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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Does your kid really need to go to Pre-kindergarten?

Does your kid really need to go to Pre-kindergarten?

Jan 24, 2013|

Is Pre-K really just glorified babysitting? Sandy would like to know.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- backward region governor of sandy beach Andrew Cuomo's budget includes 25 dollars for off a 25 million dollars for all day prekindergarten. Prekindergarten in poorer districts to meet all -- pre K is babysitting. And I just wonder why taxpayers have to -- -- that let me just -- -- -- -- -- -- non believer today you can write that down -- -- non believer. I don't believe -- three years old you're educating. New York you're amusing children. You're doing things like via personal called earlier. A couple of things you mentioned are things that parents should be doing. Mom and if you're lucky enough that. If you're really lucky mom and dad should be doing. And employees now time isn't education. Now if you paid for daycare which is very expensive. I don't care if you have the babies at daycare and leave the baby until he or she is ready to graduate from college I could care less. But when we're paying for it as taxpayers. I wonder what's the responsibility. Of parents nowadays. If there having kids that they can't even. Work schedule around to provide for those kids that they need all day pre K. Where is the personal responsibility for anything. And I I assume I don't know somebody has the paper diapers I don't know him in this budget if if the diapers come with a pre K. Or or not but I believe it three years old you'll have to pardon my skepticism. I know you would you like being with the children and you get a big kick out of it. But let's not pretend that it's building their educational. Building blocks because I don't buy that for a minute. The things that they -- that I'm sure anybody in -- -- and associated with -- it will culminated into Omega. The wonderful Google -- stuff they do every day and that's fine socialization. -- -- debut that's fine. I just don't think taxpayers should have to pay for your babies and the story I really don't. -- no problem with traditional education. Even kindergarten but when you're telling me that we should include three and four -- Now if you want your three and four -- if you wanna bother taking carry your -- three and four year old. The engine that gets plain and simple you should live within your means. And that's that that's just the way it is because yes. And there's a way to prove this. I have no way to prove it you drop the kids upon pre K early in the morning thank you going out to your hard work and job. Yeah yeah exactly. Who. -- -- and then to come up whatever time pre K in session -- -- I don't know laugh along all day pre K is in in hours -- find out I'm sure. But I'm skeptical. And I'm thinking. That parents have a certain responsibility. And that is -- get a mopped up five years -- for crying out loud if you don't wanna spend any time -- you don't wanna teach him anything I I know my wife and I. So it was very course with a teacher to associate -- Better skills and I do that sort of thing read to dawn all the time -- and gone you at school she was she -- the ground running and don's very bright. All right takes after a month. So that's just the way that works. All the jokes are doable she is Smart. Wasn't Smart they know when as the Mary -- out of the match. Pretty bright but don't let don't expect me to drink the cooling because I'm not going to. Okay. And and when anybody calls now tells me how they're doing things mom and dad shouldn't do. A bit of mom and dad should do that bid don't they're making my case that's the point. A week to be responsible for everything but a sex act. As taxpayers. Once the sex act has completed the baby. Is beginning to form a way to pay for everything. For our mom and dad and the baby forever I just don't get ago.

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