it. By the same people who took an oath to uphold. And -- to speculate just use that term about the hypocrisy is democracy all all the people that it's such an uphill right to this country and signal to -- tournament. Denouncing them how can mean that he's looking. What's happening here in the in this isn't just about the second amendments to other constitutional -- provision does as well that I believe are being -- All right now. As a as a law enforcement officer I found the dichotomy. Between what you said it in your interview with WB yen. And what the sheriff of Niagara county said in his interview. To be and lightning and at the same time disturbing because sure powered. You. Strike me as somebody who. You are an American first and a law enforcement official second. The other guy it sounded like. A law enforcement official first and an American second you know they just following orders and if you don't like it taken up with the legislature variety even if the law is on just because. Frankly sir I adhere to via principal. As William Lloyd Garrison did the great abolitionist that which is not just is not law. But earlier figured in Germany just on orders -- in Vietnam with the lights on -- -- on orders. It it got to come pick your couch and she got to commit to what you're really believe and I guess it really do some bouncing in and struggling with this girl. On the business constitutional and can it be in force to end her thanks and -- and they've yet to complete the on understand all of this new war in the in the little reluctant to spend time and can they really believes she. On some wisdom can prevail on the -- -- becoming able once startle her. But you know this is to me sure of the beer one of the very things the founding fathers had great concerns over that and over vaulting overly ambitious politician. Like Andrew Cuomo. Would trample the rights of his subjects for his own personal desire to become president of the United States. Stick in my opinion. I guess I get there Russia he would be the first and yet to be the toughest. I'm I'm thinking about when I was back in school way back when and you saw this student was the first turn and newspaper and look up the engine while they must surely be Smart. More times than not that students guilty and he turned it in court commuted nordic destruct at about that's what you could do. And I think that's what happened here it's like saying why why do all the previous examples of rushing. Legislation would anybody -- us. But for some degrees -- not to put its own judgment maybe you listen to get people in the legislature that all of it is. I think equally. -- attest to governor who was the legislature than that the rubber stamped. Amen my own personal theory is that the collective IQ of the state legislature is at a level which -- Is well below average but that being said. Any sense -- powered for how the rank and file of your department the Erie county sheriff's department is viewing this new law and and frankly. The idea that at least take somebody. I hate to use myself as an example. I've never been arrested I have no misdemeanor or felony convictions I don't even have a traffic ticket on my record and yet. I have reached the point -- in my life where I have stated very openly. You want my guns you come and get him to see what happens. And I mean they just hate to even. Consider that it's public and making a blistering. But. There are people that shouldn't and this -- mean to -- it more public education. To incursion something like a lot of time encouraging people. -- responsible gun ownership and it doesn't don't focus on scholarship purse keeps -- focused and responsible people who were responsible to keep our. But some people that shouldn't coupons that but that's their decision. On the people that are close to them to be talking about a woman in -- display that. Where we have a lot they meet meet with polish and we shouldn't need to Laporte it was thirty could be considered reckless of. Open mind that the that you feel are policed. On the on the incident shall -- people with mental illness and -- used. In anyway. And here's reckless storage and I can support it is there's. Something that the -- -- But don't go after everyone's gone and and just place. Why doesn't everyone have to put in Iraq and their car because. You never know when you might get dropped in -- order dropped the street car will fight. -- wire manufacturers allowed to manufacture cars that can -- faster than the stable and this is just providing some freedoms. I really think those were darker places to addressed government interest and in it before -- -- -- -- And I just mentioned are protected by the constitution. But that -- protected. On the. Why like straight and -- might not think the city yesterday that. Freedom of speech on remember the 1970s anarchist -- There was a lot of -- -- But it was published in the continues in -- stalled publication but it continues to be distributed from time to time the children open in the terrorists. But this crop up on how to build. I'm just incendiary devices using ordinary household chemicals in the media believe that they have the right to print at -- decision. They're personal responsibility decide that they should -- -- shouldn't some media was responsible and they're on but yet -- O'Donnell continues to cut farm but if there are no guns and the person with the mental illness went to create minister pastor. They cook books -- -- and it's a whole lot more people and the guns were. Well indeed and I do find it ironic that the man who is now the president of the United States counts among his very best friends and earliest supporters an American terrorist by the name of Bill Ayers who before anybody ever heard of Osama bin Laden. Tried to blow up the Pentagon. And is responsible according to most law enforcement people for an explosion in California which actually killed people. But we all that it would possession of that book fanatic as much as I despite what can netbook. I would shutter at the slot to someone could comment and -- prosecute someone for mere possession that. And again night I don't support what senate. But I understand that's protected by the First Amendment and -- can't be -- -- was one of our rights person so other than that that's really what the people in this country where. Let's let's go OPEC to. The constitutional revisions into labor supposed to think much as we can't allow legalized gambling in New York a constitutional referendum but we can take away people's. -- quick question for sheer power of Erie county and that is this where do you. Take this issue next because I'm just gonna tell you more people who listen to the show are going to be on your side. That are going to be on your Niagara county colleague side. Hmmm I guess it's just a slight one I didn't let site that was with a group of community leaders. I respect the decision that they that they get their -- and Nazis and the resolution Albany. Home to the culture -- to be re addressed two of their own organization pilot states. It'll pass resolutions without a thirty day waiting -- sort of -- -- and talked to let other people that represent the true we do. And that was great that was it it was great it is that they seem to me that the overwhelming. Doing wonders. So there must stop -- he. Medical practice over on the same time that these rules are there organization and -- but -- rules and that's what they should -- Although he didn't do it Albany and -- idea they can stick to the rules. Column. The doctors just keeps saying and and appreciate people like you that are. That they're not they're Republican debate -- saying it's not just about gone right this is about. Our constitution and our personal rights and they're gonna throw it away what what goes and comes -- Yeah now I guess like how to live my life and reverse I pick my middle aged to become the radical rebel. Thank you lecture Tim Howard for joining us I appreciate your time. Are right thank you and other injury county sheriff Tim Howard joining us on news radio 9:30 AM and a 107 point seven FM WB Ian.

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