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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Gun Law Thoughts & Jobs Initiative - Mayor Byron Brown

Gun Law Thoughts & Jobs Initiative - Mayor Byron Brown

Jan 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo mayor Byron brown is involved in what appears to be a very ambitious effort to get unemployed people back to work. Let's talk about it the mayor joined Susan and me now on the WB and live like good morning mayor. Good morning John and Susan happy new year but first I'm beyond what -- -- -- -- searching to be with you. That's very nice to be -- near to you to tell us about those big jobs initiative. Higher buffalo is -- patterned after similar initiatives that have taken place and other cities around the country. Our most notably at the land. Where they tried to match. Companies that have jobs with job seekers. In the first six months in Atlanta of the program which this year program. Almost thirteen thousand people were employed. We know and -- counting their 22000. Employers. And we're asking every employer to just how are here. One person from buffalo western new York and that would be 22000. -- new jobs. Created in this community it's kind of a bond initiative in that buffalo business first. Will publish the name of every company that hires someone in buffalo or Western New York. Indeed buffalo business first. Business journal so employers get to see their names -- get credit and recognition for hiring. People in the community and already we have. Heard from over it doesn't employers. Who have indicated that they're going to hire somebody that's part of this -- buffalo and that should. Mayor what is the unemployment rate in the city and is it -- down. The unemployment rate in the city is approximately. Eight point. 2%. In the buffalo Niagara region unemployment. Is up a few tenths of a percentage point. Are we never want to see unemployment go up. Are there a number of things that are happening now to bring the unemployment. In the city and in the region down. And this is just another tool another strategy. Are partnering with business first the ball -- -- partnership. The united way the buffalo Niagara enterprise box or employment and training center. To try to match people were looking for employment which companies that have a job opportunity. Mayor let's talk forum a little while the the city of buffalo certainly has had its issues. With out of control shootings. I'm looking at the city grill incident that's the first woman comes to mind. What to the use of proposals say to you the mayor of buffalo. Well the proposal say that there's a lot of frustration. In the state in the new action with -- shooting incidents. We certainly hear about high profile shootings all the time but here these incidents that play themselves well. In communities. All across this nation. Whether they're urban suburban or or little. -- -- aid weekly basis that -- adults -- reported with the same velocity as the high profile. Incidents. In buffalo. I've been very active or -- on the issue of of guns and tried to do sensible common sense things that everyone can agree you know we've hired more police officers. We have school resource officer that worked in and around. Our public schools -- the city has put more votes are officers are on to. The payroll. We have. The camera system that we've gone to. We've got done gun buybacks. And with a gun buybacks we've been able to -- again over 3400. Guns in the done. Our backs. So we've done a lot of things -- bring some of the things in the legislation at the federal level and state level that they're. Everyone agrees where. Are ways to keep guns. From criminals. Are that we use them illegally. And people who are mentally ill who would use stem illegal. The people who legally have guns mayor and and fear that this is an infringement on their Second Amendment Rights. Have you talked with your police commissioner about this. -- that extra return of have talked about it but we certainly. In buffalo do not want to impact people's Second Amendment Rights. We know that they're lethal gun owners throughout our city and throughout our region are that are very good citizens. Are we certainly don't want to have any negative impact. -- -- -- But at the same time you know we are always looking at ways that we care and get guns out of the hands of criminals. That weaken and disarm the criminal element and make it much more difficult. Four people who are. Criminal in nature who have done. Who are very history of criminal behavior. From being able to get their hands on guards. -- these proposals are the frankly in their infancy. And as much concern on the part of gun owners are accomplished unknowns here should we just be patient for awhile we'll wait to see other players out. I think some patients there's been important. And I think on the part of the gun owners it's important to be patient. But I think also. It is important for government to listen to what people are saying. And if there common sense adjustments that need to be made to propose legislation. That those adjustments -- should be made as well. Mayor good to have you with us this morning hellish weekend. Disagree -- -- -- and thank you very much you're welcome sir buffalo mayor Byron brown.

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